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  1. **** Really looking forward to seeing who the Lehigh starters will be. Obviously, 157, 174, 184, 197 and Hwt are a lock with: Humphreys, Kutler, Weiler, Jakobsen and Wood in place, (hammers at the top end of the lineup). 125: Paetzell vs. Polito, 133: Farro vs. Lane/McGonagle, 141: Pomrinca vs. Moran, can Hoffman make/hold the weight? Is Karam ready yet and can he make the weight?, 149: Karam vs. Hoffman/Lobeck/Malyke Hines, 165: Gallick vs. Meyer/Lane or Ruth/Frinzi. I would think Paetzell will have the edge at 125. Farro probably the favorite at 133, depending on how D1 ready McGonagle is. Pomrinca is a 5th year Sr and very good defensively at 141, Moran is a goer and if Hoffman can make/hold the weight or Karam is ready to go, the weight could be wide open. Probably a lot of flux during the season. 149 Same questions as 149 with Hoffman and Karam, (both really good), regardless 149 will be strength. I think 165 is Gallicks' to lose if he can make/hold the weight, although Meyer is a potential breakout guy for the future. The rest of the lineup seems already decided barring injuries, (I hope and pray Lehigh is luckier than what happened last season). I think the coaching staff will want to Red Shirt all the incoming Frosh (McGonagle, Hines, Ruth and Frinzi), unless they are obviously better than the other men. The wildcard will be how much impact having Chance Marstellar in the room working with the middle weights will have.
  2. **** Nothing in stone as of yet, but potential contenders may be: Nate Gallick: 5th year senior, if he can make and hold the weight. He is a real pinner who hopefully will benefit from having Chance Marstellar in the room. Brian Meyer: Redshirt Frosh from Phillipsburg, NJ, same as Paetzell, (always tough). Wrestled off with Humphreys last year at 157. He will be tough. Kent Lane: 5th year senior Edmond Ruth: True Frosh, brother of Ed Ruth, PSU Champ. He probably will Redshirt. Can really benefit from a Redshirt year working with Marstellar and Kutler. Luca Frinzi: True Frosh from Bethlehem Catholic. Great defensive wrestler. Can really benefit from a Redshirt year working with Marstellar and Kutler. Trey Cornish: Redshirt Junior. Slick, just needs more mat time at D1.
  3. LU1979 posted: I don't think my old school, Lehigh is to far off this group but they will need some guys to step up this year to be top 4. **** Agree. I am waiting to see what the addition of Marstellar to the coaching staff has on the middle weights. 125: Paetzell (Jr): Paetzell rated around 15. He is a scrapper. Was too small at 133 last year. 133: Farro (Jr) : Rate around 16. Split time between 125/133 last year. A real bulldog/fireplug type of guy. Not bad 2 NJ guys to start things off. 141: Uncertain as of yet. Can Hoffman (So) make/hold the weight? Beat Kolodzik in FS last year. Otherwise, Pomrinca (Sr) or Moran (So) until Karam (Jr) is ready to compete. 149: Hoffman/Moran: Until Karam is ready. 157: Humphreys (So): R12 as true frosh. Exceedingly Strong, gave Noll a good match until a late fall. Looking for Marstellar to make an impact on his feet. Top 4. 165: Can Gallick (Sr) make and hold the weight? Another project for Marstellar to impact. Gallick is a real pinner. If not, then Meyer (Fr), tough NJ kid. 174: Kutler (Sr) : No need to say much more, 2X AA. Will only get better because of Marstellar. Top 2. 184: Weiler (Jr): Finally at true weight class. Strong, explosive, potential placer. 197: Jakobsen (Jr): Really tough on top, needs to open up on feet. Potential placer. 285: Wood (Jr): Top 2-3, very aggressive on feet.
  4. **** Yes I am getting known on FB as a Subversive, because I post the truth and the PC Police many times do not like the truth. Big Brother is definitely watching, especially those of us who love America and The Constitution.
  5. **** Funny I posted this comment on FB regarding WrestlingReport.com no longer being active and it was rejected for not meeting community standards. Since WrestlingReport.com seems to be no more, it is very hard to get any information regarding what is happening in The Room. Big Brother is definitely watching. According to Pogo: "We have met the enemy, and we is they".
  6. **** I saw the pictures about 2-3 years ago, before we made our latest move and they looked great even though they are over 35 years old.
  7. **** Before Security got really tight at the NCAAs, I was lucky enough to meet and speak to the medal winners at Jadwin Gym. A friend of mine and I saw something going on behind some partitions while we waited for the Parade of Champions. We decided to investigate. All the place winners were there in uniform. We had the opportunity to talk and take pictures with many of them: Darryl Burley, Jim Gibbons, Ricky Dellagatta, Colin Kilrain and Jim Reilly, Ed and Lou Banach, Steve Sefter, Bruce Baumgardner, Randy Lewis, Dave Schultz and Ricky Steward and a couple of others. The pictures are among about 15-20 boxes in our spare room. Maybe some day I will have the time and energy to go through the boxes and find the pictures.
  8. Blades: No response from Bruce. I hope he is alright and it is just a technical issue. Talked with D3 a couple of days ago. He is doing well. We both hope you and your crew will be going to the EIWAs at Lehigh in March. It has been too long since we got together.
  9. **** I cannot wait to see the impact Marstellar has on the Lehigh mid weights. Humphreys is built a lot like Marstellar, (who always gave up Height and Reach), but was very successful. I have not been able to get to PA yet this season and visit "the room" like usual, but I will be travelling there on business in November. I am hearing great things. I am also hoping Gallick can make and hold 165 as he is a real pinner who could benefit from working with Marstellar on his feet. I also looking forward to how True Frosh Ruth will benefit from a daily mix of Marstellar and Kutler.
  10. I reached out to Bruce on LinkedIn today. Hopefully, he will respond.
  11. **** You techy guys bore me with all your analytics and computer modelling. I still prefer the eye test of watching as many wrestlers as possible to make my own judgments.
  12. **** With Jimmy Hoffman doing so well at 2019 UWW Cadet And U23 World Team Trials and beating Matt Kolodzik, there is talk of Luke Karam moving back down to 141. We shall see.
  13. **** Your Liberal Bias is showing. Give it a break.
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