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    The first page alone of “Why does flo not hire...” brings this to mind.
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    Quite frankly you and a couple others like you. You seem like a really good guy but you and others touting yourselves as experts — you are, by the way — frequently get really thinned skinned. Once you put yourself out there, you are subject to critique. Let it go. Generally, your product is very good. JBs selective sensorship. I can ignore the goofs but they are becoming so predominant that I don’t come here daily anymore. Every two or three days is it now. Also, once a topic gets to a page and a half, it’s over.
  3. Hall? I’m not suggesting it wouldn’t be earned as I think it would. But based on what a lot of Iowa haters post, I think there might be the suggestion it’s an easier year. I should have been more clear on my own thoughts.
  4. The irony would be if Iowa wins there might be another asterisk because all Brands’ guys are wrestling while other teams have important Olympic shirts being taken.
  5. He looks like the least athletic superstar wrestler ever. I really enjoy watching him wrestle as he just seems to be so naturally gifted. Great competitor. Hope this gets straightened out, whatever it is.
  6. I’m glad they wrestle the match; otherwise, KS has no chance.
  7. It’s at least being settled on the mat. We can be grateful for that rather than someone screwing* around with the score. If Zain is better, he is up 1 and only needs 1. He will win. If not, he won’t. Even I can do that math.
  8. Just put them on the schedule this year, Cael. Oh wait, no Zain, Nolf, Nickel. . .you might want to wait a few years.
  9. Or he overestimated yours, Cael.
  10. I think John Smith is one of the all time greats but other than wrestling there isn’t much to offer. Even the Big 10 rejected them for mediocre academics and it will ho itself out for tv ratings for just about any school (see Rutgers). Getting elite out of state recruits has to be hard for them.
  11. I think this is fair. I also think Zain is, all things considered, better. I think he would beat Metcalf.
  12. Cael: I appreciate your loyalty but Yianni seems to have separated himself somewhat. Each match is different but a favorite is a favorite, whether it’s match 1 or 2.
  13. I’m delusional. I believe Valencia and Moore would beat Downey. From a team standpoint I think we get one of the better efforts we have ever seen. Getting byes through the qualifying process will mean everything to these guys going into an Olympic year, especially with how deep we are in FS now.
  14. Move along. Nothing to see here. This started years ago with a friendly dispute between Ohio University and TOSU. I’m surprised this wasn’t done sooner.
  15. Cael: now listen and listen good. Take your ego out of it. You are a very good coach but no way you win more than 2 at ISU. Kohl and Ryan win the rest. Maybe Tommy gets one. Perhaps Casey gets the job at Minny and takes one, too.
  16. More likely a benefit to Marinelli as he tries to get his first.
  17. Cael: now listen and listen good: Iowa isn’t the biggest threat to your job, Cunningham is. Now get out of the basement and back to the room. A couple of them actually miss you.
  18. You did not really say that, did you? You can’t mean it.
  19. Now, now Cael. Keep your cool and get back to the room.
  20. Carl: you are the greatest coach of all time. I can’t believe you can post this much and still oversee the program. Oh wait, that’s what Cunningham is for.
  21. Odd use of the word conflate. Or incredibly accurate.
  22. The only major thing about Seay I knew was the suspension/termination. Reading some of his bios online, he achieved so much more in and for wrestling I don’t see how, on balance, he didn’t give more than he took. I was very impressed. The infraction I read about was giving an incoming athlete a summer camp job rather than after his first year, then not telling the NCAA about it. While “NCAA illegal” I’ve seen worse. There are other non-infraction acts by coaches I think are worse.
  23. I’m no prude but do Flap’s posts seem to be getting a little more unacceptably profane? Almost to the point where it seems there is an alternative Flap writing these?
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