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  1. I think Griffith has a shot but other than that no one else. The Bull is primed and Mekhi has lost something. I don’t know what but he isn’t the same guy this year.
  2. “I understand that. I follow Ohio Stare wrestling quite closely. I’ll modify my response to “Tom Ryan and Ohio State seem to be worst of the top tier programs at developing talent that wasn’t already handed to them ready to go” I get we are talking about the least of the best but John Smith isn’t getting a lot out of dome top tier recruits these days. He and TR are top notch recruiters but Cael just seems to take his guys to a higher level more often. It would be nice to see refs stop a lot of the PSU guys from pinching the leg and parallel riding so much.
  3. I don’t think he gets two, though even one is special. His win over Massa is good but it looks to me like Massa still has the talent but not the fire.
  4. No question he has been I disappointment so far. However, no matter how popular GTG is, there wrestle off confirmed how far GTG is from AAing. if you’re a top team you have to try the opportunity to add points with someone like Orndorf.
  5. True that everything is lined up for him...just like Mark Hall.
  6. For a big media star you’re quite sensitive.
  7. I have from medical sources some can prevent you from getting it but not from spreading it. I have also heard from a J&J rep that while its vaccine is less effective from preventing you getting it, it can prevent transmission of it. But who really knows with this thing?
  8. Bloom off the rose for Bono?
  9. For a big media star your quite sensitive.
  10. I can’t see clearly now, the vain’s not gone.
  11. Yes, a thoughtful post. That’s new on this board.
  12. I’m not sure you understand my tortured thought process. Started with a huge bang winning the title. Then a couple AAs. Not what was expected. By the way, one of my favorite college wrestlers. I’m not dismissing him. It just didn’t end like many hoped/thought.
  13. Dustin Schlatter would like a word with you.
  14. How about a Buffett/Jackson reference: “it’s five on the jock somewhere.” That dude was grabbing it until forced to let go. There is really something going on there.
  15. I think if Amines at 84 he wins it.
  16. That was a very uncomfortable 5 on 1 with a grab. Very odd.
  17. Impressed by Washington and Starocci had nothing in the 3rd. Very surprised for a Cael coached guy. It looked like Wash took as many shots as Starocci in crunch time.
  18. Tav wasn’t ever seeing the football field at TOSU.
  19. That’s your “rule.” As long as someone is at the weight, able to wrestle this year, and has a track record, he can be ranked. There is nothing special, or in my opinion thoughtful, about your rule. In fact, just the opposite. One would think an “expert” would be able to extrapolate such a ranking given these particular set of facts.
  20. Me, neither. And as close as the match was at that point in time it may have made a difference. Palmer was close to the takedown. Maybe he didn’t know about why he may not have gotten behind until pointed out on video later. But Metcalf was awesome and the effect of the grab is conjecture.
  21. This point makes zero sense. It is not uncommon for great wrestlers to naturally move up a weight and achieve a top ranking. Dake probably did it three times. Same for Taylor, though probably only once or twice. Cael from 84 to 97? This isn’t rocket science and projecting — which is all it is — a highly successful wrestler up one weight class as the top guy is not as preposterous as you make it seem.
  22. It is more asterisk worthy to give Yianni one for the gift win against McKenna.
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