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  1. That not entirely true the 2 class system came his junior year. It wouldn't have mattered nobody in NY could last a period with him at that point.
  2. Everyone understands that Koll left for the good of saving a program being cut... Something else.
  3. What is Robinson doing these days? I hope he hasn't been blackballed from the entire wrestling community.
  4. Almost went to Slippery Rock or Millersville myself.
  5. Bo 75% copper 24% Nickel 1% Nickal.
  6. I think it was a combination of both. If I remember correctly I think Gardner was outside shot to even medal and Karlin was destroying everyone in his path still. I watched the match but was 12 years old so the details are fussy and didn't know Greco wrestlers like I did freestyle. Internet was not yet a big part of my life and many others. So basically I had no idea who Gardner was at the time but knew Karlin.
  7. Of course he wants to go back to high school it reminds him of the last time Taylor could actually beat him.
  8. If the 2022 title doesn’t go to Iowa or PSU, who wins it? The real fans.
  9. Can we count homeless wrestling as a third sport.
  10. The Missing weight thing is long over with... Fans now just want to see Cox's vs Snyder let's somehow get it done and settle it.. Im personally taking Cox's over Snyder.
  11. I only listed Yianni above him because at the time it was rumored that Vito was Cutting to 132 so they stayed away from each other. I'm sure it wasn't much of a cut if he was and again this was just the rumor back then.
  12. Article on ESPN said he's going to wrestle this year for Minnesota.
  13. Let's see if PSU plans to put the commonwealth to the test when it comes to this topic :)
  14. It's pretty relevant when your try to make 125 for the last year he finished high school at 132.. if you also remember he originally tried to win the 133 spot at cornell and lost it toTucker. It took him sometime to get his weight down to 125 and get that spot.
  15. 2016 NY state tournament should answer the question of how much he cuts. 132-vito 138- Yianni 132 Vito Arujau (Syosset/Section VIII) > Frederick Eckles (LS/Section VI) major decision 19-6 138 Yianni Diakomihalis (Hilton/Section V) > Matthew Grippi
  16. It's real just a little watered down but we see this after every Olympics.
  17. Nobody likes the loss of talent but it's his life and his decision. Would he get just as much flake if he decided to hang up his shoes to work full time as a business owner? I'm sorry but I'm never going to knock anyone that makes any kind of career decision for themselves. USA should be confident in our system that we simply say next man up.
  18. WWE had a wellness policy they have suspended their world champion and countless others even some development trainers before so they seem to take it seriously. Don't understand why most of you guys always feel so personally threatened WWE is a completely different product that few amiture wrestlers make the move to.
  19. I would think the brutal weight cut Vito endures and trying to fight off a virus wouldn't go hand and hand.
  20. These fights are rigged and nobody is going to convince me the fighters that agree to fight Paul go into it with a certain agreement before hand. Everyone benefit even the clueless paying spectators.
  21. I think we see Vito going 133 honestly don't know how he's been able to make the cut to 125 for so long. It's got be brutal at this point.
  22. His name would automatically draw in top recruits. talent is still the name of the game.
  23. So since you seem to know more than the rest of us. I have always wondered who gets the big piece of chicken at the dinner table being that both parents are accomplished judo competitor's themselves. First point wins? 2 out of 3?
  24. Iowa fans crucified me for thinking he should take time to get healthy and focus on international. It would a shame 20 years down the road to wonder how he would have done on the world stage If he gets hurt again going after a 4th title. I'm personally a bigger fan of my country and fielding the best team than to the allegiance of my college team. But then again he might know that he's already done after this season.
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