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  1. Lugo ink is actually the nicest in all of college wrestling. Wheather you like tattoos or not. Nice, solid line work, good shading. No shaky outline
  2. You are a good poster and consistent, even if I don't always agree with you. Who do you think presents AB with his biggest challenge at the national tourney? Bolen, Deprez, Bonnacorssi, Lujan?
  3. Look, I may bust your chops from time to time but you're a PSU fan in good and bad and I'm the same with Iowa. I am however, objective. AB's mat IQ and Awareness is great. He is really, really good. Not afraid and personally, I love that trait in the underclassmen.
  4. Point differential between them and Iowa. I'm sure PSU will make the necessary adjustments but dang. When's the last time they had a performance like this? Does anyone who's smarter than me know if PSU can qualify 25, 57 or heavy, by wildcard? TIA Also, AB is the truth! He's winning a national title this year.
  5. Sorry Tbar, I know you're just upset about Nevills
  6. Do you live your whole life based off sayings in fictional movies?
  7. Pulling for Bianchi. Little Rock's first NCAA qualifier. Awesome
  8. I like Scott a lot, never said he wasn't a good wrestler. I wrestled against Jackson quite a bit in HS. I think he had a tremendous physical advantage while in HS along with some pretty good technique. In college, the competition caught up and surpassed him. It's not a huge deal, really, it happens. And this is just my opinion as well but Rutgers would be much better off with a new HC. Gooddale is a good promoter/administrative type though, I'll give him that. Yes, it was awesome that they had 2 national champs last year. Very impressive. AA getting a sixth year and Suriano transfering in definitely benefited the program, tremendously. I'm not being facetious either, I was very happy for them. But last year may prove to be a outlier. This year's team performance is more on par with most of Rutgers teams of the last 10 years. Maybe worse.
  9. When I see Aj Ferrari, I'm reminded of a young Scott Winston.
  10. I was wondering the same thing. I know he followed Lance to tOSU and wrestled a bit his redshirt year before a back injury. No idea on if he graduated or not. I believe he runs a kids/youth club. Not 100% on that but think I read that on a Ohio wrestling forum a few years ago. Pretty sure they said Lance does some of his wrestling during fight camps at Colin's gym.
  11. First off, thank you BigTen for sharing the link. I looked a while back and couldn't find it. I remember buying the DVD when it first came out in 2009 or 10. I may be wrong but I thought Colin had really bad back injuries his Redshirt year, does anyone remember? Doesn't he run his own club/youth program now? And Lance has become a millionaire off of fighting. I'd say it worked out for the both of them. Their pops seems a little...intense. Haha
  12. IMar put a hex on VJ. They'll both end as 4x finalist, 2x champs (fresh and soph years).
  13. If the bets were for profit, I wouldn't care at all. I'd mind my business BUT the money was to benefit charity/wrestling clubs. That's ****ty. I'm not going to keep beating this dead horse but it's a crappy thing that he did. I know, I know..its a internet message board, probably shouldn't be making bets with strangers. That doesn't make him not paying right. I hate liars.
  14. That's your wish? I wish Emmy Rossum was my lady.
  15. I know you love PSU. If they don't win the team title at the national tournament, you have to stop posting here. Forever. If they win, I'll pay ALL of your debts. Whaddaya say, sucka?
  16. This has always been one of the topics that kinda pisses me off the most. Since when did we all decide you can't leave the state to attend college? What's it matter if he was from PA, AZ, NY, etc? Spencer isn't a professional athlete, he's a "Student-Athlete". The University he choose to attend to wrestle at AND obtain his degree is located in Iowa. Furthermore, he isn't the first HS phenom to go elsewhere for college. Mocco left Jersey for Iowa/Ok Metcalf left Michigan for VT/Iowa Snyder didn't go to Maryland. I've never heard/seen this being an issue with any other wrestler until Lee went to Iowa. Some of Iowa's greatest aren't from Iowa. The Williams brothers The Banachs, Lincoln Mac, Ramos, Metcalf and on and on. Jimmy wants to pretend he isn't attempting to troll here. Hey JC - be a man and at the very least, ACKNOWLEDGE that you can't/won't pay your debts. Be a man. For once in your life.
  17. It's been a rough decade for the nits. Glad things are finally looking up for them
  18. I'm convinced the op and first to respond are the same person
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