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  1. Yeah, right? Burroughs is going to need some tissues after that one. Hopefully he can get some before the coronanutters hoard them all.
  2. I still take Dake in the fantasy matchup....but man it was hard to root for him after that.
  3. Gilman might (MIGHT) be ahead of Lee for the time being, but let's not pretend that Gilman (a 0x WC, 0x NCAA champ) wouldn't get beat by Lee (3x WC, should-be 3x NCAA champ). He wasn't even the starter last year. .
  4. If you can't find a way to score on a guy with one arm, maybe you're a little one-dimensional?
  5. I agree but if I had to guess, Brooks has maybe had a slightly weaker schedule. There's also a ranker's delight in Bolen, Lujan, and Hidlay, who have all traded losses too, so that might be keeping a logjam in the rankings. I think if Brooks had a win over one of those guys, he would be ranked first.
  6. A lot of those guys won't score points, unfortunately. Penn state's "points-per-wrestler" will be a lot higher, but probably not higher than Iowa. A lot of the matches Penn state lost were swing matches, so who knows what could happen if they have a perfect weekend.
  7. Healthy enough to score 17 on Decatur.
  8. This seems eerily similar to the 2018 team race between Ohio and Penn state. Penn st. was banking on 5 champions, a couple AA's, and a sh!tload of bonus points, whereas, Ohio was well-rounded top to bottom with a couple low sticks, and I think Ohio was the favorite going into the tournament. Just like that year, a lot has to go wrong for Iowa, and a lot has to go right for PSU, but it could still really go either way. Personally, I think some of Iowa's guys (Murin, Young, Lugo, Assad) are ranked pretty generously, and/or at least won't place to their ranking.
  9. It should. You shouldn't just get to quit and have the loss not count.
  10. Ugh it's really tough, because I think Mark Hall has had easily the most impressive year before leading up to the Kem loss. He has almost an 80% bonus rate, and he pinned Labriola, MD Valencia, and won over Kutler. But the loss to Kem was surprising, Kem hasn't looked that dominant this year. I guess Nick Lee is the new #1 on PSU roster, but I don't think it stays that way. Wrestlestat has Mark Hall way ahead of Lee in ELO.
  11. Yianni did... Which is kind of why it would have been awesome to see him go through the 2020 cycle before switching to MMA. He would still have plenty of time to get his face smashed in like he has for the past year.
  12. He had a 40% pin rate his freshman year, 35% his sophomore year. Sorry that teching 90% of his opponents in the first period isn't good enough for you. Quick pins are boring anyways. In my opinion, first period tech > pin. Change my mind.
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