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  1. He’s 26, still wrestling in the Senior Circuit, no coaching experience, etc. It would be a nostalgic hire, but crazy risky.
  2. Mach yes, Reenan probably not in folk style, Boykin nah, Gantt probably yes, Bullards would be broken into 196 pieces evenly.
  3. I have a hard time understanding why this bothers you so badly lol. If he wins the spot at 174, he’s talented enough to be at least an AA threat. He obviously peaked at 157 as his placement kept getting worse by the year. Why not come back at a comfortable weight and help your brother out? We also don’t know what he’s doing academically. He may be on to working on an advanced degree and getting scholarship money towards it. You’re making it sound like Pop and Trent are dragging him back into the room kicking and screaming and I assure you that’s not the case.
  4. Andrew Howe would be on my short list to interview.
  5. Don’t get my hopes up. Don’t get my hopes up. Don’t get my hopes up. Dammit my hopes are up. But in all seriousness, I hope Stanford wrestling is saved and Shane can finish his career there.
  6. That whole match seemed weird to me. I have no idea honestly. I’d never speculate without firm knowledge that Bo avoided a leg to help DT or threw the match or something. But Bo sure was passive and then looked like he didn’t want to be anywhere near the mat when the match ended. I don’t think I’ve ever seen Bo look like that before. Especially following up him throwing the kitchen sink at Zahid and spanking him. I don’t know man, it was just all so weird.
  7. I don’t see the David Taylor we saw at the trials winning gold. Something hasn’t come back since his injury. That version of DT is looking at a bronze medal. But if we get 2018 Taylor then I can see him taking home gold.
  8. I think J’Den is wayyyyy more athletic than Snyder and their strength is probably pretty close. I think his athleticism wins him a match or two at the Olympic trials. But I do agree that he gets destroyed in the Olympics (and by Gable so he wouldn’t have been there in the first place).
  9. Nah it’s nowhere near the same lol. There’s some 125 kg guys I think Cox could beat. There’s no one at 74 kg Spencer could beat. This is more like Snyder wrestling Coon in folk style with the massive weight difference.
  10. I can see this until he reached Gable. I think Cox Gwiz could’ve been interesting. But Gable would’ve grown manned him if Cox engaged.
  11. Being a JO fan tends to cause your hairline to look similar to his.... But in all seriousness I’m super happy for him. I hope he kicks ass and takes names both in Bulgaria and Tokyo.
  12. It was kind of funny how the announcer was talking about how great JO is doing with wrestling lifestyle and health and all that in chapel hill. Then his next sentence was about JO cutting so much weight the night before that Coleman Scott had never seen anything like it lol. Those things don’t really add up (in my head at least).
  13. John Smith was also Coleman’s coach.... I’m thinking JO must’ve been stupid heavy if Coleman hadn't ever seen anything like it.
  14. Anywhere I can place a bet on Cox medaling at 97 kg? I really like him against the field this year.
  15. This is another Jimmy Cinnabon situation. Make bets you can’t pay because you’re emotional.
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