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  1. Masvidal is at American Top Team. I think they have Steve Mocco, Muhammed Lawal, Yoel Romero, & i remember Tyron Woodley was there (don't know if he still trains there). Masvidal is in good company. Pic: Cassar, Masvidal, Nickal
  2. Nolf pinned Imar then IMar won the next two. B10 Finals then NCAA finals
  3. Summer is an annual wrestling loll for me. Eventually the gray skies and a chill in the air gets me back into. I have to be in a masochist state of mind. I remember when I lived in California I couldn't understand why kids would even want to wrestle. The weather was phenomenal.
  4. But that's my point. If you took a bjj guy and had him fight a wrestler and the wrestler didnt know any bjj then he'd get caught in a submission. And yes the champs in the UFC are overwhelmingly wrestlers because they learned other disciplines like bjj, boxing, kick boxing, and have IMO the best foundation which is wrestling.
  5. I'm not on this board to start arguing against wrestlers. I am one. Facts are facts. I agree with everything you say but if they each just had one discipline to work with I'm going with the guy that knows how to choke you out or put you in a submission. If I'm not mistaken Gordon Ryan wasn't allowed to pull guard nor was he allowed to use leg locks which is his specialty. Yes wrestlers are tougher, they have more grit, etc. But if they fought a bjj guy with just wrestling what are they going to do? Especially when they get put into guard. We even saw it in the early UFC's when Royce Gracie fought Dan Sevren. I don't know how this is even an argument. Every wrestling buddy I know would say the same thing. And I've said a few times already wrestling has more upside in combat sports. It just comes down to wrestlers learning submissions
  6. In a fight. If we were to arrange a fight between the adcc reigning champ vs an olympic champ or NCAA champ and the wrestler didn't know any submissions or submission defense I'd be very comfortable placing a bet on the bjj guy. But, as has been proven if we were to take that same wrestler and teach him bjj/submission grappling for a year then threw them into the octagon I'd be very comfortable placing my money on the wrestler. I think wrestling is hands down the best foundation you can have in combat sports. It's proven it has the most upside.
  7. I don't think it's proven it's the most effective but more so it's the best base/foundation you can have. IMO there is more upside to being a wrestler and then learning bjj. A world class wrestler wouldn't win a fight against a world class bjj guy if the wrestler didn't know the submissions and how to defend them.
  8. Was it due to conditioning? Hard to believe even a hwt on the Lehigh squad wouldn't be in amazing shape. Only campus I know where you literally walk up a hill to and from class!
  9. Looking for some good stories. I once faked getting staph infection to get out of a holiday tournament (during xmas break). Wanted to party. Knew a guy who had to release his bowels right before a match and at the whistle went to his back to get pinned. Ran off the mat and straight to the stall.
  10. Mark Branch did it in the 90's unseeded I believe. And Cody Brewer was ranked #13 when he won it in '15...
  11. Every time i hear of Cooperman I think of his match against David Hoffman at the '98 Nat Preps. It was a a goodie
  12. Mine is based on how I feel about myself
  13. The one hypothetical match I'd pick to see over all others. It would be amazing. Also, PA's lineup is wrong in my opinion. They should have Greg Jones at 184 and Jon Trenge at 197
  14. I'd love to see 125 - Abas (Sr) vs Spencer Lee (jr) 157 - Dake (Jr) vs Nolf (Sr) 157 - Taylor (Fr) vs Nolf (Fr) (Battle of the runner ups) 184 - Zahid (Sr) vs Cael (Jr) (Giving Zahid a Natty for his Sr year despite the suspension) HWT - Snyder (Sr) vs Mocco (Jr) Catchweight of their choosing - Dave Schultz vs Austin Desanto (I Know Austin hasn't won an NCAA title but come on now. It would be down right dirty. Lion vs a Honey Badger)
  15. Hoboken? Have you been living under a rock? Median home price is over $700k...It's not 2005. Can't believe you have me defending Jersey
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