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  1. NYC isn't exactly a 'Wrestling Town' but if you ever catch a Columbia match, or visit NYC (I live in Queen's) there's about 1000 places I can point you to. Scarr's pizza in the LES is the perfect plain slice. It's kind of cliche but Katz really does have awesome Corned beef and Pastrami.
  2. Rutgers has the "R U Hungry?" Grease truck that serves the "Fat sandwiches". Things like chicken fingers, french fries, mozzarella sticks, etc. on a hero. Haven't been in almost 10 years. They're great when you're drunk. The thought of eating one of those now kinda makes me nauseous though.
  3. I'm really back and forth on Jordan Wood. Sure, the loss to Tanner Hall probably has me being a little biased but I'm starting to think he's going out in the Rd of 12. Using Intermat rankings, if he goes into the national tourney seeded 9th, he'll open with the 24th seed, the 8th then the 1st (If he wins). As of today that would be, Wilson from NC State then Demetrius Thomas from Pitt. The only time he's wrestled Thomas he lost 10-6 (I think). Assuming the same outcome happens that would put him in consi's. If he wins his first 2 consi matches he'd be in the rd of 12 against the loser of a quaterfinal, (potentially) seeds 3 (Cassioppi) 6 (Hilger) or 11th (Hokit). Wrestlestat has him winning all 3 of those so...what do I know? But I don't see him beating Cass or Hilger This is all hypothetical, of course. Obviously seeds aren't going to end up being Intermat's rankings but it does go to show how important a good draw/seed is.
  4. If it was MSG again or a smaller venue, I'd jump on it. Just my personal opinion, of course. 2k for 2 seats at US Bank Stadium..no thank you. What else is included other than the tickets?
  5. Goddamn, you were on top of that. I was trying to channel my inner cinnabon and cause controversy. Haha
  6. I may be in the minority here but I really like how Lehigh has looked this year, for the most part. With some decent seeds/draws and if they're peaking at the right time, I think they can have 5-6 AA's this year and finish 6th to 8th, this year. If they can score bonus in the first couple rounds and on the back side, that'll be huge for them and maybe even bump them up a spot or two in the team standings. What do you all think? Is 5th place unrealistic for them? 125 Paetzell 4-6 149 Jimmy Hoffman 6-8 157 Humphreys 7-8 174 Jordan Kutler 2-6 184 Chris Weiler 7-8 Heavy Jordan Wood 4-8 Guys like Kutler and Wood are kinda wildcards to me. I believe both are going to place, it's just a matter of where. Wouldn't shock me if they both were wrestling for third....or seventh. They have a nice dual team this year, hope it translates for them in the conference and national tourney. I guess I should just google it but who do they have coming off redshirt or new recruits next year that can immediately come in and make a difference? Thanks.
  7. 141 lber Evan Cheek from Cleveland State is 33-4. No wins against top 20 wrestlers.
  8. Agree about 125 125 : Medley, Cardani, Aguilar, Courtney, Werner, Camacho, D'Augustino and Mackall. Wouldn't shock me if any of these guys were wrestling for 7th/8th. Seems like all of the B1G 125lbers (sans Lee) have beaten each other this year. They're not all outside the top 15, but I find the parity, outside of the top 4, interesting. Heavyweight is the same. I even made a thread about it. 133: Alvarez, Lovett, Gonser, Sykora I also hope Piotriwoski (sp) AA's this year. He looks better, up a weight. I think he's ranked about 8th or 9th though. Wouldn't really be a shock if he ends up a AA. 141: Parker, Heil, Hone and Sherman 149: Zacherl, Alirez, Thomsen and Hoffman from Lehigh. 157: Teemer, Robb, Wyatt Sheets I'd probably be most confident picking the All Americans at 133, 165 and 197.
  9. No way. Not until your other bets are squared up. POS.
  10. Stevesons biggest opponent is himself. I agree @TobusRex, Gable doesn't seem too concerned about anything, let alone Mason Parris. That just might be his undoing at nationals. I love how Mueller competes but I don't think he beats Lee. Sure, I think he's only had 1 close match all year (4-2 vs Daugustino, if I remember correctly) and he's great on top but Lee will be just as ready for him as he is for Lee. Also, is it guranteed he gets by either Picc or Glory in the semis (depending on seeding, ofcourse)? One last thought....Speaking of post match interviews, loved Nolfs last year. Spoke very highly of Tyler Berger and seemed so sincere and genuine. One of my favorite's.
  11. RS Junior. I wonder if Singletary stays at hwt or cuts down to 197 when he comes back. I have no idea how much he weighs, the cut might be out of the question.
  12. Nah, keep entries posted here. I'll find it and bump the thread when needed. As far as $, I'm gonna just work on the honor system here. Everyone (so far just me and you) can donate themselves, when they lose. I'm guessing this will get more of a response after conference tournaments.
  13. If he's interested and we could get a few more people involved, that would be awesome! I'll make my picks within the next day or two.
  14. Yeah, I think people were kinda joking about 'Gas Tank' Gary, in the begining but I wouldn't be taking him so lightly anymore. He seems motivated and there's no quit in him. Also, he has Tervel as a coach which doesn't hurt. Definitely making the most of his situation.
  15. Cool. If something unforseen happens BEFORE the NCAA tourney (injury, etc) you can change your picks. Obviously the 8 guys you pick have to be in it. I think that covers everything.
  16. 125 Lee 133 Rivera 141 Pletcher 149 O'Connor 157 Hidlay 165 Bull 174 Hall 184 Not Zahid. Don't know who yet. 197 hmm. Gimmie Brucki Hwt Parris I'm sure I'll change my mind 5 times between now and then.
  17. I wish. I'll never be half the poster JC was.
  18. Crap, Now I'm thinking we up the $$ and pick all 8 AA's , at all 10 weights. Whoever has the most right, wins.
  19. Maybe we could turn this into a pool, if enough people would participate? $10 a person. All of the losers donate to the winners RTC, WFL or charity of choice. Have to pick the top 8 correctly, or person closest is winner (Ex. 7/8 correct, etc.) Edited to add: Have to not only pick the top 8 but where they place, as well. Looking at Heavyweight and 2 things stood out.. 1. Lots of underclassmen 2. Ton of depth. I can see a case being made for 15, 16 guys to AA. Maybe that's true with most weights, I just never remember heavy being like this. Parris, Steveson and Cass are the top 3. Too bad Cassar is injured. Would've loved to see him deny Gable a title again, this year. Alright, after those three you have Stencel, Hilger, Hall, Wood, Hokit - All of them returning All-Americans. That's 8 guys right there. Then you have guys like Orndoff, Nevills (who's taken losses but has beaten AA's in the past), Yaraslau, Gremmel, the kid from Wyoming, Demetrius Thomas, Heino, Traub. Now, I don't think Heino, Gremmel, etc. will be National finalist but I do think they're talented enough to grab a podium spot. I feel like 8-16 can all beat each other on any given day. Just a thought. Anyone interested?
  20. Trying to figure out Darmsdat's seed for the big tourney, if he wins out. Speaking of Nick Reenan, what's up with him? Final X to looking very average in a short time
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