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  1. Best PSU wrestles ever Nolf Retherford Nickal Ruth Joseph Sorry Taylor..
  2. Guys I thought would be a lot more successful (this is NOT a knock on them, D1 wrestling is tough, ya know?) ; Patrick Bond David Craig Scott Winston Andrew Campolattano Alex Meade (hurt or not, remember when he beat Dutin Schlatter as a freshman?) Everyone who wrestled for Bishop Lynch, TX from 2003 - 2006/7 Mike Rogers (Easton PA, committed to Nebraska, never happened) Darling Brooks Black (can't remember but was he constantly dealing with injuries?) Michael Chaires from CBA, NY This list could get long...
  3. I think Stevo is going to surprise a lot of the doubters! No, I'm not calling for 4 national titles but the kid is a very hard worker and is a sponge. Coach Pop is great and will help him with making the necessary adjustments to be successful at the next level. I think he makes a big jump his redshirt year. I'll go..4x NQ, 3x AA
  4. I have no idea, I picked guys that I enjoyed to watch wrestle who aren't really ever talked about anymore. I never saw that match, can you give me a rundown of it and why you enjoyed it so much? Speaking of National Prep matches that were great, Kellan Russell vs Minga Batsukh (Definitely spelled it wrong, ha). St. Benedict's brought in some good wrestlers from Mongolia then. I think 1 AA at the Citadel, bagna toujouv wrestled for George Mason and was a 3 or 4 time NQ. Minga was a 3x NC for St. John's. Wondered how he would've fared in D1
  5. I don't know.. Gross is an awesome, awesome wrestler but if I'm a lightweight recruitI I'd prefer McD coaching me.
  6. Illinois - Kyle Ott. Cornell - Travis Lee Lehigh - Cory Cooperman
  7. I wish I could find a copy of their match from the 2006 NYAC (?, may have been 2007) Tourney, that Henry won
  8. I don't know. I was an above average high school wrestler who did nothing at the college level and I trained with a young woman who was a several time national champ (multiple fargo,multiple college, has been on team USA several years now) and while she was pretty tough, it was never really close. Maybe that's just one of those cases where you're not as good in practice as in a real match but she was definitely trying and definitely frustrated.
  9. Gimp - Are you talking about Austin Meys from NY? I'd like to think I stay pretty up to date on most wrestling news but for some reason, I don't remember hearing/reading anything about what happened to him and his brother, Hunter. What happened with them? Those guys were STRONG, even as teenagers.
  10. Palacio sure is a big fan of himself. "Let me paint a picture for you...you see, I like painting pictures for people when I talk.." That one interview made me both laugh (because he was not joking) and cringe (because he was not joking). However, he's a talented guy and will probably do whatever it is necessary to gain attention/success (not sure what's more important to people these days, in the social media era). I agree that he was trying to be a character and stand out while guys like Rick Sanders, Brinzer, Askren, Gilman, etc. were just being themselves.
  11. I know this isn't the greatest argument but I look at it like this.. Zain struggled against Pico. Forget freestyle. I'm just talking about on their feet. He struggled getting through Pico's heavy hands/clubs defense/set-ups. I think that's most similar to what Zain would've seen with Metcalf, only BM was better at it. Now obviously that's not much but I think stylistically, I don't see how this matchup favors Zain when I think it's clearly the opposite. It's a simple, elementary argument but maybe that's all that's needed here. Zain didn't wrestle anyone as physical as Metcalf. Logan's an all time great but he had competitive matches with Ramos. Metcalfs pace, strength, conditioning and constant pressure would give Zain all he could handle.
  12. Zain's. Considering he finished up 128-4 I find that pretty amazing. Like @TobusRex pointed out (and rightfully so) he did have the benefit of a Big 10 schedule. Still, even if he wasn't wrestling world beater's and national champs, he was consistently wrestling high quality opponents. Maybe he was just that much better than everyone else?
  13. To answer the OP question, yes, Zain would definitely "hang" with Metcalf. I even think he would steal a match or two (if they wrestled same years, same conference, etc.). But I'd give the slightest of edge's to BM. Say 2 out of 3 a year (Dual and NCAA's, maybe ZR take's the conference final). All would be very close matches, decides by a point or two. I think Zain would have problems with BM's constant hands-head pressure/movement. If he's good enough to escape or smart enough to not choose bottom, I think he wins 9 out of 10. I think Metcalf was better from neutral, Zain was better on top and bottom is a wash.
  14. I'm a Metcalf fan, personally. We're the same age, he was the real deal since his sophomore year of HS. I'm a fan of guys who don't quit attacking (almost literally in his case) when trailing in a match with 5 seconds left. Ha
  15. 39.47% of his wins were against All-American's. That's a pretty cool stat.
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