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  1. Well now desanto might get majored. Way to jinx him.
  2. It would probably take both of them combusting
  3. This is a bad situation for iowa
  4. If Seabass has improved enough to beat Eirmen, he could mess around and also knock off Lee. I get styles make match ups, but I have a hard time thinking he finds ways to score when Lee himself struggled.
  5. It doesnt suprise me one bit, but with their actual matches, its hard to look at them and say one guy is clearly making the finals, and one isnt. Eirmen showed he still got it, and until someone not named Lee actually beats him, hes almost as likely as Lee to make the finals. I hope we see that match 2 more times, because every match between them has been exciting.
  6. Ehh most people pencil in Lee to the finals, thats not the same respect Eirmen gets, when its obvious they are pretty close.
  7. Eirman showed he is still capable in beating Lee imo. Its weird that Lee is considered unbeatable to the others, but Eirman is not. Sure hes not destroying people, but he also isnt losing. Ill have to watch it again, but that first move before the dumb throw attempt, it almost felt like he was suprised it worked with lee going to his back and didnt react, which is why lee got away without him scoring. If it happens again id guess he gets points and potential nearfall.
  8. Psu is likely going to win this, but atleast so far, it feels like if they wrestled again, I would not be suprised if iowa would be up 9-4 going into 157. These matches have been everything Ive hoped for so far.
  9. Now Marinelli can finally win his championship since he wont be the one seed.
  10. Its wild to me that people act like its not possible for psu to duck. It is atleast a little suspicious that Lee is the only one out do to protocols. That being said, I think Lee would be the least likely wrestler for Cael to have duck. Its possible, though, I just doubt it. If this was a wrestler at another school, I think more people would be on board with the duck theory.
  11. That said, if i had to pick, psu wins in a close one.
  12. I have a feeling Iowa will come out looking a lot better then they have been, whether its because of how they have been training, carver, or just pure motivation. I would not be suprised by any result from this dual outside of a shut out. Writing off Iowa seems pretty premature, when the end goal is to peak for nationals, and not some random meets in December/early January. For all we know Iowa was having full blown practices before matches against teams they heavily overmatched, and it lead to less then ideal results on the mat.
  13. Honestly the brands need to be fired immediatly. The fact that they didnt lock Lee in their basement, and tell him the only way he could come out is if he got surgery, is just bad coaching. Hopefully Iowa realizes this, and hires a coach that doesn't care what his athelte or their family thinks.
  14. Not that it matters, but his brother went undefeated his senior year so maybe that is the undefeated status, either way it is wrong and a hugh stretch.
  15. Molsen


    I mean it is way too early in Picos career to say he isn't still a sure thing. 7-3 with everyone of his opponents having a winning record, is a pretty good start. Even McGregor had 2 losses early in his career.
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