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  1. I will make my disclaimer upfront here . I do NOT know the rules as most of you others on this forum , I am an x high school wrestler . That being said , I can not understand the reviews not being overturned in the Nolf semi match and now Mckennas tonight . Can’t wrap my head around it honestly . Just my opinion
  2. Can't help but root for this guy going forward. Incredible performance. The emotion in his face at match end was powerful. Respect.
  3. To me he sounded disappointed how he won Big 10 . Good interview . Can’t wait to see him wrestle in Pits.
  4. This pisses me off . Wanted to see Mymar destroy him .
  5. It’s taken 4 minutes to run off 5 seconds of this B-ball game
  6. Buckeye fan here . Hope your right. But the reality is PSU rises when it’s game time . That’s at least what what I’ve seen the last 5 years I started really following college wrestling . Must be why my favorite match of all time was Mymar upsetting Bo in the finals 3 years ago . Rare occurrence with PSU guys since I’ve been aboard.
  7. Belichick was fired from the Browns after Modell announced he was taking the team to Baltimore in 1996. Do your homework before you throw your straw at the Browns .
  8. Thanks again for update coverage .
  9. Sounds like some good wrestling going on . Hope this entire match is on YouTube later today
  10. Irritating this match isn’t on tv after just getting done watching Mich- Rutgers .
  11. Embree really impresses me the couple times I’ve seen him this year . He should be making some noise next 3 years .
  12. I really can see Bo just rolling his way right through NCAA's with very a comfortable win in the finals. I just can't see Moore beating him after what i witnessed. I know anything can happen any given match but I don't see anyone being able to handle him. He's a proven pin machine of top rank talents.
  13. Hard loss for Bucs . Tip hat to Penn. nothing more to be said .
  14. I’m hopping Moore wins , and I believe he can , I fall short of having the balls to be convinced and say he will win . Bo is just a nightmare for anyone .
  15. Living in Ohio , I find it interesting the number of Div 2 high school wrestlers that end up being really solid in college . I really have never understood the Div thing in HS . In my case the town I’m from is Div 1 wrestling but Div 2 football . Having said that, I’ve never really tried to find the answer I admit .
  16. I have no idea how this match will end up . Moore is machine like at times and seems possessed , other times not so much , almost like an entirely different wrestler on the mat ... and Bo is .... well he’s Bo . Probably the most dangerous, end your night guy, in wrestling imo.
  17. As a Bucs fan, this match the last few years is almost unbearable for me to sit and watch without coming to pieces multiple times . Wonderful stuff !
  18. I think Smith will be an AA candidate next year . Seems close now after that match imo .
  19. I can say this much , I lurked on this site for a few years . I found this forum to have the best info and intelligence offered imo. I’m a fan but have no where near the acumen that most posters have here . That being said , for an average fan like me , this is by far the best forum I’ve seen . People on here have taught me a lot and have helped me understand and enjoy NCAA wrestling better . That’s why I finally joined . Thank you to all .
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