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  1. Exactly my thoughts as well. I thought it was all BS at first but the more that things play out, the more it all kinda makes sense. Due to their level of familiarity with each other, I'm willing to bet Bo is Taylor's toughest opponent domestically and he knows it. Do I think Bo beats DT in a best of 3? No. But I do think it's probably closer than most people think.
  2. Maybe Taylor could finally beat JB while 10 KG's heavier. Why stop there? Maybe he can wrestle Jenkins after Nolf, too. I'd be more interested and think it more of a bad ass move if DT called out Snyder, Cox or Dake.
  3. I am not "in the know" about the situation, just something I read on another forum. Had Nickal known (maybe he did) Taylor was injured and wasn't going to be participating in Final X would he still have wrestled at 92 kg and try to win 2 matches against J'Den? Or would he take the much easier path at 86 kg, which I think we all agree, is his optimal weight? Also, the rumor is that when PDIII was no longer on the Flo card, Bo wanted the match with Taylor and DT shut that down. I just think DT is one of those guys who's cool...as long as he gets what he wants.
  4. Hahahahaha JB is awesome. Taylor is also an incredible talent but I'm not as big a fan of him since he tweeted about Cox, apparently didn't want Nickal at his weight and now this. To me (and my opinion doesn't mean much, I know) DT comes off as arrogant and kinda pretentious. JB is an all timer. In my top 2 for sure.
  5. Maybe I'm missing the importance of this error?
  6. You believe everything you read?
  7. Couldn't Cael just call Martin and have a convo with him? Didn't take him to be one of those people who takes it to the Twitter. I understand the advantages of it but I really loathe social media. On to wrestling.. Didn't expect Durso to win via tech Nice win for Abounader. Pantaleo improving? Or is it a case of familiarity that he was able to keep it close? I hope it's the former and he adds more depth to 65kg. Kerk now is very good. Can't wait to see what he looks like in another cycle.
  8. Ehh.. My opinion of Daton changed when he decided he'd rather look at the ref and point to his headgear instead of trying to defend against Suriano's shot.
  9. Off topic but I remember Tirapelle (I believe it was him) beating J Jaggers Sr. year of high school, in an all-star match, only for Jaggers to quickly pin him at Sr. Nationals a week or two later. JJ seemed to always win when it mattered most.
  10. Very cool. What year(s) if you don't mind me asking? Very possible my name was one of them you announced. I wrestled 04 - 06 in NYC before going to St Benedict's
  11. Are you referring to me? Look.. This whole thread is silly. The only point I wanted to make is that high school wrestling in NYC is doing well. But. If you were to look at national averages we definitely have a higher rate of minority participation, no doubt due to location. Yes, believe it or not, they can field a full team! Wow! Imagine that? I know it's hard for some of you to imagine a team of mostly 14 or 15 african American or lation students BUT.. Get ready for it, it's happening here! Wow. What a world. Unbelievable stuff, huh? Lot of you guys still living in 1960
  12. And while Newark maybe hasn't sent even 1 kid to the NJ state tournament. They've certainly sent quite a few to National Preps. I don't know the exact percentage but when I was at St Benedict's it was about 90% African-American. The wrestling team was ALL local kids with the exception of the Mongolians they brought in and again, they were not all in the lineup/school together at the same time. We have a high school girls league here in NYC too. We were way ahead of the rest of the country with that. Id say most of the teams here have full lineups.
  13. I wrestled here and still live here. No coach would tell their stud to go to a different school. They want that kid to help their program and make them look better. But yes, wrestling in Long Island is the best in the state High school wrestling is alive and well in NYC. Most schools have full teams. Many have JV teams as well. The best have Jv, Varsity and girls teams. St Benedict's got 6 guys total from Mongolia over 3 different graduating classes. 1 left due to being homesick ... I wrestled there. Minga Batsukh, Mogi Battar.. Then Bagna, the twins, and finally Ugi. You are showing you like to exaggerate. First nyc with "literally 3 schools".. Then I say they have 75 and you said they dont have full teams. Now half of st.Bens line up is from Mongolia. Id hate to think you go around saying these things as fact and people believe you.
  14. Yeah.. I wanted to post again because I need to ask you, @antitroll2828 , where'd you get the number 3, in regards to NYC schools with wrestling? Such a discredit to all the great work Beat the Streets has done for wrestling in the city. You should use Google next time.
  15. Uhh.. Actually, the PSAL (public school athletic league) in NYC has 75 high school wrestling teams. The CHSAA (Catholic schools) have about 12- 15.. I'm unsure of the exact number. The privates have another few Newark has St. Benedict's prep and to be fair, most towns in NJ usually have 1 team, 2 at most per township. And it's usually a public and a Catholic school. Newark isn't a huge area, but St. Ben's used to be pretty successful. St. Peter's Prep in Jersey City, also pretty successful.
  16. Best PSU wrestles ever Nolf Retherford Nickal Ruth Joseph Sorry Taylor..
  17. Guys I thought would be a lot more successful (this is NOT a knock on them, D1 wrestling is tough, ya know?) ; Patrick Bond David Craig Scott Winston Andrew Campolattano Alex Meade (hurt or not, remember when he beat Dutin Schlatter as a freshman?) Everyone who wrestled for Bishop Lynch, TX from 2003 - 2006/7 Mike Rogers (Easton PA, committed to Nebraska, never happened) Darling Brooks Black (can't remember but was he constantly dealing with injuries?) Michael Chaires from CBA, NY This list could get long...
  18. I think Stevo is going to surprise a lot of the doubters! No, I'm not calling for 4 national titles but the kid is a very hard worker and is a sponge. Coach Pop is great and will help him with making the necessary adjustments to be successful at the next level. I think he makes a big jump his redshirt year. I'll go..4x NQ, 3x AA
  19. I have no idea, I picked guys that I enjoyed to watch wrestle who aren't really ever talked about anymore. I never saw that match, can you give me a rundown of it and why you enjoyed it so much? Speaking of National Prep matches that were great, Kellan Russell vs Minga Batsukh (Definitely spelled it wrong, ha). St. Benedict's brought in some good wrestlers from Mongolia then. I think 1 AA at the Citadel, bagna toujouv wrestled for George Mason and was a 3 or 4 time NQ. Minga was a 3x NC for St. John's. Wondered how he would've fared in D1
  20. I don't know.. Gross is an awesome, awesome wrestler but if I'm a lightweight recruitI I'd prefer McD coaching me.
  21. Illinois - Kyle Ott. Cornell - Travis Lee Lehigh - Cory Cooperman
  22. I wish I could find a copy of their match from the 2006 NYAC (?, may have been 2007) Tourney, that Henry won
  23. I don't know. I was an above average high school wrestler who did nothing at the college level and I trained with a young woman who was a several time national champ (multiple fargo,multiple college, has been on team USA several years now) and while she was pretty tough, it was never really close. Maybe that's just one of those cases where you're not as good in practice as in a real match but she was definitely trying and definitely frustrated.
  24. Gimp - Are you talking about Austin Meys from NY? I'd like to think I stay pretty up to date on most wrestling news but for some reason, I don't remember hearing/reading anything about what happened to him and his brother, Hunter. What happened with them? Those guys were STRONG, even as teenagers.
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