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  1. Depends on how he develops his style. When compaing where they were at this stage Bo is light years ahead of Usman. We all watched Usman rise through the ranks with one of the most boring mma fighting strategies in UFC history. And yes, I'm well aware that currently Usman is no longer boring and well rounded.
  2. Burroughs winning medals at a non olympic weight puts him behind John Smith.
  3. All this time I thought Cinnies are an established currency on this forum valued @ $0.00 per Cinny. I'm pretty sure @steamboat_charlie v2 can confirm
  4. Are Cinnies available for trade on the DCE yet?
  5. How much time and effort do you put daily lurking these boards waiting to find something PSU related to argue against?
  6. Not Mark Hall? Never mind. Topic is underrated.
  7. I was trying to set you up for a solid punchline
  8. This topic deserves it's own thread. For PSU it's Mark Hall
  9. No he didn't. You're rewriting history. Ruth's finals matches were Amuchastegui, Hamlin, and Sheptock. Come on MSU. Way harder??? lol
  10. Not my favorite PSU wrestler but David Taylor is Sanderson's and the programs greatest wrestler.
  11. There's a timeline in the multiverse where Cael is at ISU and Koll is at PSU. Here are some thread titles from that timeline. "What does Koll need to do to get PSU over the Hump?" "Should Cael consider leaving Ames? Will the ISU athletic department ever give him the tools he needs?" "When will the Iowa dynasty end?"
  12. Just my opinion but any way you slice it 2009 was the best. Top 3 Dake, Taylor, & Ruth. Add in Perry, Nelson, Ramos, St John and I can't think of a better class. 7 National Champs, 3 guarantee Hall of Famers, & 2 that are world and olympic medalist. Curious on how @Husker_Du & @JasonBryant see it?
  13. 2009 has 12 ( Could've had a few more if Logan Steiber graduated HS the correct year) Kyle Dake - 4 Ed Ruth - 3 David Taylor - 2 Chris Perry - 2 Tony Ramos -1
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