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  1. As far as I know (and heard) they just did the UWW transfer = Permission to fight for italy but don´t have a italian passport (yet)! In romania and hungary it is way easier to get it done. Saritov 2016(ROU), Musukaev and Kuramagamedov (HUN) in 2019. Not 100% on Kudii because he was also injured! you a right my friend!
  2. thats because he isn´t cleared to fight as far as I know. Same with Conyedo Ruano and Kudiiamagomedov from Italy. They had the permisson to start for the country but havn´t received the passports yet. I guess they do things faster in Hungary, Musukaev and Kuramagomedov will compete =)
  3. Hey Guy´s, a couple of year ago, a team from Colorado visited us in germany. I wonder if anyone or any team is interested in doing something like that again? Like doing a wrestling camp (during summer?)with some fights after, traveling arround and stuff like that. We are also interested in coming over to the us and train there. Let me know if possible.
  4. that´s correct, most of the german wrestlers in DRL Teams are not part of the national team (or not any more). There are six teams (one is from belgium) KAV Eisleben, KSV Ispringen, ASV Nendingen, VfK Schifferstadt, Germania Weingarten & Saitiev Eupen you are right about the amateurs teams, there are a couple teams arround. They get paid per match (i would say arround 2k could get more if they win prob.) And maybe a little signing bonus ... you also got to pay them tickets for coming over =)
  5. KSV Ispringen announced the 2019/2020 Roster! Gwiazdowski (again) and Dieringer are on the team. Don´t know if possible in the US, but here you can watch the fights live (when the Season starts) https://sportdeutschland.tv/ringen https://www.ringerliga.de/2019/09/03/kader-deutsche-ringerliga-saison-2019-20/ KSV Ispringen Amoyan Malkhas 22.01.1999 ARM/N 72gr Aslanyan Karen 22.07.1995 ARM/N 67gr Chakaev Akhmed 21.03.1987 RUS/N 72fr Dieringer Alexander 06.06.1993 USA/N 87fr Dzhaparov Darsam 21.03.1988 RUS/N 77fr Gwiazdowski Nickolas 30.12.1992 USA/N 130fr Harutyunyan Arsen 22.11.1999 ARM/N 60/63fr Kasumov Israil 02.06.1990 RUS/N 77fr Khinchegashvili Vladimer 27.01.1991 GEO/N 67fr Kobliashvili Roberti 06.12.1993 GEO/N 87gr Korpasi Balint 30.03.1987 UNG/EU 77gr Lam Balint 14.05.1992 UNG/EU 130gr Lörincz Viktor 28.04.1990 UNG/EU 87gr Milov Kiril Milenov 27.01.1997 BUL/EU 97gr Minkailov Zelimkhan 07.07.1993 RUS/N 87fr Mnatsakanian Aik 14.10.1995 BUL/EU 77gr Nadareishvili Revazi 22.07.1991 GEO/N 97gr Odikadze Elizbar 14.06.1989 GEO/N 97fr Pataridze Zviadi 22.03.1997 GEO/N 130gr Rasuev Tamerlan 04.06.1989 RUS/N 130fr Tsikhayeu Rasul 16.03.1991 BLR/N 87fr Tsurtsumia Nugzari 25.02.1997 GEO/N 60/63gr Fallacara Ibrahim 03.05.1992 GER/D 60/63gr Yeter Yasin Mohamed 20.04.1995 GER/D 67/72gr
  6. He was 17 there ... so 7 years later he must be 24 right =P no for real yuri belonowski (he is now a member of the national coaching stuff) a couple of years ago told me he is 2 or 3 years older ... but does that matter at senior age level?
  7. sorry if it´s kinda off-topic but how does the ranking system work (for both freestyle and greco roman)? based on the us open results? (do you have to qualify for the opens?)
  8. don´t know if it works in the us ... but you can watch all the fights live (and re-live) on this page http://sportdeutschland.tv/ringen
  9. Hey, I´m new in here. Back to topic Gwiz had a three fights in the german pro league (he fights for Ispringen) http://db.ringerliga.de/liga.asp?WCI=Std&FID=1&fem=2&BegegnungsID=56685&SLID=759 http://db.ringerliga.de/liga.asp?WCI=Std&FID=1&fem=2&BegegnungsID=56688&SLID=759 http://db.ringerliga.de/liga.asp?WCI=Std&FID=1&fem=2&BegegnungsID=56691&SLID=759 Nope we have two leagues going on right now. The one Gwiz is fighting in is a different one
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