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  1. Sstern

    Official Striking Wrestler at Fargo

    What a jerk. He should be done for this year. . .at least.
  2. Sstern

    What we learned at Dogu

    Housebuy: nice work. My only disagreement is your thought KS needs Sadulaev to have a bad day for him to win. I think they are close and Snyder has enough utopia get it done, bad day or not.
  3. Agree completely. If USA Wrestling can delay the match due to injury, they can move it up a couple of weeks to meet their requirement that he wrestle when able, due to the miraculous recovery. If he can compete internationally he can wrestle Ringer.
  4. Sstern

    Zain - Yanni outcome?

    Largely true. People are missing the fact that this wasn't just a possible blown call that cost THE match but one of a possible three, the way Yanni “beat” McKenna for the NCAA title with a rather dubious call. Zain clearly won the first and was equally competitive in the second. It’s not like he was losing big and won on a disputed touch fall. What bothered me was the timing of the call and the fact that Yanni couldn’t go back and wrestle from the time of the reversal.
  5. Sstern

    Could Ke-Shawn Hayes win a title in 2020?

    You seriously think they coasted in the 3rd while wrestling for their prime weight class they would hold all year? These guys aren’t Joe Smith, a notorious gasser.
  6. Sstern

    Could Ke-Shawn Hayes win a title in 2020?

    If Ke-Shawn gets to 141 he will be a legitimate contender. His only gas tank issue is lugging around guys 8 lbs. of muscle heavier. He is technically solid. He didn’t have any gas tank issues against Micah, who barely beat him in 2 close wrestle offs then finished 2nd in the country. Nick Lee is a very good wrestler but I think KH beats him. housebuy did a great job of outlining his issues.
  7. Is this your predicted order? If so, Dake wins as many fantasy matchups against JB as DT does against Dake.
  8. Sstern

    Date set for Dake/Dierenger

    New Covelli Center at TOSU. Neutral midpoint. Would be a great way to get that place started.
  9. Sstern

    Downey vs. Yazdani

    Downey won’t get out of the first round. He just isn’t good enough for that level.
  10. Sstern

    Thomas Gilman History

    I don’t get this thread. Didn’t DeSanto’s antics force Gilman, and everyone else, off of page 1 of the biggest jerk rankings? Gilman’s stuff is amateurish compared to AD.
  11. Sstern

    The call

    Truly, don’t such an unmitigated shill for PSU that you seem like a jerk. I like Zain and rooted for him but that was a terrible turn of events. The right thing if you reverse the call is to resume the match 45 seconds earlier. And Cael was 40 seconds too late throwing the brick under the rules.
  12. Sstern

    Downey Making Weight...

    I’m counting DT’s hypothetical wins. i will note that this would be a great freestyle match now. BTS maybe?
  13. Sstern

    Does Zain have a shot against Yianni?

    I think Zain wins.
  14. Sstern

    Downey Making Weight...

    Rubber match between Dake and Taylor?
  15. Sstern

    Downey Making Weight...

    If that is J’Den in a recent picture, and I’m sure it is, no way he goes down a class next year.