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  1. Sstern

    Bey with a right hook

    The only dirty wrestler in that match was our guy.
  2. This is so bush league. In this age of ducking and seed protecting no coach is putting a hurt wrestler on the mat. If you actually watched the match there was no objective hint of injury. To he contrary, his speed was unbelievable. People who actually wrestled don’t post bs injury crap. You wrestled the match? You were healthy enough.
  3. Sstern

    Biggest threat to Nickal?

    The flu.
  4. Sstern

    Oldest Wrestler in NCAAs

    This year. Maybe Lee but maybe not.
  5. Sstern

    Best Dual Meet Team

    The thought crossed my mind.
  6. Sstern

    Best Dual Meet Team

    The effort to circumvent sarcasm is lost on many on this board.
  7. Sstern

    Best Dual Meet Team

    A team that wins 6 of 10 individual matches or wins the overall score because of bonus points in their 4 wins while the other team gets all 3 point wins? I get the official winner is the one that scores more points so I will try to nip the sarcasm in the bud. And yes, I have been working far too hard for this thought to cross my mind.
  8. Sstern

    Oldest Wrestler in NCAAs

    Tom Brands when one of his boys wins a title and throws him. Oh wait, they have to win a title. Nevermind.
  9. Sstern

    Dan Gable - The Champion

    Great video. Thanks for posting. Best footage of Gable-Owings I have ever seen. The music, however, sounds like it came from a bad mafia movie. . .or a funeral.
  10. Sstern


    Assault on Micic. No offense intended but you must not know the law if you believe what he did outside the rules isn’t a potential crime. Do you really think this kids future doesn’t include some major negative repercussions if doesn't get his act together?
  11. Sstern

    Iowa 2020 National Champs?

    I stand corrected but I am confident I read back problem on a post here a couple of weeks ago. That’s what I get for relying on this forum for real news.
  12. Sstern

    Iowa 2020 National Champs?

    I think Kemerer is an excellent wrestler but I’m not believing he is a finalist contender up two weights with a bad back. He didn’t look all that big at 57. I hope he is.
  13. Sstern


    My small brain can’t grasp what your comment means; however, one might suggest that DeS and some clergymen should both be in prison. N’est pas, mon Ami?
  14. Sstern


    This is meaningless. Maryland? He’s probably the only one laughing harder than Brands at this.
  15. Sstern

    Penn State @ Ohio State

    Why? Just curious if this is an educated guess or made with some actual knowledge. I don’t see why he wouldn’t go unless hurt.