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  1. **** Overall a great job and a Labor of Love.  All on this Board have their own predictions but at least you had the courage to post yours.  I only see one glaring omission: Josh Humphreys of Lehigh will at least make the Blood Round and very likely can place.  He is a Young Beast, similar to Austin Meys in strength.

  2. **** I have always appreciated that you take the time and effort to provide this data set.  Many times I do not agree with the outcomes forcasted, as I think the weighting given to some of the parameters being looked at must still be off even after you have made numerous adjustments.  Example:  I just do not see Stoll beating Wood.  Yes, Stoll is huge but he is pretty much operating on one wheel and against a very mobile and attacking style like Wood presents, I would be very surprised.   

  3. **** Has anyone tried printing the EIWA brackets from Flo Arena.  I tried 125 and it prints our vertically with each round going down the page.  It took 3 pages for 1 weight class.  Can any of our more techy posters make a suggestion as to how to print all the weight classes as a  bracket?  Thanks in advance.

  4. 53 minutes ago, KTG119 said:

    heck Nico aside, Penn St ain't been no good at the lowest weight since they had Jimmy Martin, Kenny Chertow, and Matty from Catty in the same room.  

    **** We will never know how good Matt The Cat could have been.  Too many injuries.  He was great, with a multitude of great moves.  I knew him after college when he was working in Wellness.  Great Guy.

  5. **** Yes this is a Semis match but another Non Call, this time a Fall for Brad Dillon against Carl Fronheiser.  He had him stacked and Kessel refused to call it.  Like the picture above Kessel simply refused to make a call.  Hence the Wrestling Term being "Kesseled".  I like Gary but he made some bone headed calls or non calls at the NCAAs.

  6. **** I remember the at the Sheridan Tournament sometime early in the season, in the 1980s when Bernie Brown of Lehigh wrestled Tab Thacker of NC State.  Bernie was about 215-220 but really strong.  Tab was, well Tab and weighed around 425.  Bernie tried to stay away to stay healthy but finally tried a single leg.  Bernie later told me, "Trying to lift that leg was like trying to lift a Redwood".  Later in the match Bernie was down and tried to escape.  He got to his feet but Tab had him from behind and landed on Bernie's back, squashing him.  Bernie was hurt but toughed it out to finish the match on the losing side of a 11-3 decision.  Later it came out that Bernie suffered a hernia with the attempted escape move and squash.  He ended up missing a number of matches.

  7. 1 hour ago, Marcus Cisero said:

    Best pinning move for me is the Cement Mixer, a favorite among PA wrestlers.

    **** In the Lehigh Valley, it was always called The Cement Job (because of all the Cement Plants around the area).  There are a number of variations.  The story I heard goes: Wade Schalles developed it (among a lot of other moves) while at Clarion.  Don Rohn was also on that team and when he came back to the Lehigh Valley after college and started coaching, he brought it with him.  It soon spread among all of the schools.  Yes, Rob Rohn used it in the Finals against Josh Lambrecht when he was behind by 11 with a minute to go.  Lambrecht probably still has bad dreams of that moment.

  8. **** I am still wondering if there is something not quite right with Lee (sick, injury), or like some others have said: HEW, been scouted effectively or just too one dimensional.  Something just does not look/seem 100%.  Hopefully if there is some physical issue, he will heal enough to be close to his "normal" by the B1Gs and NCAAs.  If not and it is one of the before mentioned other reasons, I do not think he will repeat.  The conference tournaments will show us a lot, not just with Lee, but with all the other potential placers.  Right now how I see things shaking out for seeding purposes is:

    1st: Rivera: Extremely quick and tenacious.  Undefeated at 125, only loss to Micic at 133. Has beaten Lee and Bresser.

    2nd: Picc: Same as Rivera, but more experienced.  Undefeated, has beaten Lee, Glory, Foley and Russell.

    3rd: Mueller: Strong and very good in all positions and very experienced.  Undefeated but hasn't wrestled anyone in the Top 20.

    4th: Bresser: Quick and unpredictable.  Only a loss to Rivera in SV, but hasn't wrestled any else except Russell (close 2-1 win).

    5th: Lee: Will he heal effectively enough if he is in fact sick or hurt?  Can he sort it out and get his mojo back?

    6th: Arujau:  Extremely quick, unpredictable and hard to wrestle. Only loss to teammate Tucker,  but besides Glory who has he wrestled?

    The conference tournaments will hopefully sort out a lot of this.

  9. Schalles was probably my all time favorite.  I first saw him at an International Match (USA vs World) in 1969 at a community college in Maryland.  He faced a Junior World Greco Champ from Iran.  Schalles was listed as representing Shippensburg State College and was long and lean but not imposing at all.  The Iranian was a Fireplug built guy.  In the first minute, the Iranian tried to hook up Schalles twice for big throws but Wade was able to squirm out each time.  The third time, the guy actually got Wade off the ground and it looked like it was all over, but Wade got one toe down and swizzled his hips and hit a Lateral Drop right to the back for the fall.  I talked to Wade after the match and he told me: "It doesn't matter how many points I give up early in the match because if even one of my moves works the match is over".  I was amazed by his confidence.

  10. **** I watched the dual and think Missouri is definitely a Top 5 team.  Both Okst and Mz mostly won where they were favored., with Mz winning one toss up (Mauller over Gfeller), with Okst barely winning a closely ranked match (Rogers over Flynn 6-5).  Additionally Okst won the last two matches (Weigel over Koelling and White over Elam) where they were heavily favored, (both Okst wrestlers Redshirt SR AAs, while both Mz wrestlers are FR).  

    Overall it was an excellent dual.  I do agree with Crew Wrestling that Mz should get out of the MAC and be in the B1G or another more challenging conference.  Both Okst and Mz are Top 5 teams and both will do very well at the NCAAs.

  11. **** Ok, I'll bite.

    125:  Lee: Will wear Rivera down with toughness.

    133: Micic: When he is healthy, definitely the best.  Looks like he is finally recovered. His experience will  beat Fix, Suriano and all others as long as he is healthy.

    141: Yianni: Just too all around to be stopped.  Real Fire in his belly.

    149: Ashnault: Top game is murder, neutral and bottom both good enough.

    157: Nolf: Unless someone poisons his food, a no brainer.

    165: Cenzo; Toughness/Technique and Tenacity when needed.

    174: Hall: Technique/Defense and Strength beyond what he looks like.  He finds a way.

    184: Martin: Just too athletic and strong to be denied.  His experience will also be the difference.

    197: Bo: Same as Nolf.

    285: Steveson: The man-child is simply amazing.

  12. **** Definitely immature and not classy.  However, I think Steveson is just incredibly bored.  He loves the limelight and wishes that some team will put out a Hwt. who can challenge him.  One of the closest matches so far was the match against #6 Jordan Wood of Lehigh at the South Beach Duals.  They have met many times with Steveson winning all but the last match was at least reasonably close 9-4.  There is a lot of respect between both Wood and Steveson as they hugged after the match.  Steveson is looking for a challenge so he can show how good he really is.

  13. **** 

    South Beach Duals 12-29-30-2018

    Lehigh will wrestle 4 duals this weekend (Minnesota, Missouri, North Carolina and Virginia) at the South Beach Duals.  This will be the first time this season, Lehigh has had a somewhat full team and will give The Mountain Hawks an opportunity to see how they shape up against some top competition, with a fairly full team.  Only 125 (Schram) and 133 (S. Parker) will be missing potential starters.  Below please see the wrestlers for each team per Track Wrestling which is offering Streaming for $19.95.


    Lehigh                                       Minnesota                    Missouri                               N. Carolina                 Virginia

    125: J. Lane,                             Russell                          Smith,                                  Heilman                       Mueller    

             Resnick                                                                   Valdiviez

    133: Farro,                                 Lizak                             Erneste,                               Harding,                        Hayes

             Paetzel                                                                    Hart                                      Szymanksi

    141: Karam,                              McKee,                          Eierman                                Hernandez,                   Krivus,

            Pomrinca                          Jones                                                                            Headlee                        Hart


    149: Schuyler,                          Thorn                              Mauller,                                   O’Connor,                    Murphy,

             Hoffman                                                                  Stigall                                      McClure                       Martino

    157: Humphreys,                    Bleise,                             Jacques                                  Davidson                     Keating

             K. Lane                            Patton

    165: GF Wolf                            Brolsma                           Flynn,                                      Monday,                      Coy

                                                                                                Fortuna                                   McDonald

    174: Kutler,                              Skatzka,                           Lewis                                        Kane                           Patrick,

             Gallick                              O’Reilly                                                                                                                  Peck


    184: Preisch,                           Webster,                          Wisman,                                     Ness                          Shaney

             Weiler,                             Krone                                Mariott                                                                          McClure


    197: Jakobsen,                      Anderson,                        Watkins,                             Queen,                                Aiello

             Gentile                            Streifel                              Kelling                                 Blair

    285: Wood,                             Steveson                           Elam,                                   Daniel                                  Love,

             Lacombe                                                                   Jiovenetta,                                                                      Scherer                                                                                                           Bohlken                                                                              

  14. 7 minutes ago, scribe said:

    I always liked the job you did managing the Orioles. 

    Scribbles: Like I said earlier I respect your wry sense of humor.  Regarding your wrestling knowledge, I will hold off making any comments on that until you show some.  Merry Christmas Friend.

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