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  1. Palacio sure is a big fan of himself. "Let me paint a picture for you...you see, I like painting pictures for people when I talk.." That one interview made me both laugh (because he was not joking) and cringe (because he was not joking). However, he's a talented guy and will probably do whatever it is necessary to gain attention/success (not sure what's more important to people these days, in the social media era). I agree that he was trying to be a character and stand out while guys like Rick Sanders, Brinzer, Askren, Gilman, etc. were just being themselves.
  2. I know this isn't the greatest argument but I look at it like this.. Zain struggled against Pico. Forget freestyle. I'm just talking about on their feet. He struggled getting through Pico's heavy hands/clubs defense/set-ups. I think that's most similar to what Zain would've seen with Metcalf, only BM was better at it. Now obviously that's not much but I think stylistically, I don't see how this matchup favors Zain when I think it's clearly the opposite. It's a simple, elementary argument but maybe that's all that's needed here. Zain didn't wrestle anyone as physical as Metcalf. Logan's an all time great but he had competitive matches with Ramos. Metcalfs pace, strength, conditioning and constant pressure would give Zain all he could handle.
  3. Zain's. Considering he finished up 128-4 I find that pretty amazing. Like @TobusRex pointed out (and rightfully so) he did have the benefit of a Big 10 schedule. Still, even if he wasn't wrestling world beater's and national champs, he was consistently wrestling high quality opponents. Maybe he was just that much better than everyone else?
  4. To answer the OP question, yes, Zain would definitely "hang" with Metcalf. I even think he would steal a match or two (if they wrestled same years, same conference, etc.). But I'd give the slightest of edge's to BM. Say 2 out of 3 a year (Dual and NCAA's, maybe ZR take's the conference final). All would be very close matches, decides by a point or two. I think Zain would have problems with BM's constant hands-head pressure/movement. If he's good enough to escape or smart enough to not choose bottom, I think he wins 9 out of 10. I think Metcalf was better from neutral, Zain was better on top and bottom is a wash.
  5. I'm a Metcalf fan, personally. We're the same age, he was the real deal since his sophomore year of HS. I'm a fan of guys who don't quit attacking (almost literally in his case) when trailing in a match with 5 seconds left. Ha
  6. 39.47% of his wins were against All-American's. That's a pretty cool stat.
  7. I disagree with this take. The kid kept great positioning an was an absolute hammer on top. One of the best top position wrestlers ever, in my opinion. 39.47% of his wins were against All-American's. That's a pretty cool stat. Two time hodge winner. Made a world team while still in college. He beat something like 26 different All-American's in his collegiate career (numerous times). Only had 4 career losses and beat Logan Stieber as a freshman and was a bonus point machine. He lost to Stieber 3 times his freshman year and to Mitchell Port once. He also took losses to Pico in freestyle. The kid's a winner and seems like a good person on top of it. His best win (IMHO) was definitely over Logan.
  8. Hoping Gas Tank Gary wins the starting spot.
  9. Didn't know that. So out of the blue and sudden. I'm hoping programs that haven't had much success recently (Binghamton, Maryland, Duke, Hofstra, etc.) don't hit the chopping block next.
  10. Also - I'm not naive enough to think a letter saying "Please don't drop your men's wrestling program, if you're thinking of doing so. These kids work hard and I'll be mad about it" is going to work, on it's own. Obviously it's all about the money but maybe if we make enough noise, they'll reconsider?
  11. With the loss of all March Madness revenue and the recent dropping of Old Dominion's program, is this the start of a terrible trend we're going to see this spring and summer? It actually upset me to start this topic but I would like to know. Is there any programs already "on the ropes" so to speak? I don't want to jump the gun but is there anything we could do as a community? Maybe one formal letter to send to AD's letting them know the importance of their wrestling programs, how hard these student-athlete's work, etc.? It's been one punch below the belt after another. Sad times, for sure. You all stay safe.
  12. In regards to Steiber vs Ramos.. I think that sequence in the 2nd period should've been scored 2+2 for Ramos. I think the takedown they didn't give JO the year prior was a worse call though.
  13. Ruth didn't take to freestyle? He made a world team long before Taylor did. Maybe he didn't enjoy wrestling much anymore at that point but I think if he was 100% focused and committed to freestyle and not his future MMA career, he would've had much different (better) results. He seemed more "disinterested' than not "taking to freestyle". I think he left PSU for AZ because he HEW.
  14. Haven't read the thread but you don't award by seed. The reason why can be found in last years national championship. Drew Foster (the 6 seed) and Mekhi Lewis (8 Seed) both took 1st. The matches are wrestled for a reason. Any other way of doing it would be absolutely idiotic (no offense, not an insult towards you).
  15. Sherman - Chad Red (Assuming both win first round) should be a good one. I think Sherman is good enough to pull off an upset. I think Peyton Robb and Brayton Lee are in great position to be semifinalist, if the brackets aren't redrawn. Young vs Teemer is a good one. If Kaleb wrestles like he did at the conference tournament, it won't end well for him. Warner - Shak...I kinda hate they'll potentially meet so early in the tourney. I wonder if Shak will be at least close to 100%.
  16. Rivera wrestled great. Well deserved MOW. Wonder how seeding shakes out at 133 for the NCAA tourney. I don't agree with it but Tucker is undefeated. Wonder if theyll seed it.. 1Rivera 2Tucker 3Gross 4RBY 5Desanto 6 Phillipi Id actually like to see Desanto get the 7th seed if Tucker is the 2. I think that's the only way he reaches the semis. Yes, I lnow Tucker beat him 2 years ago, I don't think that happens again. In fact, whoever gets the 7 seed, I predict upsets tucker and reaches the semis. Be it Piotriwoski, Lovett, Phillipi, etc etc.
  17. I agree 100% but isn't that true of everyone/anyone? If a stupid in match decision is made of a rs sr as opposed to a rs fr, what do we call it? AB is ready now
  18. I don't think it'll affect him. He's ready, he's hungry. But you're absolutely right, the 3 day tourney with worthy opponent after worthy opponent is a grind. I think he's better equipped and more ready (is that correct grammar?) Than most recent rs freshman (I forget if he's a greyshirt or red shirt). But he looks like he's been there before.
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