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  1. Yoshi went to Penn after St. Ed’s, correct?
  2. Who cares? Are you a Gable and wrestling fan or Trump hater? As a Gable fan I choose to view it as a reward well deserved. How about Obama giving one to Biden? No politics there.
  3. Who cares who gave it to him? Well deserved and I’m glad he received it in his home state. All you heard from Obama was basketball.
  4. I believe Harry Lester went there instead of ISU.
  5. If you were his family you would be angry he was suspended for doing coke? Shouldn’t they be disappointed with Zahid? Or did I miss the sarcasm emoji?
  6. Is Burroughs wrong? I don’t think so. Plus, using the magic reference shows game.
  7. “My contempt of that low-IQ, incompetent buffoon is longstanding.” Once again advancing civil legitimate political discourse. You speak like a Trumper, just with a different political view. I’ve seen that written about Joe Biden. Trump himself has said that very thing. You guys are just alike. Maybe that’s why you don’t like him? But you’re more right because you are so enlightened with your keen intellect and open mind.
  8. With every hate filled statement you prove my point.
  9. “Although she had 517 missions in 100 countries at the time of her death...” So she lived in filth and squalor to abuse people? Idiotic. Truly “haters gotta hate” stuff. If you can’t build yourself up, tear others down, especially if they're religious.
  10. I could be wrong but I believe they did an all time ranking, also, though it doesn’t address the subjective ranking you want.
  11. I can’t understand why this personal medical info needed reporting in the first place. Morningstar seems like a good guy and was a very good college wrestler. But he is an assistant coach for a college wrestling team. If he were President, I get it.
  12. Director announced due to C-19 tournament is off this year.
  13. Ah, someone with fact. Thanks for the info.
  14. Having litigated many of these on both sides, some are written better than others. As referenced above, they are frequently used in areas where particular knowledge of a device, system (Flo’s system?), customer list or pricing schedule are important to the company seeking to protect them. Sometimes poor drafting doesn’t lead to the problem. It may just be the facts. For instance, if a customer list can be generated in a non-protected way, the non-compete likely won’t be enforced if the customer list is the issue. Same with pricing schedule. Non-competes with confidential information restraints are frequently the utility a company uses to protect themselves. Length of term and geography are also critical components. The non-compete portion is to prevent unfair competition after an employee gains experience and knowledge in a field then leaves, likely for more money, to turn around and compete with the employer using what they learned. One thing on a human level that has perturbed me about these: if you gave your word, in writing, not to compete then why not just keep your word? Money?
  15. The good news is they would cut football before wrestling.
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