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  1. Russell, it’s been a pleasure man. Good luck with whatever life brings you! My method of keeping sanity is to only post during the college season and then once it ends I step away until the next season begins. I’ll be stepping away until next year soon as well. This place is great, but it can definitely take a toll on you.
  2. Cael must feel really strongly about this to tweet about it. That’s his first tweet since 2018...
  3. Yup! He sporadically does camps and intensive wrestling clinics and helps at the high school level. He doesn’t do anything with the college that I know of. He has a family and from what I understand via secondhand info he’s focused on spending time with them. That’s why he’s just my “what the hell candidate” haha. But he was really a stud back in the early 90s. Still in great shape too.
  4. Kolat leaving for Navy has me thinking, who would you want to be your favorite schools next coach if the current coach retired or left? To make it more fun (aka so everyone doesn’t just say Cael) you can only pick a head coach of a program that finished lower in the final dual team standings than the team you root for. For instance, North Carolina finished 7th in Flos final dual team rankings which means I couldn’t pick the head coach of any team that finished 1st-6th. All assistant coaches are fair game. Also try to keep choices somewhat realistic. If Coleman Scott left UNC my top candidates would be: -Tony Ramos: already with the program and has relationships with all the guys on the team. He would be a good pick to keep guys from transferring, salvage recruiting, and to try to keep the momentum at UNC. -Andrew Howe: Northwestern has a special thing going right now with their coaching staff. I think Howe is getting prepped to be a successful head coach. -TJ Jaworsky: my what the hell, why not? TJ is the most successful wrestler in UNC history. He knows what it takes to get it done at the highest level and he has a very recognizable name. -Kenny Monday: already coaches the UNC club team. Olympic gold medalist. Not sure if he’s interested in being a collegiate coach though. -John Mark Bentley: he’s my dark horse pick. He’s built and maintained an extremely successful program at App State. His best asset is finding raw recruiting gems that he develops to find success nationally. I’d be intrigued to see what he could do at a program like UNC. Choices in order: 1) Ramos 2) Howe 3) Bentley 4) Monday 5) Jaworsky
  5. I guess all good things have to come to an end eventually. I really hope he keeps finding success. Cary is such an easy guy to root for.
  6. Now we get to see if wrestlers were going to Campbell to train with Kolat or for the academics and all the fun things to do in Buies Creek.
  7. What’s going to be interesting will be to see what happens with some of the recruits Campbell has gotten under Kolat. I don’t remember any names off the top of my head, but I do remember seeing some decent kids commit to Campbell in the upcoming classes.
  8. This is shocking to me. I thought Kolat liked being at the small under the radar school in the middle of nowhere North Carolina. I wish him the best though.
  9. Yup.... I’ll never understand calling someone out for posting on a message board too much as you sit around posting all day too.
  10. Ahh gotcha. I’m younger than most here and have only been around for a couple years so I was just going off of the joined date and posts shown. But I’m just tired of the constant “you live your entire life on these boards!!” argument lol.
  11. Marcus my man. Have you ever heard of the saying “throwing stones from a glass house?” Vak joined in January 2010. He’s posted 1.77 times per day since he joined. You joined in January 2019. You’ve posted 2.65 times per day since you joined. You are going to have to give up the argument about how much time people waste on this board.
  12. Just a heads up, The Gateway Pundit is one of the biggest perpetrators of false reporting. Im not exaggerating here, but you could go make a Facebook post claiming aliens injected corona virus into Tom Brands eyeballs and Jim Hoft would cite you as an expert in an article about it.
  13. Let’s take a look back at your first paragraph where you responded to me. “What about the numerous interviews with people in America who had it that are saying that it was less serious than the flu and they recovered fine?” This is called survivorship bias. It’s the belief that something in society is not so bad because a certain group of people easily survived it. Using COVID-19 as an example, a healthy 25 year old male with no comorbidities could say “wow that virus is nothing! I had it and the symptoms only lasted a couple days. How do people even think this is a big deal??” Then let’s compare him to a 25 year old with Hodgkins Lymphoma that is on chemotherapy. This person would be an extremely high risk group for COVID-19. If this person contracted the virus it would be a fight for life and death due to immunodeficiency. This person would then be compromised and unable to receive regimented chemotherapy. Unfortunately the risk of death for this 25 year old would be much higher than the general population. I could do this exercise for a ton of different risk groups (elderly, diabetic, etc.), but I think you see the point.
  14. 1) I’m truly happy for those with survivorship bias. “It wasn’t bad for me so it can’t be bad for anyone else!” What a horrible mentality to have. I really hope those people don’t have an at risk family member that gets infected by them. By the way this is one of the dumbest arguments going around right now. It’s not about the healthy people, it’s about being considerate of those that are at high risk. 2) The majority of epidemiologists, scientists, and doctors are extremely concerned about where this virus is headed. You go ahead and start sourcing doctors that say this virus is “overblown” and I’ll source multiple more than you saying that this isn’t being taken seriously enough. 3) I can be reasoned with and I promise I’ve done more research on this than you have (I’m a pharmacist so staying informed on public health is a major part of my job). But there’s no point in arguing back and forth. We can revisit these posts in 1 week and then 1 month. If you are right about it being overblown I will happily admit it.
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