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  1. Good call on Cael - Bill Walsh. I was also thinking Cael - Chuck Noll. Tom Ryan - Joe Gibbs? He reminds me more of Pete Carroll.
  2. If they were a Pro Head Coach past or present who would they be? Cael - Bill Belichick Dan Gable - Vince Lombardi Tom Ryan - Tommy Lasorda
  3. My #1 will always be Tom Ryan's 2018 "Positive Infinity" campaign
  4. I know @MSU158 just posting for ****s and giggles
  5. Only thing I didn't like in episode 3 was watching Metcalf shoot his bow. His technique and form was not good. It really bothered me
  6. If you're not joking lets make a bet. You're statement is ridiculous. Jenkins chance at winning this match is as close to zero as you can get.
  7. Bubba Jenkins has as much of a chance against Nolf as Ben Askren had against Jordan Burroughs in their freestyle match. The Nolf-Jenkins match is going to be ridiculously one sided
  8. Very True. I've spent a lot of time in Happy Valley. Wonderful place and strong academics. PSU guy for life. BUT, the first time I remember stepping on Arizona State's campus I almost passed out due to the amazing scenery (if you catch my drift.) The type of scenery that could easily sway any 18 year old
  9. I think JB and Taylor should make up and move on. When's the next juicing convention? Maybe they can finally bury the hatchet
  10. Valencia stayed offensive the entire match compared to Facundo. Nice win by Drake Ayala. Kids a stud
  11. Not bad. Like the the attempt at humor but at this point the Tar Heels along with a few other schools have a good shot at landing the youngest Valencia.
  12. Cael Valencia is more of a prototype PSU wrestler during the Sanderson era than Alex Facundo. Hope Sanderson gets Valencia to commit.
  13. Absolutely correct. Cenzo pins Dake with those hips of his
  14. portajohn

    RBY 141

    Im guessing Bartlett 133 Nick Lee 149
  15. Ha! To be fair Mineo has been solid when it comes to the Rutgers rumor mill
  16. When did Eierman become a world beater? This statement is ridiculous.
  17. But David Taylor is out in the open about his juicing as are many in his social circle like his wife and even outer circle like Lauren Burroughs
  18. Maybe Flo can set up a match between Derek Fix vs Robert Suriano at Beat the Streets. What do you think @Jaroslav Hasek
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