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  1. Everything in your life has eventually become a revelation that you should switch from single ply to double ply. Unfortunately you're not yet quite there with your ranking knowledge
  2. All truths are found at the bottom of my toilet bowl
  3. Hahn is not going to Stanford.
  4. True but it's not like it's non existent. To build the wrestling community it needs to do a better job at Networking and outreach. Something I've heard Koll is very good at. Down the road is AKA and Daniel Cormier is coaching at Gilroy. There are big names in that area. Don't know where he was academically in high school but Chase Saldate grew up in that region along with many other studs.
  5. Very true. From what I've heard (A Cornell insider can correct me on this) is that Koll at the helm took on more of CEO role, focused on recruiting, fundraising etc, and put a lot of trust into his assistants when it came to practices/coaching. Brining on someone like Nolf would be a huge step forward.
  6. Did not. Just that Koll will be signed shortly. I'm curious how Mineo gets his "insider info". The Koll rumor was posted on this forum by me prior to Mineo tweeting about it. So it was out there in the wrestling community. But the Nolf departure to Stanford rumor was out of left field
  7. Willie confirmed it on Twitter. I trust him
  8. It would be unfair. Just my perception but Yianni seems like the kind of young man who wants that Ivy League degree. I'm guessing he stays
  9. Yianni in Blue and White with Dake in his corner wearing his NLWC shirt
  10. Only one student that I'm aware of
  11. Mineo tweeted Dake to NLWC sooner rather than later.
  12. @Husker_Du what's your guess on how positive Koll to Stanford will be for California wrestling in general? Could it parallel Cael's move to Pennsylvania?
  13. Newest rumor out there is Rob Koll interviewed for the Stanford job
  14. Oh yeah. I know when something smells awful
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