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  1. Isn't this the same assessment we've heard every time in the past when Taylor has wrestled Dake or that match against Cox?
  2. After many years Taylor finally gets over the Fantasy Hump
  3. Thanks Flo! For the Tula skincare commercial. Just what I needed
  4. as a lifelong PSU fan why do I think Taylor is going to lose
  5. I personally think Brooks is the next great at PSU (Taylor, Ruth, Nolf, Nickal level) and will be far ahead of the pack by year's end.
  6. All wrestlers in the US are minorities Share of participants in children's aged 6 to 12 wrestling in the U.S. 2018 = 0.7%
  7. Good call on Cael - Bill Walsh. I was also thinking Cael - Chuck Noll. Tom Ryan - Joe Gibbs? He reminds me more of Pete Carroll.
  8. If they were a Pro Head Coach past or present who would they be? Cael - Bill Belichick Dan Gable - Vince Lombardi Tom Ryan - Tommy Lasorda
  9. My #1 will always be Tom Ryan's 2018 "Positive Infinity" campaign
  10. I know @MSU158 just posting for ****s and giggles
  11. Only thing I didn't like in episode 3 was watching Metcalf shoot his bow. His technique and form was not good. It really bothered me
  12. If you're not joking lets make a bet. You're statement is ridiculous. Jenkins chance at winning this match is as close to zero as you can get.
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