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  1. I do think cox was our best chance at gold at that weight, and atleast deserved a chance, but this is a bit much. Cox was still going to be as much of an underdog as Snyder is. Cael and crew showed elite level adjusting from big tens to ncaas, let's hope they can do the same on the world stage.
  2. Remember training with her a bit at penn wrestling club back in the day, her work ethic was insane. It's great to see. Well deserved.
  3. We should be ashamed to have a 2 time gold medalist, looking the best he ever has, represent us in the Olympics? Weird... did he steal your girlfriend or something
  4. Honestly, I'm starting to think Dake was telling the truth when he said he was getting younger. Yikes.
  5. If they allowed him to weigh in, and it was literally within a minute of the end time, this is a joke and he should be wrestling. I thought we were trying to put out our best guys? It's not like he showed up an hour later.
  6. Molsen


    Or "results of opponents in similar but different sports" for strength of schedule
  7. Well isn't it obvious? He read on a college wrestling forum from an anonymous poster that he shouldn't of even wrestled ncaas. He decided the medical advice discussed on here was really important, and it was time to take time off to heal.
  8. I can't answer that. But are you suggesting that psu purposely lost because they felt like it? I'd assume they came out and competed to win, and it didn't work out. But they did win the NCAAs which is all that really matters apparently.
  9. Molsen

    14 to Zero

    I think most middle school/high school aged kids have grown up watching psu dominate, and that will help recruiting more then this year where they took 2nd. That's just my opinion though.
  10. I mean a team with top guys also wrestling your top guys, but also have better guys wrestling your weak links, could very easily win that match right? A full team effort?
  11. Molsen

    14 to Zero

    There was never a real indication that the psu dynasty was over though...
  12. Well I mean they did get rid of the national duals so that no one could question them when 5 guys carry them to a championship. So I can't argue it. Basically I hit my quota for defending psu.
  13. The Iowa being the only team worth of comparison was solely based off what you said, they took 2nd with 4 champs so they aren't the best staff, because Iowa was the only team able to actually beat them. I think there are some great staffs out there that can't compete with the recruiting that those two have. But recruiting is apart of it. And you can't ignore the adjustments PSU made.
  14. I have a hard time believing that Iowa having two better years, and maybe 3 should they win next year, automatically puts their staff ahead of PSU. And as far as your argument goes that's the only staff that competes. And I really don't want to try to defend PSU. They have plenty of psu diehards for that, its just two years is too small of a sample size to say PSUs staff isn't the best right now though.
  15. Molsen


    Might as well have them wrestle for it. Steveson might have a chance since Lee has no acls.
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