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  1. I had to bring this topic back up for you old school posters. LI Marty still doing his thing. Just as entertaining as ever. http://matburn.com/forums/viewtopic.php?t=20088&sid=cf4bbca6ca352469df943b7f760f841b
  2. Was watching the Cornell Lehigh match and Yanni came up limping and grabbed his knee after giving up a TD. He was steam rolling up until this point and couldn’t seem to finish shots after. No word yet if this is serious or not.
  3. I think Suriano wins this. Desanto has had problems against defensive wrestlers in the past like Tucker. 5-1 Suriano 2 take downs off counter shots.
  4. NFL playoffs are second rate viewing when compared to this match. I expect a low scoring defensive battle First takedown wins the match 3-1 Fix.
  5. If Stoll sits and Steveson wins out. I could see the Big 10 making a statement and awarding Gable the #1 seed.
  6. Great post it would be interesting to see if Cadet results follow the same success.
  7. My favorite team is my local team , UB( Buffalo). Close drive so I make as many home duals as possible. Some of the big boys have come to town over recent years( Iowa, Missouri, Cornell). I wish they would get some more high level recruits, but it is what it is.Support your local team! 2nd favorite, Cornell. Love to cheer them on. Favorite non fave_— Penn st , of course Along the same lines I secretly root for Northern Colorado because of Troy Nickerson. But am a Cornell fan till the end.
  8. Rumor going around that he didn’t make weight but just rumor at this point.
  9. A friend of mine just had similar situation here in NY. The ref made his son cut his hair before a high school duel. I had a teammate that had to shave his face before a duel. I’m glad I never had that problem still can’t grow facial hair.
  10. I have been watching Vito for a long time. He looked good, but that cut is really hard. He has not made that weigh, to any degree, since 2014.  This is where he was in 2015. Nice group here at the NY States. 120 Yianni Diakomihalis (Hilton) > Peter Pappas (POBJFK) fall 5:53 126 Nick Piccininni (WM) > Benjamin Lamantia (SA) decision 3-1 132 Vito Arujau (Syosset) > Jesse Dellavecchia (EI) decision 11-6 Not a good example at the time Vito was really a 120 pounder and couldn’t beat Yianni or Nick so they all separated and got their state titles.
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