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  1. Easy Mr. thin skin. Get out of the basement and see the sun.
  2. JB’s never been a tool like PD3, nor is he a subject of this thread.
  3. In addition he is a far more successful wrestler at comparable points of their careers.
  4. I could see NS ducking but not Lee. If I recall he wrestled NATO three times his first year.
  5. DS is a talent but with his comp this year he is more likely to get DQ’d on his way to the finals than actually making it.
  6. Snyder beat Sadulaev while at TOSU. He doesn’t look any closer to doing it again now. And I think Cael is a great coach.
  7. I think Dake beats those you mentioned if at the same weight. Of course it’s just opinion but as much as I have seen him flaking out a little lately his all around wrestling talent is unbelievable. Offense, defense and mat skills, he has it all. I would have loved to see Cael and Kyle compete. I don’t think any of Cael’s opponents threaten Kyle except maybe Hahn.
  8. Just kidding. I like Yazdanicharcuterie plenty. He is easy to root for. And unlike that sissy Steveson at least DT showed up to wrestle.
  9. F DT. He wins, we clinch the team title. Phoned it in. If Carl could coach international, USA would win the team title.
  10. I think a win for Kyle is bigger to his legacy than a loss would be to Sadulaev’s legacy. He has lost to Snyder already and as a gold medalist Snyder’s win wouldn’t be as bad as, for instance, Dake’s loss in the first round of the Olympics after all the hype.
  11. A lot of successful wrestlers comport themselves quite well. Narcissistic is way overused, and misunderstood, these days. However, there is no question Henson’s track record allows one to question not only his loyalty but whether he has the capacity to work well with others.
  12. Sad. Time to move on.
  13. If he suffered an early season injury would he be eligible for another year on a medical waiver. Please indicate that’s not possible.
  14. Would he be the first guy to wrestle in three decades.
  15. I’m not necessarily disagreeing with you but going political the 4th post in has to be a record.
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