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  1. Lol, let's not forget that PSU will have a lineup this season w/8-9 starters in their lineup that started their career with the lions. Similar to Iowa who will have 8 starters that started their collegiate career withe the Hawkeyes
  2. Willie stated on his podcast that we'll most likely see Suriano in a PSU singlet this January.
  3. Surprised it hasn't hit this forum yet but he's signing his letter of intent to Lock Haven tomorrow
  4. Show is live now. Kennedy and Howe are being terminated at Northwestern for refusal to take the vaccine
  5. From what I've found Indiana, Rutgers, Northwestern, Maryland, Illinois, Michigan, Michigan State, & Minnesota require vaccines. Some of these universities will allow students to remain unvaccinated if they are tested weekly.
  6. I'm assuming that might be Willie's big announcement on Monday. But at this point it's Minnow making the speculations so have to wait till Monday for any concrete info.
  7. If Minnow is correct its more than Carter Young to OK St...lot's of transfers out of the big 10 schools due to vaccine mandate. Ohio State, PSU, and Iowa do not require vaccines. The rich might get richer.
  8. Says he's waiting till Monday to keep a clear conscience. Will announce on his live show which is free.
  9. Haven't been paying much attention recently but from last I can remember it was Mekhi, Griffith, and Hidlay making the jump to 74. Add in someone like Labriola who I believe can knock off a top seed. I'm not as sold on Mekhi as maybe you are being the favorite. Starrocci imo is the favorite but there is too much fire power in this weight class to make a bet. Fair point spread for a match between Starrocci vs Kem would be 1 1/2.
  10. Willie is also in that thread who is the closest contact to PSU wrestling. His exact statement on that particular rumor, "y'all getting your panties in a bunch about nothing"
  11. A) Pat Mineo is an idiot B) College Wrestlers are not getting 6 figure NIL deals (may Gable) c) PSU wrestling is fine
  12. I'm more inclined to make a bet that neither Starrocci nor Kem make the finals. But I'm not quite there yet
  13. For Nick Suriano it is. He wants to cement his legacy. This isn't new news.
  14. There are only two reasons Suriano is considering on coming back for A) Money B) To beat Spencer Lee. He's not wrestling 133
  15. FWIW, the poster (not on this forum) who first broke the rumor that Suriano was leaving PSU has stated that if Suriano comes back he's going back to PSU. He also stated that Suriano most likely is not going to wrestle in college again and will move on from folkstyle. He's been a pretty reliable source...And no it's not Pat Mineo
  16. I'll have to disagree on this but I'm bias and a fan of Anatomy of the fighter. I thought Flo's film on Gable was more of an infomercial and Anatomy of a Fighter was more in-depth and better content.
  17. He killed sixteen Czechoslovakians. The guy was an interior decorator.
  18. Don't tell @Jaroslav Hasek He doesn't know who Will Harris is
  19. Everything in your life has eventually become a revelation that you should switch from single ply to double ply. Unfortunately you're not yet quite there with your ranking knowledge
  20. All truths are found at the bottom of my toilet bowl
  21. Hahn is not going to Stanford.
  22. True but it's not like it's non existent. To build the wrestling community it needs to do a better job at Networking and outreach. Something I've heard Koll is very good at. Down the road is AKA and Daniel Cormier is coaching at Gilroy. There are big names in that area. Don't know where he was academically in high school but Chase Saldate grew up in that region along with many other studs.
  23. Very true. From what I've heard (A Cornell insider can correct me on this) is that Koll at the helm took on more of CEO role, focused on recruiting, fundraising etc, and put a lot of trust into his assistants when it came to practices/coaching. Brining on someone like Nolf would be a huge step forward.
  24. Did not. Just that Koll will be signed shortly. I'm curious how Mineo gets his "insider info". The Koll rumor was posted on this forum by me prior to Mineo tweeting about it. So it was out there in the wrestling community. But the Nolf departure to Stanford rumor was out of left field
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