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  1. So since you seem to know more than the rest of us. I have always wondered who gets the big piece of chicken at the dinner table being that both parents are accomplished judo competitor's themselves. First point wins? 2 out of 3?
  2. Iowa fans crucified me for thinking he should take time to get healthy and focus on international. It would a shame 20 years down the road to wonder how he would have done on the world stage If he gets hurt again going after a 4th title. I'm personally a bigger fan of my country and fielding the best team than to the allegiance of my college team. But then again he might know that he's already done after this season.
  3. I hope he wins it. Would really throw a wrench in Curts only Olympic gold medalist gimmick :)
  4. Just like the great Jordan Burroughs once said "all I see is gold". Seeding doesn't mean much if that's the ultimate goal.
  5. Biles is at least competitive in world competition's.
  6. The tea leaves beg that Teasdale don't smoke them.
  7. Ya doesn't the big 10 require all programs to carry wrestling?
  8. The transfer portal will make it even more tuff for some of these teams to produce a national champion. If a wrestler from a non powerhouse AA's best believe the blue bloods will pry them away.
  9. Honestly very well done post. I learned something new.
  10. Stanford has the strictest acceptance of any college if I remember right. I doubt they suddenly open the flood gates this late in the process.
  11. Gray has a direct pipeline to Blair expect him to lean heavily on that connection to keep Cornell a top 25 team.
  12. I'm sure PSU is still finding ways to get another year out of Cassar :)
  13. Billy George cornell not the greatest wrestler but he sure knew how to get heat. Could throw in a few guys with off mat issues but I'm just going to keep it strictly about mat and match conduct.
  14. Still has to be the best wrestler I have ever seen. The guys was a tank and was on top for so long.
  15. If Dake or Taylor win gold I don't see them sitting out those two eat sleep and breath wrestling and seeing how long it took them to get on top they will want to enjoy it as long as they can.
  16. True but it puts doubt on silver and bronze.
  17. I know we almost lost wrestling as a Olympic sport a few years back but why can't worlds have the best wrestlers in the tournament regardless of country. The event and venue is solely dedicated to the sport of wrestling for that tournament. I don't care if the Russians sweep the medals in a weight I want to see who the best in the world is and we don't get that when the number 2 and 3 guys are sometimes sitting home.
  18. I know lol that's why I said England of all places I didn't even know they had wrestling fans until that point. Not really sure what his agenda was.
  19. I just remember getting into it with a fan from England of all places during the 2018 world's because he was accusing Dake and Taylor of doping bases off their relentless pace and not even looking winded I mostly attributed it to our folksyle program and that you won't find two harder workers than those two. All of our Olympic team members make me proud because of the dedication it's taken them to even get to that point and hate when others try to discredit them or any other world wrestler with doping accusations. That should only be done if someone has a history of getting caught.
  20. Bruce also carried the American flag for opening ceremonies in the 1996 Olympics. Ultra rare honor that not many people walking this earth can say. Just looked it up he was the first and so far only American wrestler to ever have the honor of flag barrier.
  21. It's no secret that we seem to have better gas tanks than the rest of the world when it comes to freestyle. Is this attributed to folkstyle or do we focus more on conditioning than everyone else. I have seen fans from other countries make doping accusations before because we just don't seem to gas like their guys do.
  22. I have met him twice he was polite to me but I think that's because It was out of a wrestling setting and because I addressed him as coach he knew I knew who he was. I didn't want to bother him with questions about the program. I saved that for when I ran into the wrestlers.
  23. I remember Michael porter Jr withdrew from his original committed school to Missouri as soon as his dad was hired as a assistant coach. If that didn't raise red flags them I'm sure anything the Dean's do won't
  24. I know I can't put my finger on that 1. Think he's trying to go with Spencer Lee but what's he have 5 losses.
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