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  1. The beefcake comment was bait for a match. He likely doesn't think burroughs is looking chubby, but he's also not buttering up burroughs with compliments to take a match. That rule/burroughs caused both Taylor and Dake to move up. One stayed up, and eventually filled out the weight class, and it just happened to work out.
  2. 1st point: Just read the tweet, literally everyone else but you felt the intention of it. Its pretty common to make little shots (even if he was just poking fun at burroughs, which was the case) to get a match. It wasn't a compliment (I am not saying it was an insult, but it wasn't a compliment, it was to poke the bear, don't be dumb) He has nothing to prove, so why call out someone two weight classes under him (someone with a complete size disadvantage), unless he wants payback. Didn't Taylor attack the sit to the finals rule when he moved up? You are smarter then that. If he moved up to get away from that rule, Burroughs is the reason the rule was in place at 74kg the year of the move up, ie the reason Taylor moved. It was not a bad move at all and I never said it was. It was a fantastic move for his career. But his intention to move weights was not because 86kg was gonna be his ideal weight, it just happened to work out that way.
  3. The beefcake comment was definitely a shot, if you think it was some stupid compliment, well there's a rich prince in Africa that needs your help. Taylor is obviously frustrated with his past failures, and wants to redeem himself, for some reason, when he literally doesn't have to prove anything. Taylor also definitely moved weights because burroughs controlled that weight, and he used the sit till the finals rules to justify his move up. Just because 86kg turned out to be his ideal weight, doesn't change the reason behind the move. Burroughs responded to Taylor perfectly, seeing as Burroughs understands he doesn't have to prove anything to anyone. Taylor hasn't figured that out yet apparently.
  4. I edited my post as you were responding. The social media thing means nothing because younger people lie about age to create accounts.
  5. There is no proof he cheated in anyway. What is your reason for assuming he cheated? Or do you just assume everyone that comes out of no where and dominates is cheating? Using social media age is a ridiculous thing since there are a lot of younger people that lie about their age to create accounts
  6. Me at my heaviest was about 175, with some ok muscle underneath that fat, and know if i got ahold of an all American 125 lber I could probably also end it, but if they can stall for about a minute, I'll be too busy fighting the heart attack to keep them from taking me apart. Big Bruce was probably a little better then an all state wrestler, but if you arent in wrestling shape, it is really tough to get on that mat, especially against a 3 time ncaa champion/world team member, I dont care how small they are or how big you are.
  7. Burroughs wins because Dake cant win a fantasy match. Burroughs was better suited for freestyle, where as imo Dake was better suited for folkstyle. Idk who wins but I would have loved to see that match, but I'll take Burroughs, just because he did beat Howe, whose defense (though different then Dakes), was really damn good but wasnt enough.
  8. In high school I beat our 215 lber the two times we wrestled (albiet him not being the greatest wrestler) and I was a 119 lber. In king of the ring I regularly went through the whole lineup taking down all of our guys. Now none of those guys wrestled in college, but if I could do that, I would not be suprised if Zain could against better competition (assuming Tobus isnt some multiple aa, and is just an out of shape old man at this point). That is for the weird side argument that is going on. As for the Metcalf, Zain thing, wasnt Stieber sick when Zain beat him. Thats Zains big win. Pico beat Zain physically, I have to imagine Metcalf could too. I just cant see Zain winning 8 out of 10 like some are saying. Im going to be boring and say its an even split, 5-5. Metcalf is going to get his, but hes not going to keep Zain from taking him down every match, and zain wears people down from top like metcalf does from neutral, I just see Zain holding on to win in those matches.
  9. I would prefer this year not counting against eligibility. But if its going to count, the only arguement against it is that Iowa would then win the title, and who wants that? Its better to just throw away the season. All joking aside, if they dont give eligibility, and just throw away the season, that is a shame. Most of those wrestlers would likely have done a tournament anyway even without spectators. Why should Lee lose out on possible 4 time status, Moore lose out on a potential championship, any number of wrestlers looking to pull off a shocking upset and reach their goals.
  10. Pretty sure Anthony had an Olympic and regular redshirt where zahid did not.
  11. Keeping your hand behind yourself, alone, is not stalling. RBY has used it to stall, but has gotten away with it. But its honestly better that he didnt get hit for Iowa fans. Desanto hasnt shown he can stop RBYs takedowns, so if RBY got hit it would force him to go on the offensive and the match wont be quite as close as this last one. Atleast him not getting hit kept it a one score match, now its up to desanto to find a way to score.
  12. 8-3 wrestling a guy in a juco room. With Jones physical traits, and going to a team like iowa, likely would have helped him improve alot, and fast. If Jones was anywhere near where he got athletically in mma, in college, with the right training situation, could have made it look as easy as ruth did.
  13. A lot of people seem to be using Lee during the season, and not Lee at Ncaas, for the discussion. Lee has looked noticeably better both years at ncaas then he did even at big tens. I would not be suprised to find out he kinda just trains through the season to peak for ncaas. Which is why if someone wants to stop him from being a 4timer, it will probably happen this year with his olympic focus. But back to the discussion, i dont think Lee has gassed at NCAAs so I dont see that being an issue. Gross is really the only one I see being a match up problem because of his length, but im gonna be consistent, I see Lee beating him at the trials, and feel ncaa Lee would get it done, and I almost think he might be able to it without the hypothetical making lee fill out at the other weights, just not cutting. Its not the same as Rivera, who is a 2 time aa (not 2 time champ) holding his weight down so he can still make 125, bumping up and getting crushed my micic, who also i think is better offensively then any of those other 133 lbers anyway. At 141, i just dont think he has the offense for other Lee. I think he would have to take him down and maximize his time on top, but I dont know if he could. Pletcher and him could be fun, because if lee is at 141, they would both be similarly built if im understanding the ops hypothetical.
  14. On the flip side, what happens if Snyder goes out and wins golds after such a move... I'm rooting for whoever we send to win gold, but man some people already wont let you say anything less then full on praise about Cael, I coule only imagine...
  15. That probably depends on if he has committed to getting some triceps.
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