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  1. Flo’s streaming servers are getting nervous even thinking about this one.
  2. Yeah, that was another great match. I think we need a round robin of Burroughs, Dake, Chamizo, and Sidakov on the next Flo event to settle this.
  3. So any chance we could schedule another round of these for next weekend and get JB involved...?
  4. DT just made Martin look like a fish (side note MM is not a fish). Yeesh.
  5. Does Flo really sue parents taping their kids at events Flo broadcasts? That’s crazy if true. One of my most valuable possessions is a collection of DVDs my dad gave me when I graduated of every match he recorded while I wrestled in high school.
  6. The thing is Flo has just been sitting on everyone’s yearly subscription fees since the nation has been shut down. They haven’t been to any events, no travel fees, haven’t hosted any events. They were probably gearing up to pour a ton of money into Olympic wrestling coverage. They will spend a lot of money on this event, but they also haven’t spent any money since NCAA wrestling ended in March.
  7. Oh man I’m a big fan of Hoagie as an individual and his style (not his team though haha), but DT would do dirty things to him. Hoagie will be ready in a few years, but he’s not ready for DT level smoke quite yet. Then again as I type that out in the back of my mind I’m thinking about DT wrestling Drew Foster and how that turned out. Man I really hope there aren’t any injuries to our top guys at the event.
  8. Agree with all of this. Martin may be the toughest sell of the batch, but he’s a mostly known name. Valencia would be another interesting one. If he really let it fly against DT that’s another guy that I think could possibly score before DT inevitably takes over and does whatever he wants.
  9. I still feel like the storylines of DT and Downey are much better, but the match with Ringer would actually be better. I’m in the camp that whole heartedly believes a motivated and pissed off DT completely annihilates Downey. I’m not even sure how fun it would be for fans. I think against Ringer DT is motivated, but not pissed off, which leads to a better match. Who knows though. Unfortunately we probably won’t ever find out what happens when DT and Downey face off.
  10. That’s a good point. I was thinking more along the lines of fans being more interested in Ringer vs. DT than Abounader or Amine (no disrespect to either one of those guys). But you’re right that no replacement will fill the shoes of Downey for a myriad of reasons.
  11. Also brings name recognition to the match. The more I think about it, if ringer is game that’s probably the best fit to replace Downey.
  12. Ringer intrigues me. DT would probably beat up on him, but if Ringer is 100% healthy I think he could (maybe) score at least lol.
  13. The irony of this statement is going to go way over your head. But just know it’s being appreciated by others on the board.
  14. He said “Sarah I would whip your ass you goofy lil wet nugget.” Even if he did mean wrestling does that make it any better that he would whip a 120 pound females ass....?
  15. His exact tweet to Sarah Hildebrandt was “Sarah I would whip your ass you goofy lil wet nugget.” It was deleted quickly like the rest of his tweets. There is a screenshot in the video posted a few pages back.
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