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  1. Wow. I hope that coach learned a lesson too. There’s motivating a wrestler and then there’s abusing a wrestling and his coach crossed that line.
  2. I’m in on this one. Clarke is the real deal. It wouldn’t surprise me if he took out Kolodzik at the conference tourney.
  3. I’ve been wanting this for a while. If you prorate it that would give a wrestler about 8-10 “varsity” matches he can compete in while still preserving his redshirt. I think this would be a huge improvement to college wrestling that just makes a lot of sense.
  4. I feel like people are missing the point about why the board is frustrated with Jimmy. 1) He posts a lot of things that are not true in any way, shape, or form. He said Berge wasn’t breathing after his freestyle head injury, which was complete conjecture. Then he doubled down and said Berge was at the Mayo Clinic for his head injury, when it was actually for a skin issue. Reporting things as facts that aren’t true about a wrestler is not acceptable. 2) He made bets with multiple posters on the board that he initiated and specified the outlines of the bet. Then after he lost he waited a few days and comes back and acted like the bets never happened. Yeah, sure he doesn’t engage in topics that aren’t wrestling related because he’s in the wrong a lot. I don’t have problems with any of his topics, even though half the time they are extremely “trolly” just to get people going. But you can’t 1) make false reports about wrestlers as if they are facts and 2) make bets to donate to charity and then when you lose act like they never happened. So yeah, Jimmy is taking it on the chin right now but he 100% deserves it and he put himself in this situation.
  5. Fair enough. I’m still convinced Jimmy has multiple accounts on this board so who knows who he really is and who he actually roots for lol.
  6. Jimmy is a Penn State fan. He also made hundreds of dollars worth of bets with multiple posters. Since you made it clear that you know how to read you may want to put that into practice and go read the threads where Jimmy said the loser can’t post again until proof the bets have been paid is posted.
  7. Also figured I’d post this in case jimmy sees it. If you are in a tough financial spot and realized you made too many bets to pay, it’s best to come here and let the folks you bet know that. You could even do smaller increments like 10 or 20 dollars and just let the board know that the finances aren’t there for big donations on the bets you made. I don’t think a single person on this board would want you donating so much that you can’t afford your rent/mortgage this month. But you shouldn’t be making new threads and commenting like nothing ever happened. Make good on your bets or give us an explanation as to why you can’t. /end rant
  8. I’m pretty confident someone has multiple accounts and one of them is JC. Not sure if it’s KMF or not but it wouldn’t surprise me.
  9. We should make a site wide pact that no one will engage with or comment on JC threads until he pays up his bets. Dude wrote a bunch of checks with his mouth that his ass can’t cash. I love the lighthearted, small bets to RTCs on this board. Letting Cinnabon out of his bets is bad for the spirit of the little bets made here.
  10. 125: Lee 133: Gross 141: Lee 149: Sasso or O’Conner (homer in me wants to say AOC, brain is thinking Sasso) 157: Deakin 165: Cenzo 174: Hall 184: Zahid 197: Moore Heavy: Gable (but really tempted to say Parris)
  11. I would’ve said Woods too if I didn’t see him in a sling in Stanford’s dual this weekend.... hope he’s okay and it’s just preventative.
  12. Alirez maybe? He doesn’t have the results like other guys at 149. That weight is primed for a guy like him to go on a run and rip through it though. I personally am not predicting him to place top 4, but it wouldn’t surprise me if he did.
  13. I almost fell asleep watching Tucker against UNC. He spends 2 periods tying up wrists and hands while defending shots. Then with about 45-60 seconds left in the 3rd period he takes exactly 1 shot. And to his credit he’s damn good at finishing that 1 shot to pick up a win at the end. It’s such boring wrestling though. And for the life of me I don’t know how he avoids multiple stall calls for the first 5 minutes of the match.
  14. Unfortunately in between Reenan and Darmstadt, Whitman got rode like an old pony by Kellen Stout. He’s just inconsistent right now. But there’s no doubt he has the potential to be a high level wrestler. He just has to put it all together on a consistent basis. Personally I would love for him to redshirt next year and come back at heavy in 2 years.
  15. Yeah that’s awful. Toxic parents are the worst. A team in my high school conference won the team dual state championship 7 years in a row and they were notorious for having parents show up wearing rings and acting like they won the matches. The parents would literally taunt other parents and wrestlers and they had never wrestled a day in their life. I can absolutely sympathize with that.
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