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  1. The separated by birth thread alone makes this the best .
  2. My 2 biggest takeaways from this match being a Bucs fan was I was obviously happy Jordan pulled off a very tight ranked match at the end and Singletary looking very promising at heavy . Didn’t know much about him prior to seeing this tonight .
  3. Sad end to this match for sure . Hope he’s ok . Couldn’t tell what happened honestly.
  4. To me it looked like Hall simply manhandeld Z tonight from what I saw compared to last year . I say this simply as a wrestling fan who knows almost nothing beyond bout 5 years ago concerning ncaa wrestling .
  5. The build up to NCAA’s between these 2 men will be epic . Good time to be a wrestling fan no matter who your allegiance is to .
  6. Penn so damn good . I’m buckeye fan and do not like Penn. Both teams are so tough . Fun watch tonight . Great wrestling .
  7. Thank you for this education . Truly . Although I’m in my late 40’s now and really just started following college wrestling 5 years ago as a former HS wrestler( thanks to BTN ) , I appreciate the level of knowledge I’ve read for years on this board . Lots of sharp guys on here . Good stuff .
  8. I believe he wrestled hard to get into position to win the match . I have seen the stalling calls in numerous close matches over the years at matches end , like you said - tactics . If memory serves there was like under 20 seconds left when that call came. But I get your point about that .
  9. Yes , I was very impressed that RS freshman Ethan Smith came in and beat # 9 rank Ryan Christensen in a close match . I thought he wrestled tough the entire match and came close to getting a pin . I believe we will hear more from him down the road .
  10. That made me laugh , we have some pretty tough places out East here too .
  11. First post after reading for years on here . Decided to finally join . Anyhow , I was impressed with Smith match . The guy looks good . Glad to have finally joined . Buckeye fan .
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