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  1. If Dean was really hurt (i dont think hed have a reason to lie about it) then Dean could have definitely been better despite the loss, hell even if he was healthy and lost, senior dean could have been better then sophomore Nickal, and Im sure a lot of people feel that way. That being said it doesn't matter because senior Nickal is definitely better then senior dean was.
  2. My question is, if conel does start, and aas high, does Cael get credit for coaching him up, or just for his recruiting.
  3. Glad to see a true underdog get some help in their room. Iowa could be in trouble.
  4. Billy, you are missing the point. If flo scheduled a Downey vs Nickal match or something, yes wrestling fans would have been more excited for the matchup. But that isnt going to get non fans to watch. Having a big time grappler cross over for this match, could atleast get some grappling fans (no matter how few there might be) to watch, and potentially grow the fan base, which is a good thing. Im all for them bringing big time grapplers/mma guys to do these matches because atleast they are trying to bring in new fans.
  5. Its a shame. Yes not having the 1s vs 2s every match made it not as exciting, but there were still great matchups amonst numerous highly ranked guys. Not having the event sucks for people who enjoy high level college wrestling.
  6. Didnt sharifov lose pretty badly last year to Karimi, last year, before moving up and beating Snyder. If he can do that, then I'd guess Cox would be able to, and be more competitive, since Cox is big for the weight, and has been better recently. I know that using anything other then head to head, is pretty much irrelevant, and Cox might still be a longshot, but could also be the most likely to dethrone Sadulaev. I think some people are putting to much weight on it being a non-olympic weight.
  7. It depends on how bad the cut is. If its a really tough cut, then go up, if its semi tough, go down. I dont care how bad of a match up yazdani might be, Sadulaev is probably tougher. I dont think Yazdani will push Cox around.
  8. I meant relative to the world level wrestlers obviously, and you dont need to win to get points. That is why chamizo ffd to Burroughs at dogu, he locked up number 1 with a 2nd place at that tournament.
  9. The point was soley that it is based off of placement at said tournaments, not based off quality of opponents. Meaning luck of the draw/quantity of tournaments is what determines your rank, not your actual skill, so using those rankings to determine quality of opponent is severely flawed. I understand their system fairly well, I was simplifying it so you would understand why its flawed. I am done now, you can continue to use those rankings if you want, but they will forever be flawed, unless every quality wrestler starts wrestling as much as possible.
  10. Im going to try one more way to help you. Lets say college wrestling was ranked this way. Lee and Rivera both enter the same two opens, with Lee winning both tournaments. Msu 125 lber wrestles two separate tournaments with d3 wrestlers. With these rankings. MSU would be ranked ahead of Rivera, does that make any damn sense?
  11. Its been explained to you by multiple people, but thats your problem not mine.
  12. Its pointless to correct you because no matter how many people tell you you're wrong, you refuse to accept it but one last attempt. Rankings take into consideration wins and loses. That way luck doesnt come into play. If someone who is not a top 20 quality wrestler wrestles every seeding tournament, they are more likely to get a great draw, or a weak tournament, meaning more points. They are not ranking people based off of quality, so no they arent rankings.
  13. But, and im just throwing this out there, you are wrong. The "rankings" you are looking at are based off seeding points, not actual wins and losses. So someone could wrestle a ton of seeding tournaments, will be over ranked, and someone better who isnt wrestling in those tournaments will not be ranked. Again, just like everyone has already said, you are not looking at rankings.
  14. 2 other American wrestlers did better then Zain in the same bracket... maybe neither yianni or zain are the guy.
  15. Yianni could have done better, a loss is a loss though so he couldnt have done worse then 0-1. Yianni would obviously outscramble Sadulaev, causing him to freak out and go to his back out of pure confusion on what just happened.
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