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  1. Don't know but 8 place winners ain't too shabby
  2. Lee Fix Yianni Ashnault Nolf Cenzo Valencia Dean Nickal Cassar
  3. portajohn

    Yianni gets it done again

    How long do you want to rock a Yianni Avatar? Till opening dual for tOSU 2019-2020?
  4. portajohn

    Yianni gets it done again

  5. portajohn

    Yianni gets it done again

    We betting or what?
  6. The circle jerk is post championship round silly
  7. I forgot but Brooks did wrestle at Midlands with I think the flu. He followed that up by winning the Dave Schultz classic. I think without giving up a point. I'm hearing he's been mostly at the OTC and is starting to score points on Burroughs and Dake. Impressive for an 18 year old
  8. Dumb. I forgot. But his dad confirmed he was battling sickness, maybe the flu?
  9. Even if Shak comes back healthy Aaron Brooks will beat him. He's more athletic and just a better wrestler.
  10. Not me. Hearing Aaron Brooks is the real deal. Goodbye Shak. Thanks
  11. portajohn

    PSU is going to go 2/5 in the finals

    Willieboy already did an over/under thread on this topic Jimmy
  12. portajohn

    Cassar = Staller

    I heard robert mueller is looking into it
  13. portajohn

    Last match at NCAAs?