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  1. He was here posting two days ago, on Monday, and now he's gone. So sad how quickly life can end. RIP.
  2. Greats that have been pinned in college: David Taylor (Bubba) Spencer Lee (Picc) Isaiah Martinez Jordan Burroughs Alex Marinelli Zahid Greats that have never been pinned in college: Zain Nolf Ruth Stieber Dake?
  3. T/F: you can't be the GOAT college wrestler if you've been pinned in a college varsity match
  4. Iowa @ 149 to replace Murin They have a penchant for transfers named Austin
  5. Why Iowa doesn't seem to think Olympics are that important?
  6. Unless we have another COVID situation which gives a future team a free year, next year's Iowa team will likely be the oldest team EVER. As in, no team to come will ever be as old. Crazy to think that we will be witnessing history. The only way it could get any older is if Micic transfered in. Then they'd have an 8th year senior to go along with their two 7th year seniors, two 6th year seniors, and three 5th year seniors.
  7. Max Dean is a good fit at Iowa. They need a 184.
  8. Wow, would be crazy if we eventually had a 10th year senior wrestling.
  9. I would bet the biggest leap come between the 2nd and 3rd year of starting. This is when weight and conditioning is well in hand and confidence to become creative blossoms. I think the level of improvement after ones 5th, 6th, and 7th years of college wrestling declines to almost nothing -- maybe even a net decrease due to accumulation of injuries/advanced age.
  10. Does this mean Patrick Kennedy has to sit another year?
  11. Say a guy like Kem or Eireman gets hurt early in their 7th season next year....could they possibly get a medical redshirt and come back as an 8th year senior?
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