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  1. You just quoted him and wasted even more space
  2. That saying isnt an exact sCIEnce... https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/Category:English_words_not_following_the_I_before_E_except_after_C_rule
  3. Are we still talking about this?
  4. Hopefully Mattox will be good. Hayes is very frustrating to watch
  5. We will see what Jaden Mattox can do at 157
  6. Im an ohio state fan and It think this is a stretch
  7. He also trains with Kharchla at team Miron
  8. Maybe youre right. Martin should have had the same mentality as Dean and not take a shot in the 3rd period and he might have had a better result. He did have a stalling call, but just because he doesnt have a bunch of them doesnt really mean anything. Just look at what everyone talks about after Stoll wrestles. He doesnt have a myriad of stalling calls, yet there will defiantly be a bunch of posts about how he didnt do anything. I agree that he had the perfect strategy. All I was saying is that his strategy was not taking a shot or doing anything the entire match
  9. It looks like hes on his knee and his hand at the same time
  10. Didnt take a shot. ran away from him the martin the whole time. didnt really engage so that any offense could happen
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