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  1. mg113

    Zain's left knee?

    Not ridiculous. Just because he could go doesn't mean he should. Dogu was supposed to be a tuneup against international competition for the world team members. Yianni went just to prove a point - that he could beat Zain, even though everybody already knew that was possible - and to **** on Zain's parade which wound up injuring our world team member. I honestly don't think he meant to injure him, but the fact that Yianni is the alternate could mean he wanted to wrestle Zain with bad intentions, especially with the way the Trials ended. Again, I don't think Yianni injured Zain on purpose, but I think that possibility should be reason enough not to let him go in hindsight.
  2. Yeah, it's definitely more surprising and I'll take a James Green win over the 3 0x world medalists that Yianni beat. I think what made Yianni's performance so impressive was how dominant he was compared to Deakin.
  3. Lee got mono from Desanto during one of their makeout sessions.
  4. mg113

    Predict the champs and runners up

    Lee over Rivera Fix over Suriano/ Micic (if healthy) Yianni over Lee (yup) Ashnault over Jordan Nolf over Berger Marinelli over Joseph Hall over Valencia Martin over who cares Nickal over Moore Cassar over White Most of these are chalk, so I hope I'm proved wrong.
  5. Nolf Nickal Martin Yianni Hall Ashnault Marinelli Cassar Lee Fix
  6. Makes a lot of sense, but it still doesn't seem right. You beat the #1 guy, you win B10's, you should get the 1.
  7. Cassar at the 2 makes no sense to me. Cassar's bonus rate was higher by a decent margin, and he had more quality wins, including Gable. Gable was ranked 1st when Cassar beat him, and Cassar was like 4th when White beat him, so Gable was obviously the more quality win. Cassar got shafted on that one.
  8. mg113

    Marinelli's draw

    165 is stacked. There is no easy road to the title this year.
  9. mg113

    Spencer Lee and Iowa

    So Glory went from being tech'd to losing by 6 points, and putting Lee on his back multiple times 3 weeks later because he figured Lee out? Coincidentally the same weekend that SeaBass and the coaching staff at Northwestern were able to outsmart Lee and Brands and figure Lee out. Then, the worldbeater stud, Sean Russell, who also got tech'd be Lee, figured Lee out 2 weeks after that. That's what you're all saying when you say that "the field figured him out" It's obvious that Picc and SeaBass have gotten a lot better since last year, but it's also obvious that Lee has gotten a lot worse as well. Since I doubt that Lee has forgotten how to wrestle in one year, I'm guessing that it must be something physical that's taken away his strength, power, and endurance.
  10. mg113

    Spencer Lee and Iowa

    So Lee terrorized the entire country and world since his freshmen year of high school, then magically lost his edge COINCIDENTALLY the same year he got mono. NO EXCUSE THOUGH, YOU SHOULD BE ABLE TO PERFORM THE SAME WITH MONO NO EXCUSE HERRRDERRR! Not even an Iowa fan, but some of the hate Iowa gets is just retarded.
  11. mg113

    PSU - how the dynasty will end

    I think Cael retiring and JB taking on a head position at Nebraska shortly after could end the dynasty.
  12. mg113

    A proposal to address ducking

    Very true, I was just thinking about this. I don't know, there's no good way to punish wrestlers for ducking without the NCAA having too much power over how coaches run their teams. I think there will just need to be some common sense on the part of the seeding committees not to go just by w/l records, but also reward quality of competition. In the case of Brands, I think he was just protecting the ego of Spencer rather than his seed. The kid has been wrestling like a God amongst, and probably doesn't take losing as easy as most guys. I don't agree with this strategy, I think in the long run, subjecting Spencer to more adversity will be better for him, but Brands is probably just doing what he feels is best for Spencer's psyche right now.
  13. mg113

    A proposal to address ducking

    Maybe athletes should be required to get a doctor's note that proves that they're sick/injured and not fit for competition. If not, they take a penalty, like the match they ducked counts for 0 points.
  14. mg113

    Meaningless dual meet season?

    I honestly believe that if Spencer was 100%, Brands would have gladly wrestled him. However, for whatever reason, Brands thought it would be in Spencer's long term interest to sit him out this meet. Saying that Spencer owes it to the fans to wrestle, even if it might cost him in March, is some pretty selfish crap. Besides, the match was at Northwestern, hypothetically those fans payed to see SEABASS wrestle, so they got their money's worth. Also, sitting out a match isn't "gaming the system," you still have to wrestle conference and nationals, so it's not like you can just hide all season.
  15. mg113

    Vincenzo Joseph so far = Kyle Dake?

    Eh, Dake didn't go 4-2 with Taylor like Cenzo did with Imar.