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  1. 3 hours ago, ShakaAloha said:

    Thanks for putting this list together, @jerseywrestling.

    But there is no way Travis Lee, a two time champ and 4x AA, should be below Nickerson and Garrett, who are both 1x champs.  Lee in his prime would crush either of those two guys.  IMO, the Mount Rushmore of Cornell wrestling is Gabe, Kyle, Yianni (who has two more years left), and Travis.  

    That's not really a fair statement when saying Lee would crush Nickerson shoulder injury derailed his career so you never got to see a prime. freshman version was about as close as you got. But yes Lee should be ahead based on his results.

  2. 2 hours ago, Wrestlingfan25 said:

    Winning 4 titles in 4 different weights is more impressive than 4 Titles in one weight regardless of how many losses dake had

    I see your point also but if your using titles 4 conference titles to 3 breaks that criteria. I chalk the Vison loss up to Familarity and clash of styles.

  3. 4 hours ago, lu_alum said:

    Pretty simple... The Banachs are from Port Jervis NY. Using that as a starting point revealed:


    1983: Both Banachs and Clar Anderson


    The link is dated, but here’s my source:





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    Ok knew about the banach but wasn't sure if another NY wrestler had won when they did.

  4. On 4/6/2020 at 1:55 PM, NJDan said:

    Is he even better that brother Yianni?


    I would say no but that's only based off Yianni college record and a couple of big national tournament losses Greg has had. It's hard for anyone to compete with when comparing to big brother. Greg will do just fine in college and if he hits another gear in Ithaca he could be the next big thing.

  5. 12 minutes ago, Perry said:

    I thought busiello was back to penn state. Ut I honestly can't keep up


    15 minutes ago, insidecradle said:

    Read that Willie Mcdougald, #17 at 145 committed to Oklahoma. Gonna wrestle for native WNYer Lou Roselli. Congrats. 

    What’s up with Adam Busiello? Did he finally make a choice on where to go? Guys got loads of talent.

    More than 1 Mcdougald maybe Roselli has plans to bring them all in. 

  6. 1 hour ago, red blades said:

    We are in Bloomfield, in Essex Co. - about 15 miles out from the Lincoln Tunnel.  Numbers here are lagging behind areas directly north and east, but going up at a similar rate.  People around us seem to be taking this quite seriously, although I don't know about any place outside of the immediate neighborhood, because we are pretty much staying put.  Planning to order out tonight though; when the kids wake up (they seem to be on a nocturnal schedule now) we'll take a vote...

    I'm working critical Infrastructure upstate stuben chemung Tompkins county. I'm really not allowed to comment but **** going to get real soon.

  7. Finals match I was leading 4-0 going into the 3rd period opponent had chosen bottom and I could ride with the best of the best. I was sucking a lot of weight and blacked out when I came to the score board showed 5-4 with 10 seconds left. To this day I still dont remember what happened. But got my revenge a week later in the semifinals of a major tournament.. tech fall 2nd period. Point is it doesn't pay to coast on a lead.

  8. Ok so to touch on a few responses...

    I work alone and wont shut down.

    I have been with a lot of girls in my hometown so I probably have sh+$ that dont even have names for yet in the medical journals. Coronavirus should be scared of me.

    And old NCAA finals actually sound like awesome idea.

    I actually thought about the everclear moonshine idea its 190 prof in NY way higher than PA.. I know this for sure because im 15 mins from the boarder.

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