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  1. I remember PSU fans saying that after Dake decked Taylor at the 2012 Trials
  2. Question for Jaroslav: It's the NCAA Finals Match. The #1 ranked wrestler is losing and Injury Defaults out of the match. By your logic the #1 wrestler retains his spot in your final rankings for the year and the National Champion gets ranked #2?
  3. your burn is as weak as your fruitless attempts to defend your position on this matter
  4. You keep running around in circles with your explanation. It's simple. The wrestler with the lead at the time of injury default is the winner. Its a concept everyone can accept. I like Flo, am a subscriber and have nothing against you but on this matter I dont think you realize that you and Flo's defense of this ranking criteria makes you guys appear uneducated
  5. Brands exact quote, “I think if we could have gotten him calmed down a little bit, we could have gotten back in that match."
  6. I just watched the end of the match on youtube. After the second cradle stoppage when he gets off the mat he walks off without a limp all the way through the tunnel
  7. Until proven otherwise. Aaron Brooks is slated as the next great PSU legend
  8. HaHa! Jeff Byers is the best. On other TV broadcasts I'll mute out the big ten or espn commentators and sync Byers over the radio feed. Also, Illinois might squeak this out
  9. Is Shak your boyfriend or do you just know nothing about wrestling?
  10. Jake Rosholt should thank Sean Stender for knocking off Jon Trenge in the semis
  11. He's definitely on the bubble. Too early to tell.
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