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  1. Sublime607

    sport betting for college wrestling

    Show of course and free drink for everyone except cornercoach he questioned my betting method lol.
  2. Sublime607

    sport betting for college wrestling

    Give me 100/1odds on those fish Nickel and Nolf from PSU please Vegas. For some reason I got a lucky hunch. And free drinks for all themat.com posters
  3. Sublime607

    YanniD vs McKenna

    I’m a Cornell homer but always try to be subjective we need more things to go our way than they do.
  4. Sublime607

    YanniD vs McKenna

    Plus Cornell has a slim chance to win the duel and needs those points at 141 and a couple of swing matches to do it.
  5. Sublime607

    YanniD vs McKenna

    It’s just not Koll style to play for seed when he’s been a big proponent for trying to help grow the sport. Unless serious injury he will give the fans what they want to see.
  6. Sublime607

    Is Desanto being in the room hurting Lee?

    I still say Lee gas tank is a weakness so having DeSanto in the room would help him to get the most out of it.
  7. Sublime607

    Whizzer-Origin of name?

    And to think all this time I thought it was named after the man behind the curtain.
  8. Sublime607


    It’s hard to say how Nolf will do in freestyle with such limited data and being stuck in between weight classes.
  9. Sublime607

    Who is going to screw up seeding this year?

    Not sure what Cornell plan is but Knoll Being in the lineup yesterday could really affect the EIWA 149 bracket. If he has enough time to get into wrestling shape it was pretty clear he gassed out last night.
  10. I can’t stand reading some of those comments on the flow posts the bandwagon PSU fans that don’t follow everyday come out in full force every time they see their guy not ranked 1# in every weight class.
  11. Sublime607

    Best at 157 in College

    I know I included JP because he won the bracket the next year so by my count that’s 5 NCAA titles between 4 guys. Plus I have a soft spot for that bracket as I have felt the rath of two of those NCAA champs.
  12. Sublime607

    Best at 157 in College

    Poor JP O’Connor never gets any love. I also think chase Pami was in that bracket. Seems pretty deep to me.
  13. Sublime607

    Princeton vs. Cornell

    Great time to be a Cornell fan knowing what’s returning the next 2 years.
  14. Sublime607

    174 seeding after DL pins Zahid

    I’m kinda pissed that I missed this match had Pryor engagements. The way Zahid preformed at the world trials led me to believe that widened the gap with Hall and now I’m scratching my head that he got pinned. Anyone who did see the match can you tell me what exactly happened?
  15. Sublime607

    Princeton vs. Cornell

    Nick Simmons wrestled a lot from one knee. always thought Nick Piccininni reminds me of him.