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  1. Scribe (Scribbles), no need to try to draw me out, I am an open book, as you very well know.  I often post my true identity, unlike you who protects his secrecy at all costs.  However, I do respect your wry sense of humor.  Looking forward to the Lehigh/Cornell Dual on January 12th.

  2. Lu Alum:  Yes, I do post as Legger on Wrestlingreport.com.  I have tried to get set up on this site a number of times and it always gets kicked back.  I know there is another Legger on this site, so i tried this name.  Finally, Success!  Hoping GFWolf is OK and the mff in the finals was just precautionary.  Lehigh does not have their full potential lineup that we were all so excited about yet, but things are looking much better. We will see how we stack up with Minn. and Missouri at the SB Duals.  Hopefully, Scottie Parker will be back within the next month or so as he represents potential points at the EIWAs and NCAAs and it is his last go round.  125: I am not so hopeful: Schram (injured?), Farro (injured/weight issues/both?), Matt Parker (injured?), Lane (redshirt pulled?).  We shall see.  However, it feels much better now than at anytime since the pre-season.  Thanks for the welcome and Merry Christmas!

  3. 2 hours ago, lu_alum said:

    Some of Lehigh's key injured wrestlers beginning to make appearances.  Notable entries & weights:

    • 141:  Luke Karam moves down after getting injured during Journeyman at 149
    • 149:  Cortlandt Schuyler makes his first appearance of the year
    • 165:  Gordon Wolf.  With Humphreys coming out of RS at 157, Wolf stays at 165
    • 184:  Ryan Preisch (Chris Weiler has also dropped to 184, after losing to both Gentile and Jakobsen at 197)
    • 197:  Kyle Gentile, winner of the 197 wrestle-off, makes his first appearance since November

    If Lehigh can get 125 & 133 back in order, we might come close to seeing the lineup everyone was hoping for.

    • 125:  TBD (Farro apparently having weight issues, Schram & Little Parker have injuries... Pull Lane out of RS?)
    • 133:  Parker in late Jan/Feb
    • 141:  Karam
    • 149:  Schuyler
    • 157:  Humphreys
    • 165:  Walter/Wolf (Walter seems to be injured again)
    • 174:  Kutler
    • 184:  Priesch/Weiler
    • 197:  Gentile/Jakobsen
    • 285:  Wood

    141: Karam into semis with 3 falls

    149 Schuyler into semis with 2 TFalls

    165 Wolf into semis with 3 TFalls

    184 Preisch into semis with 2 Falls and a decision

    184 Weiler into semis with 2 TFalls

    197 Gentile into semis with 1 Fall and 1 TFall

    Lehigh unattached actually leading the tournament (12 wrestlers including Schuyler and Weiler), Lehigh 2nd (7 wrestlers including Karam, Preisch, Gentile and Wolf).

  4. Back on the early 90s I had the pleasure of going to the Lehigh room to watch practice, when Bill Closson  (2x AA) was Lehigh’s  only Hwt.  Coach Hutchison first brought in Bernie Brown to work with Bill.  Bernie showed Bill what is like to be ridden and controlled on the mat and then sucked him back for a fall. However, the guy I wanted to talk about was Mark Leiberman.  Mark was brought in to work with Bill on his feet.  Mark was was about 32-4 by then and had migrated from 177 to about 225.  The match was amazing.  Mark hit Bill with 3-4 lateral drops.  After one really high amplitute throw I let out a “wow”.  Mark heard me and ran over and stood over me and in a very intense manner told me “Please do not make any comments, because I have to concentrate really hard to still do this.”  I would not have wanted to go out on the mat with Mark when he was in his prime both because of his skill amd strength but His intensity was amazing.

  5. **** That is what we are hearing from the Lehigh camp.  Really looking forward to his return, as he is a 2X AA.  Lehigh has had as many as 6 potential starters out of the line up so far with injuries.  Hopefully 4 will be back in action for the South Beach Duals as some are entered at the Wilkes Open (141 Karam, 149 Schuyler, 165 Wolf and 184 Preisch).  Hopefully if all 4 are at Wilkes they will also be ok for the SBDuals,  where,Lehigh wrestles (Minnesota, Missouri, North Carolina and Virginia). Additionally, Chris Weiler is entered at Wilkes after dropping from 197.  He will be a very credible 184, if Ryan Preisch is not able to return until 2nd Semester.

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