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  1. A small part of me was hoping Gable wouldn’t leave his shoes on the mat. What a damn career and sheer dominance.
  2. I’m far from perfect, but thank you for this kind comment!
  3. Trust me when I tell you this, what’s happening on this post is much more of a reflection on certain posters personal lives and the opportunities they never got, than a reflection on Clarke or Chris Lee. I wouldn’t sweat it or argue with them anymore.
  4. Warner losing on a half ass shot is about as on brand as possible. Fantastic match for him up until that moment.
  5. It always amazes me how cynical people can take a really kind gesture (that was done in private and word spread through coaches to the announcers) and turn it into a negative thing. It’s not like Nick’s dad asked cameras to come over and did it on national TV. Geeze.
  6. If O’Toole ever goes up a weight class and Starocci is still around… that’s going to be as good as it gets.
  7. Deakin is such a likable guy. Glad he got his national championship.
  8. Really proud of Clarke and everything he brought to UNC this year. From 0-2 in the ACC tournament to 2nd in the national tournament is an insane accomplishment. As a side note, that ride from Lee was diabolical. Kick out the base up leg and throw lots of cross faces mixed with cross wrist control. Not much you can do from there.
  9. Anyone predict Hayden finishing higher at 174 than Trent will finish at 184 to start the season?
  10. I just realized this while watching and thinking back to past UNC performances. Coleman Scott must love when his guys get 15 seeds. Kennedy Monday took out 2 seed Joey Lavallee a few years back, Chip Ness took out 2 seed Shakur Rasheed in 2019, and this year Clarke got Eierman. 15 seeds are UNCs bread and butter.
  11. Everything I’ve seen/heard indicates he is ready to move on to MMA. He was a redshirt senior so he’s already been in college for 5 years.
  12. I wanted to throw a quick shout out to Austin O’Connor on here. The best to do it at UNC since TJ Jaworsky. He bumped up to 157 this year to help make room for Clarke joining the team. Most probably don’t know this, but he gutted out a torn ACL and LCL to all American this year and reach 4 timer status. Just an absolute warrior from the start of his career to the finish and gave made this Tar Hell proud every time he stepped on the mat. I wish him all the best in whatever is next (which I’m hearing is MMA).
  13. Quint doing a feature on woman’s wrestling with Helen and Sarah while not knowing Sarah’s accomplishments (and having to be corrected) is certainly something…
  14. All good I’ll let it go. I was probably being heavy handed. Where better to do that than a message board?
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