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  1. Head to head Dake has always beaten Taylor. But wit Taylor winning Olympic gold I'd say he has the better overall career thusfar. If Dake also wins Olympic gold eventually and Taylor doesn't win any more medals I give it to Dake.
  2. Is he also transferring to Iowa to join Grandpas Marinelli, Kemererer and Eireman?
  3. Only possible/probably loss on the schedule is @ Iowa on January 28.
  4. Is he the best ever right now? Or will he be if he wins title #4?
  5. I'm predicting Bo loses by KO
  6. This is Bo's opponent -- looks like he's a hard hitter and has some takedown defense. Bo may be in a for a battle.
  7. Old Man Kemerer is still the favorite, at least to Iowa fans
  8. Hey, leave the Iowa Hawkeyes alone!
  9. With his brother, as the "Creed Brothers" They also claim that one of the brothers (presumably Jacob) was "undefeated in NCAA competition as an amateur". Someone should inform Cael.
  10. What happens to his WWE brand if he doesn't defend his NCAA title? I think he does, so this is purely hypothetical.
  11. Something up in Columbus? A lot of talent has been leaving... https://huskers.com/news/2021/9/8/dlagnev-named-assistant-wrestling-coach.aspx
  12. https://iowa.forums.rivals.com/threads/lugo-jayden-out-of-wtt.367014/ Iowa fans are onboard with the Hawks skipping international/FS events to focus on NCAAs solely: Grip220 HR All-American 20 minutes ago #8 I personally want JE along with every other Hawk on the roster to worry about this season anyway. I Would like to have seen Lugo there, I’m sure there is a good reason and I’m also sure it may not be a good enough reason for some. Grip220 HR All-American 16 minutes ago #9 The NCAA’s are more important than the WTT this year. The HWC will be making noise for years to come.
  13. Iowa only cares about NCAA titles. See Spencer foregoing Olympic Trials after getting hurt at NCAAs once again. World titles and Olympic titles are secondary to NCAA success. Nothing wrong with this, just different priorities for Iowa.
  14. Since Nicky Pushups left Happy Valley for Rutgers they haven't fielded a 125 pounder who was a true contender for a title. Heck, for a few years their 125 pounder had a record like 2-39. Robbie Howard came close to making it to AA last year if not for an injury, which sadly has sidelined him for the upcoming season. The Suriano has already won an individual title...now he can win a team title...one that would not be winnable without his contributions (see Iowa). Plus he can train for MMA at American Top Team Happy Valley. The Suriano is the only one who can bring Penn State back to the team title next year. "Nick Suriano: Return of the Prodigal Son"
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