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  1. So now it’s his responsibility to do something good for you? I’d love for you to expand on that.
  2. Thank you. I thought I was living in banana land for a minute there.
  3. Thanks man! I hope that tomorrow your day is full of beautiful clouds moving through the sky with technical grace, stunning cars everywhere, and exhilarating highs from every interaction you have. Meanwhile, Gable will be living out his “childhood dream” (his words, not mine). I guess it will be hard to push your narrative that he’s chasing a quick buck now since he’s said this was always his goal. Maybe more ultra-descriptive writing about wrestling will help you cope.
  4. Yeah, I figured you’d ignore my question because you can’t answer it. Enjoy your fake virtue signaling about Gable’s life choices. Maybe one day people will care enough about you to post on a message board criticizing your life decisions!
  5. This one is really going to hurt some feelings. Gable himself says WWE was his lifelong dream. I’ll be the first to congratulate him on accomplishing his dream. I look forward to watching him carve his path in life.
  6. The mental gymnastics here are astounding. Which is pretty par for the course for your posts so I’m not surprised. I’m not a part of the ballet community so I won’t speak for them. But I’d tell them the same thing I’ll say here. After 5 minutes of naturally being disappointed, Who. The. Hell. Cares? It’s Gable’s life to live as he sees fit. What if he stuck with wrestling and in one year he blew out every ligament in his knee and then never came back the same? Is it going to be your satisfaction that he kept wrestling that pays the bills for the rest of his life?
  7. If another mans personal decision on how to live his life and what he wants to pursue (legally of course) affects you this much, it may be time to examine if you’re happy with your own life. Obviously it’s never fun to see a guy as good as Gable walk away from the sport. Maybe you didn’t accomplish everything you hoped for in your own wrestling career and now you live vicariously through other athletes? Your post is really bizarre and a way too emotional over analysis.
  8. Curious, which other sports do you follow? Amateur basketball players can make millions in the NBA, amateur baseball players can make millions in the MLB, amateur football players can make millions in the NFL, amateur hockey, amateur soccer…. No need to go on. What professional circuit can amateur wrestlers go on to make anywhere near the money that WWE can offer? If the dude wants to capitalize on his own brand to make money because that’s what he cares about then good for him. Sitting here virtue signaling from the standpoint of a fan is hilarious.
  9. Centers are usually pretty short compared to other linemen, but it’s one of the hardest offensive line positions to play. You have to know every assignment for the entire line, help the QB call out blitz packages, and really know the playbook just as well as the quarterback. Source: My dad played center in college and I hear about it all the time ha.
  10. That fork may be winding down to a decision. UFC made a post congratulating Gable on his gold medal and now Gable is teasing interaction with Vince McMahon. I would love to have a behind the scenes look at what’s happening in Gable’s life right now lol.
  11. On another note, holy **** JB is a specimen of a human. Watching him compete in the trials at 36 years old is going to be a treat. He will be wrestling against some younger guys that were elementary school while he was at Nebraska….
  12. As of today I’m sure he would, but let’s see what DT does in the next few years. I know Father Time eventually has his way, but I didn’t see anything at the Olympics that makes me think DT won’t own that weight for the foreseeable future. Yazdani is definitely the biggest competition, but mentally I think DT has him in backed into a corner.
  13. Every time I watch a freestyle match, it just makes me wish more and more folk style would adopt a similar step-out rule to avoid the edge of the mat stalling calls. I think freestyle has it right for the most part. Of course there are some subjective calls (like passivity), but that’s life in competitive sports with refs. The product on the mat this Olympics was excellent, as OP noted.
  14. Just throwing names out off the top of my head lol, but yes Vito would be in the mix there. I just hate that there are only 6 weights, I think we could send a really deep 10 man team.
  15. I’d be happier with them increasing weight classes back to 10 before adding new forms of combat sports. I’d really love to see what a 10 man American team could do. 57: Gilman 61: Colon/Garrett 65: Yianni/Zain/McKenna 70:Green/JO 74: JB 79: Dake 86: Taylor 92: Cox 97: Snyder 125: Gable That’s a team in serious contention for 7-8 medals and a few golds assuming all qualified.
  16. This is important to remember. Snyder has taken some freestyle loses here and there. But the guy has an Olympic gold and Olympic silver medal to his name. There’s not a long list of Americans that can claim the same thing. He may never beat Sad again because Sad is once in a lifetime level good, but Snyder has had a hell of an international career.
  17. But the internet message board guy told me Sadulaev is all hype and no substance like Conor McGregor. In all seriousness, this is a good post and well researched. Sadulaev is an absolute monster. Unfortunately, Snyder was trying to slay the modern day Goliath and the task was just too tall.
  18. JO to 70 kg is a great move. Anyone know where James Green plans to go? I’d think back to 70, but haven’t heard that confirmed.
  19. I will say this, after seeing the Olympics I really like Gilman’s style and how he has translated it internationally. He was right there with the Russian and dominated everyone else. Let’s see how he adjusts for worlds in a few weeks, but right now he’s the standard for us at 57 kg.
  20. @uncle bernard we may need to go grab an early Saturday lunch brew and just let the board be at this point. We are way beyond any logic or functional thinking.
  21. Dude, just wow. It’s okay to stop doubling and tripling down at this point.
  22. What you’re saying is assuming Sad hasn’t improved in the course of 4 years. I’m not saying Snyder is above criticism, no one is. But this board has lost its mind on this topic. Snyder went into intermission down 2-0 (shot clock and step out). He came out of intermission and got in on 2 deep shots. Sadulaev is probably the strongest pound for pound wrestler in the world and hoisted Snyder completely air-born within seconds of his shot. I know John Smith was calling for Snyder to lift Sad, but I really don’t know how it was physically possible. Sad had Snyder air-born within milliseconds of Snyder getting in deep. I really don’t think Snyder wrestled poorly. He just ran into an unbeatable meat grinder. I put Snyder’s chances at maybe 5-10% going into the match and I think he performed about as well as we could’ve hoped for. I mean he’s the only guy who scored on Sad in the Olympics so that obviously says something.
  23. Lol I stopped reading here. Steps to being mizzougrad when logging into message board. 1) have horrible take 2) whine about Cox 3) get laughed at by rest of board 4) insult other people’s intelligence because you’re self conscious about your own 5) rinse and repeat Have a good rest of your day :)
  24. Okay oh wise one. Tell me, how do you beat Sadulaev? The man who is as close to unbeatable as we’ve seen in this generation of wrestling. What’s the secret formula that no one can figure out that only you know? You think Cael can’t watch tape and see things that you can’t? It’s damn hard to do. Hence why no one has done it in 4 years and why Sad has only lost 2 senior level matches in his life.
  25. What medal is Snyder leaving with? Also, I know this is a stupid path to go down with you after your comical Cox meltdowns over and over, but can you give me a tangible results that makes you think Cox would’ve done better? “He’s faster and more explosive” is a stupid reason. I’m sure Sadulaev would just panic and fold because he’s never seen a fast, explosive wrestler before. Cox is a world gold medalist at a non-Olympic weight, which obviously didn’t go well for Dake having to move into an Olympic weight spot. Sitting here with hindsight claiming definitively that Cox would’ve done better is nonsense.
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