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  1. My dad never wrestled, but he got me into it in middle school. He absolutely loves the sport now and I’d say it’s his favorite sport to watch. He texts me app the time about local wrestling happenings in my hometown. We are attending our first NCAA tournament together next year in Minnesota and it was his idea.
  2. Chip Ness also put together back to back all American seasons and he’s from Georgia. Devin Kane lost this year in the blood round as a 33 seed. He took out Jacobe Smith in the round of 16. The Bullard bros from NC State are very competitive as well. Not sure either one will ever become an AA, but they aren’t slouches by any means.
  3. Here is when you know it would be a bad idea to replace your coach (and really this applies to any sport at every level): if 90%+ of the other teams would take that coach in a heartbeat. This board can argue for days about the effectiveness of TnT and the antics and the Iowa style, etc etc. But those guys would have numerous job interviews lined up before they even got out of their office. There are a lot of schools that would love to have the success TnT have had at Iowa. Be careful what you wish for.... grass always seems greener on the other side.
  4. Branch is an awesome coach. Pop is as well. Getting Hayden Hidlay and his brother was huge for the program. Also something I don’t think people realize is how good Pop is at developing wrestlers. Michael Machiavello came to NC State as a 1 time NC state champion. Not exactly a blue chip recruit but Pop and staff developed him into a national champion by his senior year. Between Branch, Pop, and Coleman Scott the OSU coaching tree is becoming extremely successful. I love everything Coleman has done for UNC and hope he stays around for a while.
  5. Unless I’m losing my mind, I’m pretty sure he wrestled for Okie State in the early 2000s. Not sure he ever AA’d though.
  6. Do you think Pop will ever leave NC State? That’s got to be a guy on the radar of big programs if they ever need to replace their coach, particularly Oklahoma State.
  7. I’ve seen a lot of fans saying Bo didn’t roll through the cradle out of respect for Moore and I think that’s kind of silly. My thoughts are Bo was winning 5-1 with 20 ish seconds left so why roll through knowing there’s a tiny chance that Moore breaks your grip and ends up on top. It would’ve been a risk that was pointless to take. Anyone who thinks Bo didn’t want to pin Moore again in his last ever collegiate match is kidding themselves.
  8. I think Zahid will go to 184 simply to make room for his brother Anthony in the lineup. Zahid is also a massive 174 so him moving up makes sense.
  9. Ah yes haha. Wasn’t sure which one you were talking about. Completely agree that Mekhi can and will be a world champion one day.
  10. My thoughts on this are you have an independent ref at the table on each mat. When a review is called for the ref assigned to that mat goes to the monitor instead of the officials that made the call. It still wouldn’t be perfect, but the idea is that these guys would be more likely to overturn an incorrect call. And the time should be about the same as the officials on the mat going to review their own call.
  11. *Assuming you’re talking about Daniel Lewis* I see Lewis as an interesting case. I think he will be able to turn guys at an incredibly high level. But the question is can he take those guys down? The latest match with him and Valencia was telling to me. I think Zahid could tech him in freestyle simply because I’m not sure Lewis could take Zahid down. However, if he could get on top I think he could turn almost anyone at will. It’ll be interesting to see how Lewis’ international career pans out.
  12. I agree with this. The brick throwing and review system are both terrible right now. Refs are hesitant to overturn their flubbed calls half the time. Coaches seem to throw bricks to give wrestlers breathers occasionally. Too often reviewed calls still aren’t correct. We need independent video officials analyzing reviews for sure.
  13. Mason Phillips was injured this year while redshirting for UNC. Guy was a stud in high school though. His senior year he majored Quincy Monday in the Super 32 finals and Monday was solid for Princeton as a true freshman at 157 this year. Obviously injuries can be tricky, but Phillips could come in for unc at 157 and give them a great 149-165 punch with O’Conner, Phillips, and K . Monday.
  14. Myles Martin is a very good wrestler from neutral. I could see him being a good challenger at the next level. The bad news for him is that USA wrestling has a log jam at 79, 86, and 97 kg, which I’m assuming is where he would slot.
  15. I still can’t believe OSU and John Smith’s strategy for that match. Don’t attack at all, beg for stall calls on Suriano, pray for a HTF or technical violation, and grind out a 1 point win just like the dual. Suriano may not have done much, but he was still way more active than Fix was and that’s saying something. I’m pretty impartial as a fan to Suriano, but I’m sure the guy won that deserved to win. Fix has a bright future, but that plan from OSU last night was BS and terrible for the sport.
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