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  1. **** Don't be an asshat. Lehigh of all teams does not back away from any duals, unlike some higher ranked teams that have done so with individual wrestlers to protect rankings.
  2. **** Ken: If I was wrong I apologize. That has been stated/speculated on the Lehigh Wrestling Forum for a long time now. Please accept my apology.
  3. **** Fess up Ken: Wrestleknownothing and Klehner are one in the same, like Mookie, Buck and The Whorehouse are all the same. BTW, I am re-locating back to the Lehigh Valley in PA effective the 2nd week in January, so I will be changing my screen name from Cary by the lake to something else haven't decide what yet, and I unlike others will let everyone know who I am and not hide my identity. Really glad Lehigh as well as others will be wrestling soon.
  4. **** Regardless of his average wrestling career, he sounds like a real great character guy. To me he is very believable and has all the guts in the world to try to do the right thing. I would imagine he and his family are being threatened by many in power positions. America needs more people like him to step forward when corruption is rampant, regardless of how it may affect them in the future. God Bless You.
  5. **** Sorry to see that. It was the best for a long time. I don't know if it was a $ issue or Bruce lost interest or some other reason.
  6. **** It is hard to comprehend. Greg was so many things to so many people. Any attempt to describe him will come up short. I often recall the many times we played golf. He was "real" in every way, no pretense, no excuses. First and foremost I considered him a friend. We have lost a great man. Rest In Peace Friend.
  7. **** Ryan Crookham of Notre Dame Green Pond high school in PA, class of 2022 and #2 ranked overall wrestler of the class has committed to Lehigh University. He is a 2X state champion. He will be a junior this season and has wrestled at 126 last year. This is a monster pick up. Here is the article. https://www.lehighvalleylive.com/highschoolsports/2020/08/notre-dames-crookham-commits-to-lehigh-to-wrestle.html?outputType=amp
  8. **** Sad just plain sad. Obviously The Admin knew before hand. Really shabby to treat wrestlers, coaches and especially Kerry this way. In the long run it is a business and if it cannot support itself, things will change. Hoping all can make plans.
  9. **** Not losing interest at all, just concerned the NCAA may decide it is just not worth it this year. I still routinely visit 3-4 wrestling sites each day.
  10. **** I along with my son and 2 other staunch Lehigh fans, went to the EIWAs at Stabler arena on March 6 & 7, just a few days before the first lock downs. Attendance was between 2,500 and 3,000 for each session. I have not had any health problems since, nor am I aware of anyone else who attended having any health issues, (I keep in touch with many wrestling fans). There must have been Covid 19 germs flying around at that tournament, being the location is in Very Eastern PA and Zero Precautions were taken. Many attendees were from New York, New Jersey, PA, Maryland and other states. We also attended a very crowded local brew pub between sessions. So in answer to the question, Yes, I would attend. We have been locked down too long already. The Lock Down, although well meaning, has severely damaged both our economy and the mental well being of our citizens. Open things up now! There may be subsequent waves of the virus which will result in more sickness, but Herd Immunity is the only real way to deal with the situation.
  11. **** Most people I know tell me: "You have a voice made for radio" (very deep and resonant), I usually answer I also have a face made for radio.
  12. **** The Alton brothers were Pa Strongmen. Andrew was always a threat for backpoints or a fall, however, he did not have much of a gas tank, and he lost more than one match where he was leading early and faltered.
  13. **** Rob Rohn pinning Josh Lambrecht in the NCAA Finals after trailing 14-2 with less than 2 minutes to go. Sorry about the quality of the video. Bring on the Cement Job!
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