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  1. Askren was a bit of a troll to MMA fans. Not sure he would be too popular -- maybe a good heel though?
  2. You mean for wrestling or for MMA? I get the sense people find him annoying in MMA because of his "boring" style according to mainstream MMA fans who don't like 'lay and pray'
  3. Askren just retired from MMA. Assuming he would want to coach NCAA wrestling where would he be a good fit?
  4. This forum bans posts about GS too...don't say the magic words!
  5. Sad that he never won a NCAA title. He was wrestling up a weight almost his entire career though. Should have been a 184 pounder but went up for the team's good.
  6. Is it Ohio State? Guys like Bo Nickal are pretty publicly religious. Ironically Cael hardly ever mentions religion.
  7. His physical presence in Minnesota is a stronger sign that he's going to Minny than Penn State....
  8. Surprised no one has reported this. With GS's continuing suspension this is a pretty strong sign that Kerk is going home to be a Golden Gopher (again).
  9. If they can't have GS, might as well have BS.
  10. The only recent wrestler who has never lost to a Penn Stater....undefeated versus Molinaro and David Taylor. Snyder and Cox both lost to McIntosh Stieber lost to Retherford IMar lost to Joseph and Nolf Valencia lost to Hall Gilman lost to Nico Yianni lost to Retherford (in FS) Did Bubba Jenkins ever lose to a Penn Stater (although not really a fair comparison since he was a Penn Stater for most of his career)?
  11. First let's define the weights Light = 125, 133, 141, [149] Middle = [149], 157, 165, 174 Heavy: 184, 197, HWT Yes, I view 149 as a bit of a tweener weight. What are the best schools for a high schooler in each of these categories, assuming he stays in the same class all 4 years? Lightweight = Iowa. McDonough, Clark, Ramos, Gilman, Lee, DeSanto, the list goes on and on... Good record of freestyle success too Middle = Penn State. Retherford, Molinaro, Joseph, Nolf, Taylor, Brown, Ruth, Nickal, Hall Heavy = Ohio State? This one is less clear. Ohio State has had guys like Martin, Moore and Snyder. But PSU has had Wright, McIntosh, Cassar. Or maybe Cornell? Who is heavyweight U? In the past was it Minnesota?
  12. If true I take DeSanto over Plecher and Lee. Actually over anyone at 141.
  13. How do people see this shaking out? Can RBY figure out the DeSanto dump or will he literally have to wrestle with one arm behind his back? I'm eager to see this matchup again.
  14. He's gained about 10 pounds from last year but is still a smaller heavyweight. He may actually be the 2nd or 3rd smallest HWT (Singletary is smaller, who else?) in the B10 this year. Looks just as quick and explosive though -- Gable will have his hands full.
  15. How do you see it shaking out?
  16. Wow, 1 thread with exactly 1 mention of "Conel".
  17. Teske looked tiny vs Navy. Why can't PSU seem to field a full-sized 125er since Nico?
  18. Not sure if he's not in wrestling shape yet but he did not look like the #3 197er in the country. He wrestled a true freshman from Navy to a 4-3 win. Looked sluggish and struggled mightly to get out from bottom -- almost got spladled. Perhaps the injury is still bothering him but he did not look great at all. Makes you wonder if he holds the starting position all year or if Beard eventually usurps it.
  19. Apparently he lost in wrestleoffs to Devin Schnupp, who is 7-39 lifetime in college and who is known for being a scrappy hard worker who is seriously undersized for the 125 pound weight class. What is going on with Teske? A 4x Iowa champ should surely be able to beat a kid like Schnupp?
  20. That is right, but this is relevant to the debate in which state produces the best wrestlers. The fact that a powerhouse like Iowa is primarily powered by Pennsylvania guys is notable.
  21. A bit ironic considering how much Iowa fans complain about transfers and recruiting by other teams. I doubt many of those complainers will be ranting against Eireman coming to Carver.
  22. Iowa is powered by PA guys and transfers. Makes you wonder about the quality of Iowa homegrown wrestlers.
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