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  1. Bearcat open going to be interesting this year.
  2. My thought exactly. Even Manville projects at 65. Felt like the question was asked just to interject PSU into a conversation that has no relevance.
  3. Dang thought we might make it thru a thread without a PSU post.
  4. It does say active maybe because the shirt.
  5. This is a classy forum so please be formal. it's the Dog Faced Gremlin and Big Poppa Pump.
  6. Dam Cal sure is a good recruiter. Wonder what the pitch was to Snyder's fiance lol.
  7. What I took away from that article is that if Spencer's mom wants the big piece of chicken at the dinner table nobody is going to fighter for it.
  8. Most of those other studs will be gone before those recruits hit campus.
  9. I could see Northern Colorado making strides in the next few years.
  10. Watch it be Wisconsin they seem to be landing pretty well lately
  11. Get talent to commit first worry about projection later. Wisconsin got things rolling
  12. I like a push out rule it would reward the wrestler trying to get a TD on the edge when the other is is diving out trying to avoid giving it up.
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