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  1. Announced by Byers. Gardner or Pipher will try to qualify at B10s. Sad end to a 2 match season for Berge. Can he still get a medical redshirt? I heard no, because he wrestled last dual. If he had not wrestled that match he would have been a slam dunk for a medical redshirt year. Have to question what Cael was thinking on that one.
  2. I think Kemerer has his number and beats him at B10s and at NCAAs. Kemerer is just too big and long for Hall. So I have Hall finishing 2nd, which gives him 1st, 2nd, 2nd, 2nd which is an amazing career but given that he was basically the most heralded recruit ever (6x HS champ with multiple top level world credentials), wrestling on the best team in the last decade, with the best coach....would it be a disappointment for him to only have 1 championship?
  3. Cael remaining non-commital about whether Berge will wrestle at Big 10s and NCAAs: The Nittany Lions’ head coach said Tuesday he was also “not sure” whether the 157-pound redshirt sophomore would even wrestle Sunday against American. “Yeah, I’d say things are a little bit in motion,” Sanderson said, referring to Big Tens. “We don’t have a lot of time there but, yeah, we’re always playing with things.” “It’s his first match in a long period of time,” Sanderson said Tuesday, referring to his 4-3 loss, “and what he went through last October is a big challenge for anybody to figure out. But, yeah, we’ll see what we do with that weight moving forward here.” https://www.centredaily.com/sports/college/penn-state-university/psu-wrestling/article240403516.html
  4. As the 14 seed that is going to mean an almost impossible path to qualify for NCAAs. He will hit Deakin early.
  5. They project Berge as the #14 seed. Is that really right that's he's the worst 157 in the B10? I get he's only wrestled 2 matches so far, but still.... 1. Deakin 2. Young 3. Coleman
  6. Honestly, he was probably about 95% after he walked off the mat versus RBY....errr...I mean limped off the mat.
  7. 1. Steveson 2. Parris 3. Cass 4. Hilger 5. Hall 6. Stencel 7. Wood 8. Thomas Nevills 2-2
  8. ADS definitely overreacted to his injury. He appears to be 100% recovered from what looked like a knee tear. That said, I think he wins it all this year at 133. He also wins B10s.
  9. He won't be able to get into Penn State either in that case. Maybe Rutgers or Iowa?
  10. I don't really view it as wetting the bed. Berge and Shak are injured and not in wrestling condition. It's simply not realistic to expect them to AA when combined they have less than 10 matches and are sporting .500 records. Maybe Nevills goes on a tear but he has looked REALLY bad the last 3 matches versus legit B10 competition.
  11. Who do you think of those 5 will score more than 3 points?
  12. And at his current health/conditioning level where would you place him in the B10?
  13. What an odd choice by Cael. Berge, who had wrestled 1 dual match before this weekend, after suffering a severe concussion in freestyle earlier this year, was brought back versus Ohio State. He was wrestling Quinn Kinner, who had started the year at 133 and bumped up 3 weight classes to 157. Somehow Kinner looked larger than Berge which makes me wonder how the heck he ever made 133 in the first place. Berge looked good for the first 2 periods then gassed badly in the 3rd and lost. He is now 1-1 with 1 dual meet remaining, so obviously he will be unseeded at B10s and will need to "steal" a spot to make NCAAs. If Berge had not been brought back he would have been a slamdunk to get a medical redshirt year. Yet Cael sent him out. Even if he is 100% recovered from his head injury, he is clearly not in top wrestling condition and one wonders if he can even make it to peak condition in 3 weeks, having wrestled only 3 matches before Big 10s. Moreso, Penn State is looking like they may only have 5 scoring wrestlers. Brandon Meredith is 1-7 in Big 10 duals, and his only win was a forfeit. He will be the lowest seed at 125 and will not qualify for NCAAs. Verkleeren is so frustrating to watch. He has great defense and can take the #1 wrestler at 149 to OT. However, he has close to zero offense as it is, and against top guys it becomes zero. He can take anyone to OT and lose. I think he qualifies for NCAAs but wins 1 or fewer matches there. Berge -- based on how he is now I have to think he doesn't qualify for NCAAs. He could ride an aerodyne non-stop until B10s and still not be in top wrestling shape for B10s. Really hate Cael's move in bringing him back when it's clear that (1) Berge isn't in wrestling shape and (2) Penn State doesn't have a realistic shot at the team title even if Berge were healthy. Rasheed - I don't know if he's healthy, but he's clearly undersized. He's also shown close to no offense and hasn't gotten close to cradling anyone. He is 4-4 overall, and 4-4 in B10 duals. I think he might qualify for NCAAs but I don't see him winning more than a single match. Nevills - this is the biggest disappointment for me of the 5. He started the year out hot but has slumped badly vs Cass, Steveson and Gas Tank Gary. Against good B10 heavies outside of a single shot vs Cass has shown almost no offense and even worse, no ability to get out on bottom. Worse yet he appeared to injury himself vs Traub. That is the only reason he should lose to a 215 pound heavyweight. At first I projected him as a low AA. I think he makes NCAAs and maybe goes 2-2 at best. PSU may have 5 finalists, but they will be hard pressed to get more than 2-3 points at NCAAs from 125, 149, 157, 197 and Heavy. Just too many holes this year to PSU to dethrone Iowa.
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