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  1. Alex Honnold is the best free soloist in the world but can't do the hardest routes. Best American rock climber in recent era was Chris Sharma. He does not have large hands. Theyre average and the harder the climbs get the smaller the holds get so large hands can actually be a drawback. Sharma was built like a gymnast. Anyways, hands down Mark Schultz is the p4p strongest wrestler ever. Anyone with a gymnastics background is already in contention.
  2. Rumor is Lee implemented a mental mind frame for the regular season he learned from Jimmy Gullibon as a youth at Young Guns. Be disinterested and stay rested until Nationals. Unfortunately Gullibon took his own approach too far.
  3. With next year being an Olympic year maybe Cornell sneaks their way to the top of the podium? Unlikely but small chance.
  4. Thought about that myself a few times. My theory is it has a lot to do with wrestling being an individual sport so great wrestlers can spot others with similar mental characteristics. Think of it this way. Five Michael Jordan's probably wouldn't make for a great basketball team.
  5. That title belongs to Abdulrashid Bulachevich Sadulaev. It's only in bold because i couldn't spell it and had to copy & paste from his wiki page.
  6. Agree with Kolat. In that part of the region he's as mythical as Cael Sanderson. Name recognition alone he'd pull in great recruits plus he's demonstrated great coaching skills. It would be fun to watch.
  7. Hey Coach - Whats up with the avatar? Where's Yianni?
  8. If I were Maryland I'd try to lure in Cary Kolat.
  9. Dake went up because he had no chance of beating Burroughs and had a decent shot of beating Cox who's far larger. If theyre the same size Dake wins. As for his senior year Cox barely survived a match against freshman Kollin Moore. We'll agree to disagree but Nolf is a better folk style wrestler hands down.
  10. This topic is about the Hodge. Nolf was more dominate in his 4 years vs Cox at the collegiate level. Also, I dont know why you use Dake as a reference? Cox was twice his size.
  11. I like if you lose a challenge you receive a stall call warning
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