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  1. Not in any particular order... Takedowns: Cael, Taylor, Nolf, Snyder Mat: Lee, Stieber, Robles Leg: Retherford Toughness: Dake Fireman's: Desanto
  2. Congrats, Sammy. I would have gone with 28-0 Shane Griffith personally.
  3. Now imagine Spencer Lee wrote the article. Would you have the same criticism?
  4. No, this is for Mark Hall haters because I think after they read this article they won't hate him.
  5. Why? Many non-PSU fans hate Mark Hall and criticize his post match celebrations as arrogant or classless.
  6. If you dislike Mark Hall for any reason, give this a read: https://onwardstate.com/2020/03/18/mark-hall-all-i-can-think-about-is-being-eternally-grateful/
  7. So, do they just mail Gable Steveson his medal? Sucks for guys like Chaz Tucker who went undefeated and didn't even "place" top 3.
  8. Ok, give Gene Smith a call and ask him if he can get going on that...
  9. There's nothing to award. "Top Seed @ 197 pounds" isn't a real thing. They can still award the Hodge, Gorrian, Most Dominant, etc. Tom Brands surely wins Coach of the Year.
  10. It takes years to plan these events. They can't just hold it in someone's backyard.
  11. Yes, but at least Hall won before, so he can always call himself a NCAA champion.
  12. These guys were #1 seeds, favorites to win it all, and worse of all...seniors. They will graduate without being able to call themselves NCAA champs. Really sucks for them. And they are Buckeyes and a Hawkeye and I'm a diehard PSU fan.
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