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  1. Ts40

    Big Ten Finals Thread

    Dominance by Marinelli. Utter beatdown.
  2. Ts40

    All-Upset B10s

    Nolf losing is the least likely. Spencer Lee is still the favorite in my mind. I think Jordan beats Ashnault, Suriano beats DeSanto but loses to Micic, and Marinelli and McKenna both win.
  3. What sources are confirming mono? Does Young have mono too?
  4. The plan appears to be to kill off duals completely.
  5. Coaches’ decision and part of the plan? Completely disrespectful to those who traveled and bot tkts. Especially when it is only announced just prior to the match. And on another forum I believe someone said that Lee was actually warming up Perez Perez. Is this actually true?
  6. Ts40

    Lee vs Rivera: Who wins?

    Simply can’t ask people to travel to these matches and pay for tickets/concessions/other ancillary expenses and keep doing this. If the duals don’t matter and the hyped matchups occur less and less then why should anyone go?
  7. Ts40

    Lee vs Rivera: Who wins?

    He just wrestled Friday night. Simply terrible for the sport.
  8. Ts40

    Michigan at Ohio State on Jan 25th

    McKenna and Jordan looking fantastic. If RBY is hurt I can see a path for Ohio St to end the PSU dual meet streak and win the title in Pittsburgh.
  9. Ts40

    Nebraska at Penn State

    They both won but neither Lee nor Berge look, at least to me, to be in the mold of some of the otherworldly talents at Penn St. RBY on the other hand had multiple titles written all over him.
  10. Ts40

    Nebraska at Penn State

    Think Red also gave up a stall pt in the 2nd period.
  11. Ts40

    Rutgers vs Iowa

    Iowa looks to be in much better shape than Rutgers. And I see very little from Rutgers in the way of offense.
  12. Ts40

    Rutgers vs Iowa

    Scheduling window just too narrow with the basketball. Hopefully Lee doesn't get a quick fall.
  13. Ts40

    Suriano vs DeSanto Friday night

    Desanto looked good against Lizak. I think he gets another W.
  14. Ts40

    Ryan Deakin

    Someone please tell me who they think is better, ie can beat, this year’s version of Jason Nolf. That is what I am asking.
  15. Ts40

    Ryan Deakin

    I think he beats them all. I said nothing about dominating. Who would u pick over him?