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  1. After an extended and thoughtful consideration I've decided to retire from TheMat.com forums. I've enjoyed my time here immensely and as a Penn State fan, now is really the pinnacle of fandom. I can leave a happy Nittany Lion. Goodbye to all my haters and all my fans (few may they be). All the best, - JC
  2. Mekhi is 62-6 career, 1/2 for NCAA titles Starroci is 37-2 career, 2/2 for NCAA titles
  3. Starroci has a lower ELO than Lewis despite a 23-0 record, being NCAA champ and beating Lewis head to head. Lewis is 24-2, with a head to head loss to Starroci. I don't know how ELO is calculated but how is that possible? It must mean that Lewis had 20 victories over opponents over much higher caliber than Starroci?
  4. per Ben's twitter https://twitter.com/Benaskren/status/1509614129618821124?s=20&t=vDzgNxV0hR9feKvu5HPotw
  5. How many Iowa fans were pushing for a dual team championship in the months following March 2009? I'm gonna guess few to none.
  6. Now this is a wild idea, but what if we tried to make wrestling an actual team sport. Let's start with a 2 on 2 match? Say the 125 and 133 pounders face off, at the same time. You would need a bigger mat, and maybe 4 refs instead of 2. This would introduce a whole new level of strategy. Do the 125 pounders and 133 pounders match up? Or do you try to isolate 2 wrestlers on 1 wrestler? It would be total chaos, but it could be scored the same way with takedowns, escape, backpoints. Perhaps any wrestler getting pinned ends the match though.
  7. He beat national finalist Jake Wentzel 10-3. He has some really impressive wins and some really puzzing losses.
  8. Joe Lee has shown flashes but wrestles in pretty much the polar opposite manner as his brother Nick. Nick is fundamentally and positionally sound and attacks in a relatively low risk way. Joe is always trying for the flashy throw which more often than not results with him getting pinned. It's odd how 2 brothers who grew up in the sport together have such different styles.
  9. For all the whining about stalling in his finals (and all the finals matches) it remains true that the eventual NCAA champion in each finals match scored a TD. The theme continues that those who whine about their favorite wrestler losing due to stalling are rooting for a wrestler who, he himself, failed to score a single TD in said final.
  10. As a fan I'd be happy if teams were forced to wrestle 50 duals per season. The question is when do you schedule each of the 2 championships, how far apart, and how do star wrestlers handle preparing for 2 separate championships when it's already so hard to peak for 1? Even in the current 1 NCAA format you have wrestlers wrestling just the minimum number of matches to qualify because they are trying to prevent wear and tear or save some juice for Olympic/freestyle aspirations. Now imagine you have individual NCAAs and team NCAAs in the equation. Do we see guys basically skipping the entire regular season in preparation for the 2 big tournaments?
  11. How so? He was on the fringe of making the tournament and I think was rated right around there.
  12. Ever hear of political donations? It's not too hard to think of behavior that if paired with a certain stated intention would be illegal, but presented for another purpose is perfectly kosher.
  13. Question - in those years did you feel that Iowa deserved to be the NCAA team champion, as a result of beating the actual NCAA team champ? The point I'm trying to make is for those calling for the team champ to be decided via dual rather than NCAA tournament, is that the change should only be made if you feel like, more often than not, the current method of deciding the team champ is inaccurate and flawed.
  14. Right, but in a tournament setting where you could, in theory, have 9 other wrestlers, score up to 32 points, the effect of a single wrestler missing is much smaller.
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