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  1. I wish Bubba gave freestyle a go. He had all of the tools to be successful. Loved when he launched Molinaro at "Grapple at the Garden". I enjoyed his personality (drinking the bottle of Hennessey while doing an interview, a week after winning NCAA's). Haha
  2. Crooks is 30 - 42 since his RSfr year. They should hope he doesn't end up the starter (that sounds harsher than I intended, I'm not ragging on the kid). I'm a big fan of Zeke but a lot of guys seem to (in my opinion) not reach their potential while there. Then again, if I was surrounded by the girls who attend ASU every day, forget about it. I'd be kicked out after a semester.
  3. Exactly my thoughts as well. I thought it was all BS at first but the more that things play out, the more it all kinda makes sense. Due to their level of familiarity with each other, I'm willing to bet Bo is Taylor's toughest opponent domestically and he knows it. Do I think Bo beats DT in a best of 3? No. But I do think it's probably closer than most people think.
  4. Maybe Taylor could finally beat JB while 10 KG's heavier. Why stop there? Maybe he can wrestle Jenkins after Nolf, too. I'd be more interested and think it more of a bad ass move if DT called out Snyder, Cox or Dake.
  5. I am not "in the know" about the situation, just something I read on another forum. Had Nickal known (maybe he did) Taylor was injured and wasn't going to be participating in Final X would he still have wrestled at 92 kg and try to win 2 matches against J'Den? Or would he take the much easier path at 86 kg, which I think we all agree, is his optimal weight? Also, the rumor is that when PDIII was no longer on the Flo card, Bo wanted the match with Taylor and DT shut that down. I just think DT is one of those guys who's cool...as long as he gets what he wants.
  6. Hahahahaha JB is awesome. Taylor is also an incredible talent but I'm not as big a fan of him since he tweeted about Cox, apparently didn't want Nickal at his weight and now this. To me (and my opinion doesn't mean much, I know) DT comes off as arrogant and kinda pretentious. JB is an all timer. In my top 2 for sure.
  7. Maybe I'm missing the importance of this error?
  8. You believe everything you read?
  9. Couldn't Cael just call Martin and have a convo with him? Didn't take him to be one of those people who takes it to the Twitter. I understand the advantages of it but I really loathe social media. On to wrestling.. Didn't expect Durso to win via tech Nice win for Abounader. Pantaleo improving? Or is it a case of familiarity that he was able to keep it close? I hope it's the former and he adds more depth to 65kg. Kerk now is very good. Can't wait to see what he looks like in another cycle.
  10. Ehh.. My opinion of Daton changed when he decided he'd rather look at the ref and point to his headgear instead of trying to defend against Suriano's shot.
  11. Off topic but I remember Tirapelle (I believe it was him) beating J Jaggers Sr. year of high school, in an all-star match, only for Jaggers to quickly pin him at Sr. Nationals a week or two later. JJ seemed to always win when it mattered most.
  12. Very cool. What year(s) if you don't mind me asking? Very possible my name was one of them you announced. I wrestled 04 - 06 in NYC before going to St Benedict's
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