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  1. Nice. Would love to see Hokit have 2 more years of eligibility. It’s rare to see someone excel at 2 division 1 sports the way he does.
  2. I remember Duke had a point guard Greg Paulus that played 4 years of basketball then transferred to Syracuse as a graduate and played 1 year of football as a backup/starting QB. But that was a complete sport switch as a grad transfer as he had never played football before. I wonder if Hokit could transfer after completing 4 years of sports eligibility at Fresno state even though he’s already wrestled there for a couple years.
  3. Ah thanks. Wasn’t sure the exact rule there. I wonder if Hokit could grad transfer and wrestle 1 more year for another school?
  4. As far as I know athletic eligibility covers all sports. You only get 4 years no matter what sport you’re playing. I haven’t seen it with wrestling. But UNC has had some guys that switched around between baseball/football/basketball and their year followed them. I knew a guy that played baseball for 2 years and it wasn’t working out so he switched to football and started as a junior there with 2 years of eligibility remaining. I’d assume the same for wrestling without taking the time to read through NCAA by laws.
  5. Oh man if Lamont somehow pulls the upset I will be here for the posts afterwards. But on a serious note, it’s highly unlikely. I think Gross is on his own level right now.
  6. I’m honestly tired of debating you. Go back and read my posts. I said multiple times I personally don’t think freestyle step outs are akin to sumo wrestling. What I said is that’s how a newcomer can see that is similar to sumo wrestler if they watched a Molinaro match. Which is how they win is by pushing the other competitor out of bounds. I even said in a previous post that I want college to adopt a push out point. Now you on the other hand. You can’t accept others points of view. You clearly think you know everything and have it all figured out. The “gay sex” comment is so ridiculous and out of bounds I don’t even know where to start. You try to prove your points by using “big” words that you clearly don’t know the definition of and you hope they stick. And this is while having the grammar and punctuation of a 3rd grader. Congratulations on your wrestling enlightenment. I pray one day I know the sport as well as you do.
  7. We can just agree to disagree. The irony in your posts is astounding. You say I’m only seeing what I want to, yet you won’t consider my point of view as being relevant and worth your while. That is not a very learned approach to life. It could very easily be seen as meat head proclivity. Have a nice rest of your evening :)
  8. Dude Molinaro scores 6 points and all 6 were step outs. That is literally sumo wrestling. You can say he didn’t finish leg attacks and that’s fine, but giving him points for running someone out of bounds over and over is how sumo wrestlers score points..... And I don’t even think freestyle is sumo wrestling at all. But if someone new to wrestling watched that match that’s exactly what they would think. It’s hilarious you said earlier people were being stubborn because they are given facts about freestyle and refuse to accept them, but here we are with you refusing to see how molinaro wrestles a sumo style after I give you facts.
  9. I think you have a decent point. But let’s not pretend like the 65 kg finals at the bill Ferrell didn’t have a sumo wrestling feel the entire 2nd period. Molinaro could only score by running JO out of bounds. He had absolutely no chance to score on leg attacks. So yes, it did happen very recently in a “real style”. Now what the better argument would be is: most wrestlers wouldn’t participate in this type of style. It would be more confined to heavyweights pushing each other around. But that would at least create more action in the big boy weight class as certain heavys can tend to struggle to get in on leg attacks. Also coming in here calling folk style fans “meat heads” generally isn’t going to get you very far in constructive conversations about how to improve the sport.
  10. That whole going with Joe Smith in the 11th hour over chandler Rodgers never quite sat right with me. Like you said I get he won the wrestle off, but man chandler Rodgers put in his time as a poke and didn’t deserve to go out like he did. That whole deal really put a sour taste in my mouth.
  11. Just spit balling ideas but I’d take away the riding time point. As Jason mentioned before that’s the most confusing thing for non wrestling fans to understand. I had some buddies over a couple years ago during the NCAA championships and I swear I spent half the time trying to explain what a riding time point is and how if effects the outcome of the match. One of my buddies even said something along the lines of “so you get a point just for holding someone down for a minute?” I also would tinker with giving a step out point instead of a stall call for going out of bounds. Personally I’d rather see a guy like DeSanto get 1 point every time he runs a guy out of bounds instead of stalling the other wrestler out and ending the match. But on the flip side I do see how that could also turn some matches into sumo wrestling and make it boring. It’d be something you’d need to see how it affects the majority of wrestling before you make it a permanent rule.
  12. Just my opinion here but I’ve watched freestyle and folk style both for as long as I can remember. While there’s refereeing controversy in folk style, I feel like I’ve seen it much more in freestyle. It feels like the ref has more opportunities to influence the outcome of freestyle matches as there is more subjectively in scoring criteria. I think everyone on this board can agree the last thing college wrestling needs is even more referee screw ups. That’s how you run off potential new fans and struggle growing the fan base.
  13. It’s crazy that Mehki Lewis could almost make the list already. He’s a special talent. On second thought I think if you’re going by points Mekhi would already be there. I think he scored at least 22 points in the 2019 NCAA tournament.
  14. Just a joke my man. I’m a UNC fan so making fun of state for claiming bass fishing championships is one of my fortes.
  15. N.C. State won the 1983 NCAA basketball championship. So yeah, outside of wrestling they’ve won a national championship. I think they’ve also won a couple collegiate bass fishing championships if that counts for something lol.
  16. goheels1812


    This is one of the more bizarre threads I’ve read on this board and that’s saying something considering I click on most Cinnabon threads.
  17. Reading through all these predictions and all I can think is what a great time for USA wrestling. Our regional programs are finally at a point where we have multiple guys at weights (74, 86, 97) that could legitimately medal, and possibly even win gold, if they represent our country. It’s always a great sign when a country gets to a point where they’d like to have more Olympic weights because they have so much elite depth. Imagine if the Olympics added 79 kg and 92 kg weight classes. From 74-97 team USA could send out JB, Dake, Taylor, Cox, Snyder. That’s 5 guys that could realistically have a chance to win a gold medal! And that’s not even thinking about like guys such as Yianni/Retherford, Fix, and Gwiz/Gable who would also have medal aspirations. What an exciting era for us as USA wrestling fans.
  18. That’s disappointing to hear that Devin Winston is transferring, I hadn’t heard that yet. He left Coleman Scott and unc high and dry pretty late in the recruiting process to commit to Eggum. Now unc has a gaping hole at 184 and Winston could most likely be starting for the heels right now. Oh well.
  19. Please no for Coleman at least until O’Conner graduates haha. It’s nice to be excited about UNC wrestling for the first time in almost 30 years.
  20. This feels the exact same as threads at this time last year. Let’s recap last years Lee threads: gasses easily, mono, pinned by Picc, dominated by Rivera, etc etc. Then peaked in March and won his second national title. I’m nowhere close to an Iowa fan, but these threads crack me up. Make no mistake by March 19 Spencer Lee will be ready to roll and is the huge favorite to win his 3rd national championship.
  21. Was going to post my own long form prediction but I agree with pretty much all of yours. My only change would be I’ve got Dake taking over at 74. I think he’s finally caught Burroughs. But to me it’s so close. I feel like either guy could win that match just depending on the day. Everything else I think you’re spot on with though.
  22. In my opinion I don’t think Frank is anywhere near 50/50 with Zain/JO at this point in his career. I think right now Zain and Yianni are the best two 65s, with JO being a massive wildcard if his gas tank is right that could run through everyone. But like everyone said that’s a major if and we’ve never actually seen that potential recognized. I doubt Frank could beat any of those guys 50% of the time. He’s just a really tough match that creates a lot of depth at the weight for team USA.
  23. Sumo wrestler cracked me up. I love watching those two scrap.
  24. What was the deal with the end of JO and frank? I didn’t have the sound on but molinaro looked pissed about something
  25. Oliver and gorilla hulk should be a good final. Oliver got a little lazy in the 2nd period against McKenna. I would’ve liked to see him keep on his own offense but he was content to win close.
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