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  1. Hasn't looked the same since his grandfather passed
  2. Using the chin is not legal if the ref catches it warnings will be issued. Truth is I have used the chin behind the shoulders blade when someone is stalling on bottom. Nothing makes a wrestler want to try to get out than hitting a pressure point.
  3. Your certainly not humble about your allegiance to Lee but he needs to show us more than just that 1tournament against domestic competition.
  4. Yep and I think Cox has improved more and more where Snyder has seemed to level off. It's a fair argument either way untill a match actually takes place.
  5. Fair enough but Cap seems to let himself get pinned ever so often and its concerning.
  6. I think Cox beats Snyder and I would have said this even before this tournament.
  7. I wonder if Iran is rethinking the decision to retaliate with missiles they should have just sent in their wrestling team always seems to get the job done.
  8. On a side note chamizo plans to give the fans and Dake the middle finger. Says if you want me come get me at the Olympics.
  9. Never said that FLWC is a disadvantage actually its the opposite. But I disagree with the academic statement that also applies to Lehigh your not accepting basket weavers either. Not saying all transfers cant get in but it's a extra hurtle to jump. Ps. I'm 1 of the few Cornell fans that has a soft spot for Lehigh had a few known acquaintances wrestle for them.
  10. I got a jimmy cinnabon question. If you combine both amiture and professional who is the all time top 5. I'll give it a shot. 1 Danny Hodge. 2. Kurt Angle 3. Vern Gagne 4. Brock Lesner 5 Jack Briscoe
  11. I'm not complaining about anything my thought process is that most transfers from other schools aren't transferring to a IVY school. so when a hole in a lineup opens up because of injury the PSU and Iowa of the world can fill them with the portal much easier because of grade standards. Cornell needs to stat healthy the next 2 years because the others can plug and play much easier is what I was really getting at.
  12. A lot of people want to complain about FLWC . I dont want to be like those people but does anyone else agree that the tranfer portal seriously puts IVY schools at a disadvantage.
  13. I'll still take that bet. But he must show up to the NCAA tournament and start a single match. Seen way to many cases of guys qualifying when they get hurt in the conference semifinals or finals and becoming a last minute scratch forfeit the first round.
  14. Let us have a moment of light in a otherwise dark season :) but I agree with everything you said.
  15. I'll take that bet he places higher than 5th with his eyes closed. TBarring injury
  16. I also disagree. him going for a title also helps his qualifying chances for freestyle it's really a no brainer on his part to jump in the Iowa lineup now or risk missing out on both
  17. No dog in the fight but I think he should go after a title now its his best shot.
  18. I have been waiting for someone to step up and breakout this season maybe Loew becomes that guy. EIWA tournament guys are really going to have to fight to qualify
  19. I have said for awhile now that I think Busiello peaked a few years ago. He hit a late growth spurt and hasn't adjusted well to the bigger weight classes. I would also like to add that Cael passed on him in the first place as he was throwing himself at PSU but who knows maybe we both got it wrong the first time but I doubt it.
  20. I was going to say Marshall Peppelman also.
  21. Your forgetting Fernandez who I think has AA potential coming out of the gate
  22. I think the brands bothers should have a first TD match with each other to see who is in who's corner
  23. He peaked it was noticable his senior year that the feild was catching up. I also spot this with Adam Busiello but maybe I'll be wrong.
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