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  1. If Yianni wins Dogu, Zain should do the right thing and give his world team spot to Yianni. Yianni has 2 decisive wins vs Zain's 1 decisive win and 1 effective NC. Yianni will not win his Final X appeal but if he wins Dogu it will be clear he is the best choice for the US at 65 kg. Zain should do the right thing and give Yianni his spot.
  2. Jimmy Cinnabon

    Mizzou advertising for an Asst. Coach?

    Cody Sanderson?
  3. To me, the answer depends on what weight Valencia goes. If he goes 184, Hall should not redshirt and stay at 174. If Zahid goes 174 Mark should absolutely redshirt. Maybe give Manville a shot at 174.
  4. Jimmy Cinnabon


    What's Dan up to these days?
  5. Jimmy Cinnabon

    Iowa Hawkeyes - Director of Operations

    If there were 2 candidates for the job, one unrelated to any Iowa wrestlers and one who is the wife of a star Iowa wrestler and she ends up getting the job.... yeah....
  6. Jimmy Cinnabon

    Iowa Hawkeyes - Director of Operations

    So Marinelli's wife couldn't have been promised the job before he enrolled at Iow?
  7. I would think so now. He's back in the mix at HWT, and a favorite to make the finals this upcoming season.
  8. Jimmy Cinnabon

    Iowa Hawkeyes - Director of Operations

    Is this allowed? Feels like a conflict of interest for Iowa to give the wife of a current starter a job on the team....
  9. Jimmy Cinnabon

    Stop 1984ing us

    I don't recall this type of censorship for other stories involving wrestlers in trouble.
  10. Jimmy Cinnabon

    Cox deserves a nickname (and a shoe)

    How about something simple, like "Big"
  11. I'll start it off "he brings his hips to the party"
  12. Jimmy Cinnabon

    Who will be the next Cael (as a coach)?

    Interesting point. Nolf is actually very similar to Cael in terms of demeanor. Quiet, reserved, humble...but a killer on the mat.
  13. Jimmy Cinnabon

    Is Cassar a favorite to repeat?

    Steveson is the definition of a man child. By the time he is a senior he will be ripped.
  14. NQ = National Qualifier. I also said: A conservative take is that PSU qualifies all 10 for nationals (first time in a while), has 7 AAs, 4 finalists and 2 champs.
  15. For kicks...Iowa's lineup: 125 Lee - champ 133 Desanto - high AA 141 Murin - low AA 149 Lugo - low AA 157 Young - R12 165 Marinelli - finalist 174 Kemerer - high AA 184 Wilke R12 197 Warner - mid AA HWT Cassiopi - low AA 10 NQs, 8 AAs, 2 finalists and 1 champ. A lot of fire power in that lineup...perhaps not as much bonus potential.