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  1. Disagree... he would have had a hard time recruiting against Iowa at ISU. His name brand geography and coaching skills have brought the success at PSU that wouldn't have been matched going head to head with Iowa for recruits. maybe a title or 2.
  2. I agree it's not a knock on him and if it's his only flaw its minor. I first saw glimpses of this before they pulled his shirt and it seemed to get worse last year. I think somthing was wrong him last year that attributed to the lack energy late in matches. Let's face it we have all gassed in a match and have made mistakes because of it. Even with a lead and coasting it really can become a dangerous situation. I personally blackout out with a 4 point lead in the 3rd was on top next thing I know I'm on my back got out looked at the score board and I'm down 5-4 with 20 seconds left and couldnt get out to take L. Next week tech fall the same wrestler in the 2nd period didnt want to make the same mistake weight cut attributed to my situation. Sorry to rant but I know personally that at 6% body fat even a few pounds can be a tuff cut at 125 and effects your body chemistry.
  3. Haven't really been keeping up with PSU recruiting but what is the future plan to fill 125 at this point?
  4. I took so much crap the last 2 years when questioning Spencer's gas tank. Why is it suddenly acceptable now?
  5. So your saying 0% chance.... am I missing somthing? I understand hes not his brother but Knoll knows this 2 year window might be his last chance he's going to do what give him the best opportunity to win the title.
  6. Greg D has a chance to crack the lineup next year but that will all have to play out in the room. Vito might have a better shot at 133 making the lineup stronger.
  7. That we can agree on and I apologize for the snarky response but the mentality PA fans seem to have on these boards is... If it isnt PA it isnt wrestling and its run its course.
  8. You statement is valid but your user name prevents you from seeing anything other than the Color Blue subjectively.
  9. Not really sure where the entire backup team stands but Arizona St might just have the second best HWT in the nation redshirting.
  10. When I look at the results I still cant get over 2 kids from the same school wrestling in the finals of the state qualifier so much has changed since my high school days.
  11. And Arthur never got the opportunity because he was playing football at Syracuse. Have seen both of them wrestle your not going to convince me who would have been a better D1 talent because it was hands down Aurther. Wrestling was just a hobby for him couldn't imagine what he would have done with proper coaching.
  12. Sorry dude posted my post without even seeing yours but looks like we both agree a long the same lines.
  13. Watched his brother Arthur as a 10th grader come out of no where and Pin his way to a 2003 NY state title. It's my opinion that Arthur was the best wrestler in the family.
  14. You do remember the last time Desanto and Tucker wrestled each other? Yes that was a while ago but to say more than slight disregards a previous result. And it's my opinion that Tucker is a match up nightmare for Desanto compared to the rest of the feild.
  15. It's been really hard to get a feel where Tucker stands when his best win so far this season was against Sammy Alvarez. But I'll predict a 1 or 2 point win against anybody and a 1 or 2 point loss against anybody :)
  16. Handed it to you on a platter and you go and waist it with a simple turd. Very disappointed your better than that man.
  17. Glad to see this off season thread is still going but the guy who created it is still a d$%&
  18. Some of you guys let personal emotions get in the way. Rather see a default out than risk further injury. I want to see everyone healthy for Nationals because I'm a fan of the sport first and team affiliation second. In the end Nationals is the only thing that matters anymore. So who cares if he defaulted out RBY still got the win and his team got the max points.
  19. No sense it's a plug and play type of year.
  20. I predicted over the summer that RBY would be one of the most improved wrestlers this year because of his athleticism and still feel like hes not even close to what we are going to see from him in the next few years. 3rd at nationals is what I thought and feel even more confident he gets that done.
  21. Who cares Penn State has shown little interest in trying to have the title of duel champions in the past. why should Iowa risk injurys when it really doesn't matter until March.
  22. Of course Picco is not intrested in Tokyo the risk of him hitting his head on those low hanging doorways and getting Knocked out could jeopardize that MMA money.
  23. I think Cassar should give that deer antler spray a try. It worked for Ray Lewis only problem is he might want to avoid being within a hundred yards of Sam Stroll.
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