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  1. I personally would love to see a great guy and talent like Gabe Dean go to MSU as a coach.
  2. I like to deviate from speed limits every once in a while. The POPO don’t seem to mind.
  3. This is easy to understand: they are all concentrating on their 8th year of college wrestling. At Iowa, who cares about the Olympics?
  4. Cox missing weight for the Olympic trials will go down in wrestling history as one of the biggest bonehead moves by a wrestler. I like him a lot but let’s recap how to prepare for any tournament: step 1: appear at weigh ins at the appointed time step 2: weigh in at or under the maximum amount for your class step 3: wrestle. The fact he did it moving up really 2 weight classes from 2016 makes it all the perplexing. Unless he was sick all week and couldn’t workout there simply is no excuse. He should have talked to the Kornell guys. They probably have form injunctions on standby for just such an occasion,
  5. As excited as I am to see this match, they both have great defense. It could be a snoozefest.
  6. I am a big Burroughs fan but this version of Dake, including his results in his last couple of tournaments/matches, is as complete a wrestler as I have seen in a very long time, including Captain America.
  7. Maybe he needs blue dragon blood? Then he can gas in the 1st.
  8. Based only on the portal one would think these possible transfers are normal. All are behind someone coming back or at a weight with a top ranked recruit.
  9. The continued love for Oliver at 65 is perplexing. He is to Retherford/Yianni what Taylor is to Dake: the guy who is supposed to win but never does. I think Yianni gets it done this time.
  10. I know someone else who is fixated on PSU...
  11. If I recall correctly, Bo Jordan did a deadlift some years ago around this weight and put it on Twitter or some other media. Ferrari can calm doubters doing the same.
  12. Great news for NATO fans. Class act. Give it one more shot.
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