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  1. I'm skipping way to cold in Minnesota to make that trip. But on a side note planning to do the EIWA championships and a side trip to Atlantic City after.
  2. My bad Gerald Brisco but hey we all make mistakes.
  3. I heard a rumor years ago that Jerry Brisco was intrested in Dake.
  4. "I'm going to reinvest my money in the community SYKE." Dave Chappelle.
  5. Paul Donahoe would have made it a interesting discussion if not for scandal and forced transfer.
  6. Impossible the wild west was from 1865-1895 world war 2 was 1939-1945 he also died in the shootist in 1901 never even seeing the first world war :)
  7. We all know that's done with nothing but NCAA greed in mind.
  8. How about must see matches.. for me I would like to see or rewatch. Lee vs Glory Desanto vs Tucker Lee vs Red Lewallen vs Sasso Carr vs Monday Hall vs A Valencia Hidlay vs z Valencia Moore vs Brucki Stevenson vs Cessar
  9. Probably because most of the current starters will be backups next year. There is nothing wrong with that just being realistic.
  10. This is wrestling how about we not act like the current state of the world and get offended over every little thing. It's in our DNA to be tuffer than that.
  11. You know what I mean. How about we find middle ground and agree A team now B team later.
  12. The backups are getting valuable experience. People seem to forget that depth is crucial in a high injury sport.
  13. I'm subject to federal background checks and even with a pending misdemeanor would not be allowed to work untill proven innocent. Had a coworker miss a year of work with a DUI charge that was eventually dropped.
  14. Sublime607


    Did he make that statement while coaching at Bama
  15. I cant seem to find live brackets track didnt have them yesterday and I travel to much for work right now to renew my flo subscription
  16. Auto correct and crown apple gets everyone sometimes.
  17. You can throw a rock from Ithaca to Lansing. Knoll trusted his kids coached by the Dake family and Visa Versa.
  18. Ah Tucker so many times I have predicted great things for him and so many times I have been left with a bad taste in my mouth. He can beat any 133 on a goodnight and lose to any on a bad. I'll stay away from predicting anything involving him this year.
  19. Bold strategy Cotton let's see if it pays off.
  20. This was before my time but does anyone have specifics of Pendriths fall at 6mins and somthing seconds in the NCAA Finals. I cant remember the year 87 or 88 I think. Have always wondered what happend?
  21. Poor 118 definitely gets erased from the record books all together.
  22. Without knowing the specifics of his condition and as a parent with a child on the spectrum. sensory can have a effect positive and negative depending on the situation.
  23. Only question I have about Desanto is if he feeds the same way off a negative crowd as he does a positive.
  24. I also look at Greg as a career 125 but as we saw with Tucker and Vito it doesn't matter when a spot is won.
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