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  1. Same. Thought he'd have a better tourney but, it happens
  2. I'd be willing to do a bet for charity or we can just agree to pay each other.
  3. And I'll offer a prediction now (I'm usually wrong) but Gable will win B1G's but Parris will win NCAA's.
  4. Speaking of Iowa, I'm surprised about Murin. He has the tools but the mental hump will hold him back. Just my opinion. Warner, as well. Granted, I think Warner wrestled pretty well yesterday. That mental aspect is a different thing though.
  5. thanks for saying it. It's a mixer. Lehigh valley special. @TBar1977 Kerk is great and will improve but let's not be so quick to always make excuses for a loss. We tend to do it moreso than the athletes themselves. You step on the mat, then the outcome is what it is. Completely in your hands. If someone is that hurt, they shouldn't compete. Especially if you're a world class athlete. Why risk further injury on a "free year"? You can't knock Spencer for demolishing people in what you call a "weak weight class", when all he does is wrestle who's in front of him, then make excuses when Kerk loses. These guys are competitors who probably make zero excuses. The goal is an Olympic championship. Mason was just better yesterday. I fully believe he has shown more improvement than any wreslter at any weight. So, maybe instead of making excuses for other men when they experience a loss or set back, let's congratulate the victor who's also experienced loss, injury and set backs, for being the better man that day. This is in reference to the "not 100%" comment. This is D1 wrestling. The vast majority of us wouldn't make it through a practice let alone a season. Most wrestlers are dealing with fatigue, injury, etc. If anything, this year may have helped with that recovery.
  6. Not sure. I can't recall if he was around last season either.
  7. They may do nothing but I like seeing the underdogs do well. Hastings and Samuelson are tough when they're on. Hope Northern Colorado has a good tournament too. Schwartz had a rough year and is on the same side of the bracket as Fix. Alirez should hit the finals. Clothier is tough
  8. Yes, Branch and I know Teyon Ware is there as well.
  9. Wyoming has been wrestling tough this year. I'd like to see their guys make some noise.
  10. I learned something tonight. I don't dislike PSU at all. Undeniable talent every year. It's their fans I loathe.
  11. Yeah, "Steeplechase". At least that's what it was called when I was there. I don't know how to properly articulate exactly what I want to say. Certain things were weird but when we'd talk about it (me and other teammates) we'd be like, "Nah, no way, he's an old man." So, I'll leave it there. I don't want to crucify the guy but also, in hindsight.. I don't know.
  12. That's what I was referring to in my post. I was around 2004-7. Would work out at the NYAC (on his invitation). Really don't know what to think about the report I read (after a Google search).
  13. You made a similar thread last year too. You that bored?
  14. I wish Bubba gave freestyle a go. He had all of the tools to be successful. Loved when he launched Molinaro at "Grapple at the Garden". I enjoyed his personality (drinking the bottle of Hennessey while doing an interview, a week after winning NCAA's). Haha
  15. Crooks is 30 - 42 since his RSfr year. They should hope he doesn't end up the starter (that sounds harsher than I intended, I'm not ragging on the kid). I'm a big fan of Zeke but a lot of guys seem to (in my opinion) not reach their potential while there. Then again, if I was surrounded by the girls who attend ASU every day, forget about it. I'd be kicked out after a semester.
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