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  1. I know this may be a little off topic but the NCAA needs to change their greedy ways quickly. If you pay attention to what the NBA is doing with the D league they should be very worried that the NFL and other sports leagues will do the same and turn college sports into a second rate feeder for pro sports.
  2. That was actually very kind of you. When I read his post I thought for sure he was going to get blasted with facts.
  3. Yianni is hyped more than the others because he's actually beat ranked international opponents. Zain style doesnt translate outside the US and bombs tournament after tournament. JO is getting up in age and you never know what JO is going to show up. McKenna in the past I have said that he's always the bridesmaid and never the bride actually feel sorry for the dude how many times can he come so close and fall short. Nick Lee has shown that he's continued to improve but need see what he can do internationally. PSU fans need hop off the train and get behind Lee.
  4. My only question is that Yianni is still in college I imagine those perks would cause eligibility issue?
  5. Ya dude wonder if the terminator can make weight lol. Oh well not the first or last mistake I'll make.
  6. Honestly dude you just made me feel really old.
  7. Ya kind of weird that people forget how good Cox has been. I wouldn't argue with someone if they say Gable wins but just not seeing Cox getting TF.
  8. I'll bite and say I hope anybody has a better international career than Retherford he doesn't get it done once he leaves the country and I don't see that changing. In the next 4 years somebody needs to make major improvements and separate themselves from the domestic pack we just saw. If that happens to be Lee then so be it. All I want is a medal contending rep.
  9. Ya the 1996 team will always be special to me. I got to meet them at Edinboro University just after the Olympics and still have autograph pictures from everyone except Brands I don't remember if he was there or if I just didn't get his.
  10. I think people forget how good the 1996 team was.
  11. When Sadulaev speaks he does it softly but carries a big stick.
  12. You weren't getting Lee even if it was held the day before the Olympics and my not get him in the next Olympics if he get hurt again. What's sad is that he's probably a gold metal threat just can't help but predict 20 years from now us debating what Spencer would have done post Iowa if he wasn't injured.
  13. The way people look down on AG school is absolutely atrocious... your food doesn't come from a store you know this right? They are the people that are going to be feeding you and its a 24 hour job.
  14. Unfortunately our country does not take care of Olympic gold medalists as well as some other countries do.
  15. California wrestling seems to be getting stronger and stronger at the high school level with weak programs at the D1 level to entice them to stay home. I could see Oregon State benefiting from this also.
  16. I subscribe to the theory that the loss of a program benefits another program. ASU seems the most logical based on location and proformance. But I see your point academically.
  17. I watched that video like 10 times before I could figure out what was going on. Just not the technique I was looking for.
  18. Well 1 less west coast team to recruit against. ASU might have monopoly before to long. I kept trying to figure out who the loss of Stanford benefits the most and kept landing on ASU.
  19. Come on I'm not putting any stock into a rumor. I'm just simply replying to another poster. The NCAA tournament wasn't even finished yet when this was posted so it's the last things that's on O'tool Missouri and Iowa mind at the moment.
  20. Dude are you drunk we are talking about O'Tool hypothetically leaving and the other is obviously Eierman
  21. I think your thinking to far outside the box. It looks bad that Missouri lost 2 big name wrestlers in back to back seasons. It makes Iowa look they are poaching talent when a need suddenly arises. Got to hand Brands he's adapted to the transfer portal so far better than any coach out there. I think this being the reason why Iowa not done winning titles. Don't really care for it but he's not breaking any rules so far.
  22. Standard is turning down any private funding to keep the program going this is the real issue. Nothing can save it at this point because they don't want it saved.
  23. Biggest upset so far has to be Cornell, Princeton, Brown, Columbia, Penn and Harvard ... not a single team point scored.
  24. Anyone have active wrestler streaks?
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