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  1. I have seen many of Teemers matches. He’s a fantastic wrestler. And he will he favored today to beat Headlee. But I’ve also seen every match of Headlees career and I know his tendencies very well. Today he’s celebrating his senior day as well. I think those two will have an excellent match.
  2. Looks like a good dual on paper. ASU should still win even without “he who cannot be named” going today. I’d say UNC has an upset chance at 157 as Headlee loves to beat guys he’s an underdog against and then lose against guys he should beat. Monday hasn’t gone in the last couple duals so it’ll be interesting to see if he’s back today. I think ASU is pretty solidly favored at 125, 165, 174, 197, and heavy. If UNC can steal 157 it’ll come down to bonus points and I could see it going either way.
  3. Let’s also all take a second to laugh at the Joe Smith situation (or feel bad for him depending on how you feel about the situation). I imagine the conversation between Dresser and John Smith went something like this. John: “Hey Kevin, heard you’re running a bogus tournament next weekend. Need to get Joe a few easy wins. Can you do anything for me?” Kevin: “Absolutely John! Send Joe down here and I’ll get him a couple easy matches with my backups and a couple MFFs. He will come back the Iowa State Open champ with a much better winning percentage than when he got here.” WOMP WOMP WOMP.
  4. It’s a good topic that should be discussed here. Just when we thought we had seen it all with ducking, now we have the “dresser duck” where coaches don’t participate in duals.
  5. Pretty disrespectful for the sport, the fans, and especially to Missouri to only send half a team to a dual meet. And then to make it even worse Dresser can’t be bothered for himself or Metcalf to make it because they are busy cheating the system to get some of their varsity guys wins. Embarrassing for the sport and for Iowa States program. I’m glad it’s being talked about here and I’m sure other coaches around the NCAA are taking notice as well.
  6. This whole thread feels like high school lunch table conversations lol. “I have a 1:2 like to post ratio!” ”I only give likes if I get a bunch or likes first!!” ”Who’s on the leaderboard now??”
  7. How’d that work out for chandler Rodgers...
  8. I’m going to go way out on a limb here and take a guess that you’re a Missouri fan lol.
  9. The match I would love to see in the semis or finals is Lee vs Glory. Glory is 19-0 on the year with a bonus rate right at 75%. He handled Picc back in December and it seems like he’s jumped levels. Now if he gets Spencer to the 3rd period and keeps coming strong, that’s a guy that could work a turn and bring some fireworks. But the smart money is still on Spencer. Last year I doubted Spencer after he took a few losses and I promised myself I’d never do that again. He’s the king of March until he gets dethroned.
  10. Good call. Completely slipped my mind that Askren is the club coach. Interesting to see so many guys on the same team doing it for sure.
  11. The past few matches I’ve watched Wiscy, I’ve noticed that a lot of their guys are counter wrestlers that wrestle with a high scramble dependence. Examples: Gross, Moran, Sharenbrock, Wick. Usually a team has a couple guys that do it, but not 4 straight guys in their lineup. I wonder if Bono emphasizes that Ben Askren-esque technique or if it’s a product of guys styles already being set that way when they get to college.
  12. I’d go ahead and add Michael blockhus to the list. He just handled Moran of Wisconsin.
  13. Welp, ya win some and ya lose some lol. Clarke impressed me the times I saw him this year. Diblasi is a good wrestler, but I would have expected Clarke to beat him.
  14. The real winner here will be fans of entertaining heavyweights that are athletic and can let it fly on the mat.
  15. Hoping to post at the top so that other people who aren’t familiar with his recent antics can see. But yeah, I get where you’re coming from.
  16. I mean I’m sure everyone who’s coached has said something to an athlete that they regret at least a little bit. I’m not saying Brands did or didn’t drop the F bomb on a wrestler because I wasn’t there and I don’t know. But I’m not sure how anyone can say Brands treats his athletes poorly after that Eli Stickley documentary came out. He dropped everything and treated Marinelli and his wife (Eli Stickleys sister) like his own children.
  17. Got an email that said they are “in the process of being delivered.” Not sure what that means. Received the email 6 days ago and they still aren’t here yet.
  18. Wow. I hope that coach learned a lesson too. There’s motivating a wrestler and then there’s abusing a wrestling and his coach crossed that line.
  19. I’m in on this one. Clarke is the real deal. It wouldn’t surprise me if he took out Kolodzik at the conference tourney.
  20. I’ve been wanting this for a while. If you prorate it that would give a wrestler about 8-10 “varsity” matches he can compete in while still preserving his redshirt. I think this would be a huge improvement to college wrestling that just makes a lot of sense.
  21. I feel like people are missing the point about why the board is frustrated with Jimmy. 1) He posts a lot of things that are not true in any way, shape, or form. He said Berge wasn’t breathing after his freestyle head injury, which was complete conjecture. Then he doubled down and said Berge was at the Mayo Clinic for his head injury, when it was actually for a skin issue. Reporting things as facts that aren’t true about a wrestler is not acceptable. 2) He made bets with multiple posters on the board that he initiated and specified the outlines of the bet. Then after he lost he waited a few days and comes back and acted like the bets never happened. Yeah, sure he doesn’t engage in topics that aren’t wrestling related because he’s in the wrong a lot. I don’t have problems with any of his topics, even though half the time they are extremely “trolly” just to get people going. But you can’t 1) make false reports about wrestlers as if they are facts and 2) make bets to donate to charity and then when you lose act like they never happened. So yeah, Jimmy is taking it on the chin right now but he 100% deserves it and he put himself in this situation.
  22. Fair enough. I’m still convinced Jimmy has multiple accounts on this board so who knows who he really is and who he actually roots for lol.
  23. Jimmy is a Penn State fan. He also made hundreds of dollars worth of bets with multiple posters. Since you made it clear that you know how to read you may want to put that into practice and go read the threads where Jimmy said the loser can’t post again until proof the bets have been paid is posted.
  24. We should make a site wide pact that no one will engage with or comment on JC threads until he pays up his bets. Dude wrote a bunch of checks with his mouth that his ass can’t cash. I love the lighthearted, small bets to RTCs on this board. Letting Cinnabon out of his bets is bad for the spirit of the little bets made here.
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