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  1. sorry if it´s kinda off-topic but how does the ranking system work (for both freestyle and greco roman)? based on the us open results? (do you have to qualify for the opens?)
  2. smn23

    Gwiz in German pro league

    don´t know if it works in the us ... but you can watch all the fights live (and re-live) on this page http://sportdeutschland.tv/ringen
  3. smn23

    Gwiz in German pro league

    Hey, I´m new in here. Back to topic Gwiz had a three fights in the german pro league (he fights for Ispringen) http://db.ringerliga.de/liga.asp?WCI=Std&FID=1&fem=2&BegegnungsID=56685&SLID=759 http://db.ringerliga.de/liga.asp?WCI=Std&FID=1&fem=2&BegegnungsID=56688&SLID=759 http://db.ringerliga.de/liga.asp?WCI=Std&FID=1&fem=2&BegegnungsID=56691&SLID=759 Nope we have two leagues going on right now. The one Gwiz is fighting in is a different one