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  1. It will literally only be off putting to people who already have a negative view of Downey. A lot of people in all sports, are critical of officials, its not a big deal, and what he said is factual, if you live and die by the big move, it can, in fact, be costly.
  2. Molsen

    Zain's left knee?

    Yianni was doing what was best for him, and I don't blame him. The weightclass was supposed to be even stronger, so he would have had another opportunity to show he's one of the best in the world if he were to knock off bajrang again. Why go to a weaker tourny when you could push yourself, and still possibly get a gold. If the NLWC doesn't need to do what is best for team USA, then why should Yianni go to a lesser tournament so their guy can possibly place a little higher.
  3. Molsen

    Zain's left knee?

    If they were to do that, then it would prove what people already know, from the DT situation, that the NLWC is unamerican. Yianni, knowing their unamericanness, took it apon himself to take zain out.
  4. Molsen

    Zain will win arbitration

    Yeah, but now he has Cael in his corner. I think things will go his way.
  5. After watching his matches in spain, I think he is doing whats necessary, the Dake that showed up there didnt look ready to compete for the spot. Was there other motivation? Possibly, but his number one goal is making sure he is ready, not sabotaging Dieringer. Dakes goal is to win gold, not make the team.
  6. Then I'm guessing you are upset with Taylor's Gamesmanship also? His was worse imo.
  7. The guy that wrestled in spain, isnt even close to 100% Dake. He wrestled the tournament to try to help get back to form. Why is that a problem. Hes not taking his sweet time, hes trying to get back into form.
  8. Oh, wait. Dake is doing what is best for him? Unacceptable!! Cheater! Lock him up! If its enough time for Dake to peak for worlds, then I'm sure its enough time for Dieringer to peak for worlds. Dakes goal is likely another gold medal, not just making the team. Whoever gets the spot will be ready.
  9. I have a feeling that some people would completely change their view if it was taylor and downey, instead of Dake and Dieringer. I truly believe do to Dakes past behavior, some people are making this a bigger deal then it is.
  10. Flo was saying that spencer lee wasnt hurt or sick during the year, not really sure you should blindly follow them, you really shouldnt blindly follow the media anyway.
  11. Molsen

    Dake Spain Results

    Luckily Dake got to wrestle, because watching this, if his first match back was Dieringer, it would have been ugly. Hopefully we will get a competitive match for the spot.
  12. Wrestling live matches is not the same as wrestling competitive actual matches. Trying to knock off the rust in practice, without any sort of real competitive match puts the wrestler at a big disadvantage, Which, i guess, in this situation is what people want. If the goal is to give the returning medalist a shot at making the team, give him a real shot, or dont have a delay. Its that simple.
  13. Isn't the purpose to give the returning medalist a chance at the team though? You aren't giving them a chance if they have to wrestle right when they are eligible to wrestle. So either dont have the delay, or you have to allow for them to knock off the rust/get into wrestling shape. Otherwise there is literally 0 point in having the delay in the first place.
  14. Hey, it's got people talking a lot, so I mean, even if it wasnt the goal, its likely working. I was obviously looking foward to the matchup before, but now I'm a lot more excited.
  15. Lets just hope dake and Dieringer make the wait worth it for everyone and there are fireworks.