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  1. Looks like it was a good year to save eligibility....
  2. Looks like those guys who took Olympic shirts made out ok.
  3. This thing will die out soon. its over dramatised by the Media. How those 401K plans working out for all you guys. My Roth IRA is still holding strong.
  4. It's funny that iso centrism was the down fall of their great empire centuries ago. Now they only practice that with outside media censorship.
  5. It was more of a jab at how they caved into China after Houston owner spoke out about human rights
  6. Of course the NBA will suspend they have their hands all over that Chinese money.
  7. Interesting info thanks for sharing... worries me that Darm might have a match on his hands since his opponent should be familiar with his style
  8. I remember Dake Taylor bets not being paid up a few years ago. But also that a poster did honor his side with a sig change for a while can't remember who it was.
  9. Of course the bets weren't going to be honored but we have seen that in the past with others. And I agree all should have known when they made them. I also think that if he somehow did honor them certain posters would still be going after him every post. It's simple just ignore him if you don't like his posts.
  10. Agree just doesn't have the same feel this year as far as Cornell goes. That's kind of why I hope Army wins the title it would be a great story.
  11. You never know who is on the other end of the computer. Could be a 11 year old kid that's getting crucified by grown adult for all we know.
  12. I get the not paying a bet or debt thing people should always honor their word. I have no problem what so ever with Cinnabon posting topics. He's not spewing hatred or vulgarity and freedom of speech is something we all should be grateful for. Just choose not to participate.
  13. Has a Catholic church type feel to it doesn't it. But I always question why the accusers always seem to wait until statue of limitation has expired.
  14. Even as a Cornell fan Im secretly rooting for Army to win it
  15. I have been reading this forum since 2003 and a year ago decided to join in on the fun.
  16. Mueller always has me crossed up. last season he had about as worse strength of schedule as anyone in his weight and this year he is no where to be found.
  17. Jessie Jantzen won his first at 119 that was the lowest and most impressive because NY was still a single champion state then. I don't need to comment on the rest because I know the answer is mostly 96 pounds for the first title.
  18. Consider who he had a weight above him.. if state titles is the current goal 113 is where he needed to be.
  19. Ok got it backwards thanks.
  20. I might be miss remembering but wasn't that loss during All star match that wouldn't have counted?
  21. It's crazy the amount of matches these kids get now a days. 100 wins for a career used to mean somthing. Duel tournaments have really made some sacred records get obliterated.
  22. Most have gone the international route.. you will see his branches grow with time.
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