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  1. I think this is an accurate and fair assessment. I also think if at the same weight in college, Stieber wins. Excellent defense and could finish shots against anyone. Plus, as someone posted earlier, mentally tough. Similar style to how Dake and Cox beat Taylor. But as we know, in fantasy matchups, Taylor is the man.
  2. Dan Gable after Owings. Built up to be unbeatable, loses his final college match. Stands there like a man.
  3. Your last sentence is very accurate, in my opinion. If you can’t handle your senses at the end of a contest, combative or otherwise, don’t enter the contest.
  4. Sstern


    Everybody loves freedom of religion, unless it’s not your religion (or no religion). How progressive in thought you are. You clearly don’t know NATO, who is one of the classiest guys to ever wrestle.
  5. Looking at everything comprehensively the way you lay it out here, to me Nolf looks like the clear 1. Taylor, of whom I’m a big fan, seems to gain a lot from hype. I would like to see him in a real match with Nickal at 86.
  6. If I recall correctly Logan did not take down when it was his choice in the last couple of matches.
  7. ...and Malik Heinselman and Jacob Decatur.
  8. Great point. 15-20 years ago the team they have now would be considered a raging success. Perspective is important.
  9. Looks are deceiving. 133 is a tough cut for him.
  10. The Lake Erie Monsters play at The Q. No Barons.
  11. Life really is that simple...
  12. No. And if you look like a punk, act like a punk, and anticipate getting punked by a better wrestler, you are a punk. P D Snowflake III is trying a very amateurish way of getting under the Unicorn’s fur. He will get teched. Guaranteed.
  13. Douche. I’m not a big fan of Flo but grow up.
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