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  1. 1. J'den Cox 2. Kyle Dake 3. Snyder 4. JB ??? Do I have it right? What about 5-10?
  2. Why? Is Rudis tied to Ohio State or Ohio RTC?
  3. Wrestling is pretty far away from being a "major" sport in America.
  4. No. I read Snyder is getting 2x what Taylor makes. Which is justified considering Snyder has Olympic gold.
  5. Some, including OK St 2x AA Kyle Crutchmer have called the move a betrayal...showing a lack of loyalty to Ohio State. Is it really a betrayal by Snyder? I say no. Just because Snyder went to Ohio State and trained at the Ohio RTC doesn't mean he has a lifetime contract to stay there. He has to do what's best for his life...sometimes a change of scenery can help improve things.
  6. Big question is what effect (if any) does this have on recruits? E.g. Kerkvliet
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