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  1. On the flip side, what happens if Snyder goes out and wins golds after such a move... I'm rooting for whoever we send to win gold, but man some people already wont let you say anything less then full on praise about Cael, I coule only imagine...
  2. That probably depends on if he has committed to getting some triceps.
  3. Totally kidding, I think I gotta go with Yianni. I think his scrambles make the difference.
  4. Lee would win it, but then the Cornell lawyers will come in to get that match thrown out.
  5. Parris was impessive before he fully committed to wrestling. I think a lot of Indiana folk expected him to shock in college, but the amount he is improving is just nuts. I cant wait to see him vs Steveson (who also has indiana ties before apple valley)
  6. Its not completely legal, and if it wasn't hit so fast at the very minimum it would have been stopped potentially dangerous. Brands said it was on them for coming at the refs for the desanto situation.
  7. Definitely dont think Rby did it on purpose. But B. Lee got dqd for something similar, and doubt he did it on purpose also. But agree both those sides are ridiculous. It happened too fast for the ref to catch it, but it was a potentially dangerous move at most. Refs should be more on top of that. But whats done is done. Hopefully there arent some dirty wrestlers out there taking notes on this though.
  8. The problem was his clean example is not what happened. If rby grabbed the ankle it would have been 100% legal. Grabbing the foot is a lot different then grabbing the ankle. And even in his clean example he said that they are tought to grab the ankle. But I've already beat this dead horse. His first example is a lot closer to what happened then the second one.
  9. But rby never hooked the ankle like askren said in his example of being clean. He did grab the foot like the example that askren said was potentially dangerous. So I really dont know what Ben saw, unless he accidentally watched the second cradle, which was clean.
  10. But he definitely grabbed the foot in the match like ben first showed, so i really dont know what he thought he saw when he rewatched. Rby didnt hook the ankle.
  11. If the things he does that are bad, are things we see a lot in the sport, then yeah, id probably ignore them. People call him out for face mushes that arent even close to as bad as I've seen Steveson do. Take this incident for example though. I dont think RBY did it to purposely hurt Desanto. That being said the moment i saw it happen i thought desanto might get hurt. If the roles were reversed, I might think theres a chance desanto had some bad intentions to it, do to his history. He has looked and acted so much better since going to iowa, and thats a fact though so ill give him some benefit depending on the situation. Not that that is really relevant, because if we are going off history, Desanto has never had a history of giving up. So if you are going to assume the worst because of his past, you should also assume the guys not gonna just fake an injury. But who knows. Maybe Desanto felt the urge to kimora again, and just knew he needed to get off the mat to stop it.
  12. There have been others who have done things much much worse, that have been forgiven. He hasnt done anything that bad since his freshman year. Its ridiculous that people are still up in arms about a failed kimura that micic laughed off. If he went to psu, some of you would be giving him the benefit of the doubt in situations like this. If he did in fact fake the injury (which from what I saw doesnt look like it) then well hopefully he gets pinned by RBY next time they wrestle, and it won't matter, that will be on a bigger stage.
  13. If he was faking, Desantos stock drops, he loses the benefit of the doubt (because he has shown to be more controlled and mentally tough since joining iowa) and honestly deserves it. Im sure Iowa fans would prefer him to be healthy though, as frustratin as that would be.
  14. Also true, and desanto will underperform going forward because im sure it would take away from his pace that breaks people. So i guess thats a win for you psu fans. Call out Desanto for faking, and if hes not faking, Desantos stock drops significantly because of injury. So i guess enjoy it...
  15. Assuming he misses some meets, or comes out with a spencer lee knee brace, some of you are going to look ridiculous.
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