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  1. I'm actually happy he won it. I can't say I'm a big fan of his but it's clear he works extremely hard and is passionate about the sport. With that said, I don't think he repeats next year. Just too much talent returning at the weight. Gross, Micic, Fix, Desanto, RBY, Pletcher, etc. etc.
  2. Had he won, I believe he would've been done with folkstyle and tried to win the Olympic Spot. From there I think he would've either went the MMA or WWE route. I've seen a few different pictures of him with Brock Lesnar and that Paul Heyman fella. I don't follow the WWE but I think Gable would do well there.
  3. Do you actually watch the same thing that we're all watching?
  4. Valencia wanted it more. Marks phenomenal but where's the urgency. Its the national finals..geez.
  5. Last I checked Suriano could not beat Lee. Congrats to him and Ashnault though. Def. Boost for the program.
  6. Aww. Having a bad day, bud? "Gotta love how someone who likely bitches about being called Flyover Country" ..but I live in Manhattan.
  7. 165 Landmine: (13) Fogarty, NDSU Champ: (1) Marinelli I think he's right there. Fogarty takes out (4) Wick but loses to (5) Marstellar in the quaters. This weight is pretty brutal. I have a feeling we'll be talking about this bracket the same way we speak about 149 from 2008. White (aa), Wick(aa), Marstellar(aa), Massa, Shields(aa), Lewis (jr world champ), Cenzo(2x champ), Marinelli (aa), Smith (2 aa). Then I'd put the next tier at Ashworth, Fogarty, Romero,Viruet, Campbell and Bullard who aren't slouches, either. 174 Landmine: (12) Finesilver Champ: (3) Valencia I said in my other post, I like the Finesilvers. Hope this one can sneak into the semis. He'll lose to Hall there but he'll def have earned the AA. I'd like to see a confident Zahid put a takedown clinic on Mark Hall in the finals, only cause Hall's defense is so elite. 184 Landmine: (26...wtf?!) Geer Champ: (1) Martin Who seeded Dakota at 26 and why? Anyway, O think he takes out (2) Shakur in the quaters. Him vs ZZ in the semis would be a good one. Unfortunately, I think everyone at 184 is a step or two behind Martin. 197 Landmine: (13) Mcdonald, (14) Schultz Champ: (1) Nickal Hwy Landmine: (11) Haines Champ: (3) Steveson Haines last chance to be an AA, in his hometown..he finally gets it done.
  8. 125 Landmine: Vito Arujau Champ: Spencer Lee Coming off a loss in the EIWA finals to Glory, I think Arujau steps it up at the big dance and takes out Rivera in the quater-finals. I think his luck ends there though and Bresser shuts his offense down in the semis. On the other side, Lee realizes he still knows how to wrestle and shows everyone whe he's still the man. 133 Landmine: Montorie Bridges Champ: Suriano I think (12) Montorie Bridges finds ways to win when it matters most and takes out (5) Pletcher and (4) Phillipi to make the semis, where he'll lose to Fix. If Micic is Infact injured give me Desanto, who will make the semis but drop another one to Suriano. In a rematch of the most boring "match of the century" ever, Suriano finally finishes a takedown against an elite opponent and becomes a National Champ. 141 Landmine: (14) Jamel Morris Champ: (1) Yianni Why not? Morris looks great at times, then will take a head-scratching loss. I can see him being like teammate Wilson was, last year and stringing together a few big wins. Going bold here, I'll say he takes out (4) Nick Lee and (2) Mckenna, who decides to not open up as a senior in the NCAA semis. Yianni then majors him in the finals. 149 Landmine: (8) Degen/(4) Mauller Champ: (4) Mauller I don't know if a 4 or 8 seed can be considered a landmine but I think Ash has a mental lapse and Degen slips by him. Mauller mauls on his way to the finals and takes out Micah. (I would love to see Finesilver make the finals) 157 Landmine: (1) Nolf Champ: (1) Nolf The only way Nolf loses is if he somehow beats himself or decides he actually hates wrestling and ffts out.
  9. I'd really like to see Troy Nickerson land here. I'm not sure if he'd leave No. Colorado yet. He did just put together a really nice recruiting class that includes; Andrew Alirez 1 @ 152Drake Engelking 17th @ 170Theorius Robison 7 @ 145Mosha Schwartz 10th @ 126 Does anyone think he'd leave? Hypothetically, given the new transfer rules, would it be possible for all these guys to end their NLI or would No. Colorade be able to not release them?
  10. I'd like to see Troy Nickerson get this (Assuming he's even interested).
  11. Troy Nickerson? He does have a nice looking recruiting class coming in though.
  12. I agree with you, The older I get the more I think MMA is a bad choice. I get why the kids are drawn to it; money, fame, etc. Honestly, If he's going to leave I'd rather see him in the WWE than the UFC, just for his brain's sake.
  13. Yup, that's it! Gable also seems to be pretty close with Lesnar. I could definitely see him in the wwe at some point. The more I think about it, I wouldnt be shocked if he decided to move on after a year.
  14. The interview between Chael Sonnen and Henry Cejudo? Awesome to hear them talk wrestling. What really stood out to me is when they bring up Gable Steveson and a 'rumor' that he's going to finish the year (presumably undefeated, with an NCAA title) and leave Minne for MMA. Has there been any discussion about this? Anyone know if there's any truth to this?
  15. 1. Lee 2. Rivera 3. Glory 4. Picc 5. Fausz 6. Bresser 7. Mueller 8. Foley
  16. I'll eat my crow now. Nice job by Hall there.
  17. As phenomenal a wrestler as Mark Hall is, I don't think we ever see him beat Zahid again, while in college. Both are great technicians, but I think Hall will sit back, wait and rely too much on a counter, instead of getting to his own offense. Give me Z by 3.
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