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  1. Cary by the Lake

    Annual Vak Bracket Breakdown

    **** Overall a great job and a Labor of Love. All on this Board have their own predictions but at least you had the courage to post yours. I only see one glaring omission: Josh Humphreys of Lehigh will at least make the Blood Round and very likely can place. He is a Young Beast, similar to Austin Meys in strength.
  2. Cary by the Lake

    One Day More!!!

    **** I have cancelled all off-site meetings for Thursday through Saturday and will be working from home while watching. The Animal Show is almost here.
  3. Cary by the Lake

    Finals pickem

    **** 125: Lee/Rivera 133: Suriano/Fix 141: Yianni/McKenna 149: Ashnaught/Jordan 157: Nolf/Berger 165: Joseph/Marstaller 174: Hall/Lewis 184: Martin/Reenan 197: Nickal/Moore 285: Steveson/Wood
  4. Cary by the Lake

    bracket pools

    **** Love to get in but NOT posting email.
  5. Cary by the Lake

    Predict the champs and runners up

    125: Lee over Rivera 133: Suriano over Fix 141: Yianni over McKenna 149: Ashnaught over Jordan 157: Nolf over Berger 165: Joseph over Marstellar 174: Hall over Lewis 184: Martin over Reenan 197: Nickal over Moore 285: Steveson over Wood
  6. Cary by the Lake

    2019 NCAA Wrestling Championships 1st Round Comparisons

    **** I have always appreciated that you take the time and effort to provide this data set. Many times I do not agree with the outcomes forcasted, as I think the weighting given to some of the parameters being looked at must still be off even after you have made numerous adjustments. Example: I just do not see Stoll beating Wood. Yes, Stoll is huge but he is pretty much operating on one wheel and against a very mobile and attacking style like Wood presents, I would be very surprised.
  7. Cary by the Lake

    Stoll's Draw

    **** Not likely to AA. First match against Wood, throws him into the Consolations, which is a long/tough road for anyone on one wheel.
  8. Cary by the Lake

    EIWA Brackets on FLO

    **** Has anyone tried printing the EIWA brackets from Flo Arena. I tried 125 and it prints our vertically with each round going down the page. It took 3 pages for 1 weight class. Can any of our more techy posters make a suggestion as to how to print all the weight classes as a bracket? Thanks in advance.
  9. Cary by the Lake

    PSU's flameouts at 125

    **** We will never know how good Matt The Cat could have been. Too many injuries. He was great, with a multitude of great moves. I knew him after college when he was working in Wellness. Great Guy.
  10. Cary by the Lake

    Can't post any pix on this forum

    **** I have had problems also. I tried to post a picture to go with my Screen Name but no luck. Yeah well, life goes on. It is almost Tournament Time.
  11. Cary by the Lake

    Worst Calls, NCAA Finals

    **** Yes this is a Semis match but another Non Call, this time a Fall for Brad Dillon against Carl Fronheiser. He had him stacked and Kessel refused to call it. Like the picture above Kessel simply refused to make a call. Hence the Wrestling Term being "Kesseled". I like Gary but he made some bone headed calls or non calls at the NCAAs.
  12. Cary by the Lake

    Best pinning move?

    **** I remember the at the Sheridan Tournament sometime early in the season, in the 1980s when Bernie Brown of Lehigh wrestled Tab Thacker of NC State. Bernie was about 215-220 but really strong. Tab was, well Tab and weighed around 425. Bernie tried to stay away to stay healthy but finally tried a single leg. Bernie later told me, "Trying to lift that leg was like trying to lift a Redwood". Later in the match Bernie was down and tried to escape. He got to his feet but Tab had him from behind and landed on Bernie's back, squashing him. Bernie was hurt but toughed it out to finish the match on the losing side of a 11-3 decision. Later it came out that Bernie suffered a hernia with the attempted escape move and squash. He ended up missing a number of matches.
  13. Cary by the Lake

    Best pinning move?

    **** In the Lehigh Valley, it was always called The Cement Job (because of all the Cement Plants around the area). There are a number of variations. The story I heard goes: Wade Schalles developed it (among a lot of other moves) while at Clarion. Don Rohn was also on that team and when he came back to the Lehigh Valley after college and started coaching, he brought it with him. It soon spread among all of the schools. Yes, Rob Rohn used it in the Finals against Josh Lambrecht when he was behind by 11 with a minute to go. Lambrecht probably still has bad dreams of that moment.
  14. Cary by the Lake

    Lee Threads (combined)

    **** The Munsters Car.
  15. Cary by the Lake

    Spencer Lee and Iowa

    **** I am still wondering if there is something not quite right with Lee (sick, injury), or like some others have said: HEW, been scouted effectively or just too one dimensional. Something just does not look/seem 100%. Hopefully if there is some physical issue, he will heal enough to be close to his "normal" by the B1Gs and NCAAs. If not and it is one of the before mentioned other reasons, I do not think he will repeat. The conference tournaments will show us a lot, not just with Lee, but with all the other potential placers. Right now how I see things shaking out for seeding purposes is: 1st: Rivera: Extremely quick and tenacious. Undefeated at 125, only loss to Micic at 133. Has beaten Lee and Bresser. 2nd: Picc: Same as Rivera, but more experienced. Undefeated, has beaten Lee, Glory, Foley and Russell. 3rd: Mueller: Strong and very good in all positions and very experienced. Undefeated but hasn't wrestled anyone in the Top 20. 4th: Bresser: Quick and unpredictable. Only a loss to Rivera in SV, but hasn't wrestled any else except Russell (close 2-1 win). 5th: Lee: Will he heal effectively enough if he is in fact sick or hurt? Can he sort it out and get his mojo back? 6th: Arujau: Extremely quick, unpredictable and hard to wrestle. Only loss to teammate Tucker, but besides Glory who has he wrestled? The conference tournaments will hopefully sort out a lot of this.