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  1. I like Dake a lot but there is no question Dake thinks Dake is a big story. I think he and Burroughs will have an epic battle at the trials, assuming they both make it that far.
  2. And absolutely correct in this circumstance.
  3. Bob has a daily radio show in Akron and does pregame for Brown’s games.
  4. I enjoyed watching this. It could have been deeper I suppose but during this pandemic, it was nice to watch a well done, if not Oscar-worthy, documentary on the man who was the wrestling icon for many (including me). For younger wrestlers it is a good view of the drive DG had to reach his goals, all while overcoming some big setbacks, like the death of his sister. if you are a wrestling fan I would think this an enjoyable show to watch.
  5. Yes, privileges restored. i, too, liked Win Win. Not only was the wrestling good but the other story was good.
  6. You need to lose your forum privileges for one week for being a VQ hater. It’s all we had for quite some time. There are many issues with reality in that film but if you love wrestling it has a lot to offer: wanting to beat the best, cutting weight, the plastic suit. Ahh, memories. . .
  7. Do you have the ability to post them or give them to someone who does? It might be nice to watch them during this pandemic.
  8. Good riddance. Has there been a more self-aggrandized athlete who has not met his own expectations?
  9. I may be wrong but before we talk about character red flags I thought the bigger and older Ferrari wasn’t the issue. I read the younger one did something to merit discipline and the older followed. Is that not correct?
  10. Popolizio is killing it at NCSt. All these RTCs have some great talent.
  11. These fun comments by you guys — and girls? — almost make me want to watch. Almost. . .
  12. The percentage of actual trials in civil litigation is remarkably low. Maybe 2% of all civil filings (excluding cases such as evictions and small claims). The percentage of arrogant and self-righteous pontificators in these cases is actually quite high.
  13. Off topic, it is disgusting to me how much lawyers charge these days. And I am one. TOSU dropped “up to” $1,600/hr. to the firm it hired to investigate the doc who fondled athletes. No one is worth that much an hour. I am positive they could have found a firm less expensive. Total waste of money. That is not to indicate that an investigation wasn’t needed. It was.
  14. In the Flo interview he mentions a few guys that would make the win special. There is no mention of IMar.
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