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  1. It is great what Coleman Scott is slowly but surely building at UNC.
  2. Jumped to your own defense too quick, pops. Tell Austin I said hello.
  3. Big fan of Myles but if Bo goes down DT v. Bo would be almost as anticipated as Cox v. Kyle, in my opinion.
  4. This is so true. Hanging on the leg and parallel rides are back in style. PSU does this a lot. Kemerer in his match against Smith, though likely to win anyway, did this the whole match.
  5. He wasn’t the first. The person who told him may have been.
  6. This may be my most anticipated finals match, if they both make it. Very different styles but equally talented. It is interesting to me because we have the chance to see which coach under similar conditions and talent level can really get their guy most prepared when it finally matters. I see this as much Brands v. Sanderson as Kem v. Hall. Excluding illness or injury.
  7. I, too, watched several times and saw nothing against a joint. That doesn’t mean he wasn’t injured.
  8. Dan Kervliet, line 1.
  9. I’m not a Clarion expert. Would someone please give the names of the wrestlers in the picture?
  10. I hope so but if he doesn’t figure out B Lee quick it won’t be Sunday. duck duck duck. Warner and Murin. How does Brands look Gable in the eyes after those quackers?
  11. I agree with this thought about PSU being the new Iowa, always finding a way. I do think that this would be the biggest flop if Iowa doesn’t win because of what Iowa has done (pulling Assad’s shirt) and their own perception of themselves. The arrogance is back.
  12. Probably accurate but I change: pletch to a major smith a decision romero beats kem in the upset special.
  13. That’s right. Bo Jordan won with the merkle in the finals. Oh wait....
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