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  1. My bad I should have read the article instead of the headline. Nice post Jersey more of these should be done kinda cool to dig into a little information at a time.
  2. Interesting had to look it up Temple cuts their program the same year they have a NCAA champ. Looks like they returned in 2014 and are still going.
  3. Rankings involve more than just the number 1 spot. I agree that gross wins 133 but there has also been talk of him moving up to 141. Again if everyone has left good luck trying to figure out the top 8 those points count in the team race.
  4. it's all fun and games until you go to Walmart and cant find the veggies you need.
  5. Nobody can really rank 133 right now it's a giant guessing game.
  6. I agree that they won't either let's face it NCAA Wrestling has not done its self any favors with trying to market the sport and make it more mainstream. This country right is all about trying to put the spotlight on those that have been oppressed in the past. Womens wrestling might be marketed better as a way to fit the current agenda. I can see rosie the riveter replacing the bandana with headgear.
  7. They dont care about college wrestling that's apparent from the lack of programs. Imagine what a USC or UCLA could do with the resources they have. the in state talent seems to be on the rise over the last 10 years or so.
  8. Jaydin Eierman should pass on the shirt and get himself a NCAA title dude deserves it and I would be rooting for him full force. Mad respect for him.
  9. We should be debating this with Gene Mills and Syracuse still heart broken over the decision to cut the program. Knoll has benefited from getting first pick from the NY talent pool. I wouldnt be surprised to see Hofstra fold soon.
  10. I'm a Dake fan but people forget that he won 3 EIWA titles.
  11. Cyclists take it to a whole other level most hardcore of the hardcore PED use there is. We are talking blood dopeing transfusions.
  12. He used to have a habit of reverting back to folkstyle hope he has that corrected.
  13. If Iowa wins the title would it be looked at differently on Brands resume than the three he won with the double recruiting class? It's hard to hold that against him because I'm pretty sure those recruits would have gone any place he went in the first place. Still interesting that he hasn't gotten it yet after that slight advantage.
  14. We already know how it ends. The same way it began. Gable Smith Cal had legend status before coaching. The next big thing that decides to go into coaching after Cal leaves will attract the top recruits.
  15. Some guys do it for the love of the sport Frank Perrelli comes to mind.
  16. It's funny because I listed it in the greatest matches thread. Tie match with under min to go. Jaggers scores 4 points to take a 5-1 lead and has to hold off Mendes on 1 foot.
  17. I think RBY makes a huge leap this year into title contention proving his ceiling for growth is far from being reached.
  18. Cornell fans now know what it's like to be a serious threat.. so much discussion for a team that everybody wants to put down. Past and present members are not excluded from topics of conversation.
  19. As a Dake fan you presented nothing but facts.
  20. You might be eating those not elite words after this season. They will have as good a lineup as anybody come the 20-21 21-22 seasons.
  21. Medical records are private information. Only way USAW could get them legally is if he handed them over.
  22. Dude have you ever been to Ithaca? Try the complete opposite.
  23. Well right now... I'm Truckin', up to Buffalo. Been thinkin', you got to mellow slowTakes time, you pick a place to go, and just keep truckin' on.
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