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    muskyjunky reacted to wrestlingnerd in What's going on in Columbus?   
    I hope Karchla recovers well from surgery and finds the training environment highly inspiring despite all this. He is one of a handful of kids I can see making a huge international impact in 3-5 years and it would be such a shame if he somehow became a casualty of whatever is going on.
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    muskyjunky got a reaction from Perry in What's going on in Columbus?   
    As far as the food goes .. skyline Chillie  is slop . Further north you go in Ohio ( food ) better it is imo . 
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    muskyjunky reacted to flyingcement in What's going on in Columbus?   
    I think everything will work out fine, because Sammy Sasso called all young savages to come to Columbus.  If they have every young savage, they should be very good.  
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    muskyjunky reacted to balanceseeker in What's going on in Columbus?   
    Full disclosure, I am a Buckeye Wrestling season ticket holder and pretty bias.  I  believe some of of these are legit and other's are just piling on.  I am originally from Northeast Ohio and have lived some other places as well and the idea that Cincy is better than Columbus is ridiculous.  I love Cleveland as well but for different reasons (not really an apples to apples comparison).  As I see it:
    -Ohio State has missed on some big time recruits including a number of elite 220s (Gardner, Camp, Singletary) as well as some others.  Some of these "misses" were related to lack of technique development while others were injuries or off the mat issues.  
    -Some Ohio State wrestlers stink on bottom.  Many of them have the last name Jordan.  This is often overstated to suggest this applies to all Buckeye wrestlers but recently guys like Pletcher, Martin, Smith are outstanding mat wrestlers while historically guys like Stieber, Palmer and Jaggers were great on the mat.
    -.Tom Ryan has a tendency to overhype guys and say crazy stuff before they have earned the hype.  While many like his energy it is a turnoff for others.  I like many other's bought into the Echemendia hype but I feel a little guilty for overlooking our local boy Dylan D. who showed a lot late in the year.  Maybe let the guys prove it on this level before loading up on the praise and hype.  
    -Tom Ryan appears to be loyal to "his guys" to a fault.  Many of his assistant coaches came up through the Ohio State system and have similar views/training.  I think it would be beneficial to bring in an outside perspective.  The original staff of TR, Rosselli, Heskett, and Tommy was great because they all had Ohio ties but came from different programs and perspective.  
    -Ohio RTC not bringing in outside athletes has hurt.  Again it's good to be loyal to your guys but also important to bring in different styles and elite guys to help with your current wrestlers development.  They seemed to get this at one time but for whatever reason (funding, competition with other RTC's) this is no longer a thing.  Hard to argue that they don't develop guys as Snyder and Stieber both trained at RTC.
    -Tom Ryan is a bad coach and tOSU has been underperforming for a long time.  I don't get this take as Ohio State as prior to this year they have been in the mix every year including winning an NCCAA team title.  They likely would have won a few more if not for historically good Penn State teams.  
    -Ohio State doesn't develop talent.  Ohio State gets 9.9 schollies like everyone else.  They have had some excellent recruiting classes over the years but so have others.  How have they been so successful if they don't develop.  It's not like they had top recruiting classes every year.  Did they just "get lucky" with all those guys that won NCAA titles and became multiple time AA?
    -The sky is falling.  It was a down year, that was expected.  They still return 3 AA including a finalist, 2 round of 12 guys (admittedly Rocky was a surprise), a much improved Heinselman, and Karchla.  They also have Paddy G., Shumate, and Feldman coming in and some recruiting grounds in Ohio.  I see 5 AA and a couple finalist next year.
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    muskyjunky reacted to DocBZ in What's going on in Columbus?   
    Kid was 4-1 as a true freshman no matter what his age with his only loss  to Eierman, who pinned him in a match that was 0-0 late in the 2nd period (he also injured his ankle in that match ending his season). Other guys Eierman has pinned this year....Tariq Wilson, Dylan Duncan, Parker Filius and Dresden Simon. But ya..he is a bust.
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    muskyjunky got a reaction from DocBZ in What's going on in Columbus?   
    I admit , watching Ech on bottom was surprising , but to say bust or imply it is a stretch at best at this point in his college career imo . But as you noted , mat skills need to come up significantly .
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    muskyjunky reacted to shieldofpistis in What's going on in Columbus?   
    I think the rest of the big 10 should thank ohio state for the loads of money each school makes from Ohio State football.  Its not like Penn St wrestling is providing the Big 10 with much money. 
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    muskyjunky reacted to Gantry in What's going on in Columbus?   
    Will add my two cents that Columbus is a great town, certainly getting better and not worse. 
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    muskyjunky reacted to jp157 in What's going on in Columbus?   
    Do you go to what some call the school up north? 
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    muskyjunky reacted to nhs67 in What's going on in Columbus?   
    A guy can't want to move home after being away for nearly ten years?  Anyone consider that he might just miss home?
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    muskyjunky reacted to TheOhioState in Semis   
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    muskyjunky got a reaction from DocBZ in Semis   
    Sasso .... damn that was sweet 
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    muskyjunky got a reaction from TheOhioState in Semis   
    Sasso .... damn that was sweet 
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    muskyjunky reacted to Antitroll2828 in Upset thread day 2   
    #8 Griffith over # 1 marinelli...death, taxes and marinelli finishing lower than his seed 
    #7 Smith over # 2 Valencia 13-4 
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    muskyjunky reacted to Mphillips in State of Michigan just ordered complete shutdown for 3 weeks   
    Tough break, you got beat by Ohio in this too.  
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    muskyjunky got a reaction from Lurker in I had COVID-19...this is BS   
    Shame this MB is so political , I joined it over a year ago after lurking A few years only because I wanted to read , learn, and contribute  from people who I clearly realize know more  and understand  then me about NCAA wrestling and its  history .  I could care less about anyone’s political beliefs on here .  I think there are other MB’s for that type stuff  people can join to express those positions  Just my thought as a newer member . 
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    muskyjunky reacted to Force118 in I had COVID-19...this is BS   
    I wouldn’t deny that at all and I agree wholeheartedly with your post. Several threads have been hijacked by political posturing. I was actually kinda relieved when it got consolidated onto this one.
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    muskyjunky got a reaction from Force118 in I had COVID-19...this is BS   
    Fair point and I agree after thinking about your response to me , maybe wrong thread to say what I said here , but you can’t deny it seems to drift into a lot of topics lately on here . Appreciate your honesty . 
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    muskyjunky reacted to Heisenberg in I had COVID-19...this is BS   
    Anyone concerned about their retirement accounts should be glad to see the mass cancellations of events and social distancing that is being encouraged.  Those measures are saving the market, not destroying it.  This virus, left unchecked would cause much more long term damage to the economy and your retirement account.
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    muskyjunky reacted to Mphillips in I had COVID-19...this is BS   
    Don't kid yourself Marcus, there aren't many left. The youngest of them would be 93ish.  My Grandparents were four of them. No one that I know would ever think to shun that generation.  Maybe your experiences are different.  My community, my relatives, my peers understand and respect, 'The Greatest Generation.'  but they are disappearing...
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    muskyjunky reacted to ConnorsDad in Big Ten Session 2   
    It makes not one bit of difference to me but I do not get where everybody keeps saying how Kollin Moore is going to find a way to blow it again this year. 
    Freshman - Seeded 3rd. Goes MD, MD, MD & then loses to the 2 seed by 4. Wins in the consi's by decision and then pins the 4 seed to finish 3rd. Horrible job.
    Soph. - Seeded 1st. Goes dec, MD. Then gets caught, makes a mistake or call it what you will, he loses to Conel. Wins 3 on the backside including a win over #2 seed Darmstadt and then loses to Conel 5-3 and gets 4th. You want to say he underperformed okay but as the one seed it's either exactly to seed or underperforming. Not a great tournament obviously but not horrible. Conel was certainly better than his record would have indicated which was 30 - 11. 
    2019 - Seeded 2. Has 3 MD and a 6 point decision before losing 5-1 to a once-in-a-generation talent who was the three-time champion.
    3 years at an upper weight and he finishes fourth, third, second. He was nowhere near as big a recruit as Warner but to listen to people talk about him he's been ****ty for the last three years. Sorry but the facts don't back it up.
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    muskyjunky reacted to DocBZ in I confident Penn St defeats Ohio St by at least 8   
    Nice prediction
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    muskyjunky reacted to John Morgan in Kemerer went from a small 157er to a huge 174er in 1 year   
    Strength and Conditioning coaches at colleges today are top notch at putting beef on athletes.  If an athlete has the frame for it, through proper diet (increase calories) and proper high weight/low rep weight training this can easily be done.   Many young athletes have not fully matured yet (and some have...Mark Hall?) and once you quit cutting weight and go the opposite direction (lifting and eating) it is not out of the question to jump two weight classes.
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    muskyjunky reacted to silvermedal in Ohio State vs Minnesota Sunday, January 18, 2020 on BTN   
    Great effort by the Buckeyes tonight on the road and 48 hours removed from wrestling in Carver Hawkeye.  I expected a clunker.  Instead ten guys showed up and wrestled their butts off.  Sammy Houdini pulled off his second consecutive huge win with another great effort.  And Kaleb Romero bounced back nicely with a win over Skatzka.  
    Buckeye wrestlers this year look more fresh and relaxed and in the past.  They are smarter tactically.  And their ability to finish shots has improved significantly.  They are--dare I say--well coached.  
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    muskyjunky got a reaction from Housebuye in Ohio State vs Minnesota Sunday, January 18, 2020 on BTN   
    Top 3 for sure I would think after this weekend , based on performance last 2 days my guess . And I say - guess ... but Smith and Romero matches were best of this contest IMO.
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