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  1. Wasn't he a gypsy bare knuckle boxer? You don't have to have a body builder physique to be a fighter
  2. I thought the plan would be for Mendez to redshirt his sophomore year and then go 141 after d'emilio is gone
  3. I'm surprised at the people picking Nick Lee over Steiber and Yianni
  4. Got a list of 4 timers I can choose from?
  5. https://www.usatoday.com/story/sports/ncaaf/2016/11/19/joe-thomas-55-years-old-south-carolina-state/94128238/ I dont think theres an age limit on college athletics. There was a 55 year old that played football.
  6. Connorsdad stood next to him so he obviously knows best guys
  7. I believe Echemendia is planning on being a 141 ponder so I cant see him bumping all the way up to 157
  8. Haha I think hes 27. But very old for a college athlete regardless
  9. ahh I see. Nevermind then
  10. Does flo have a limit of streamers per account? I would be interested in a group buy if there isnt a limit
  11. Haha I guess I missed something?
  12. Since when have you not been able to see the NCAA rankings on Flo without a subscription? I feel like it used to be available to the public?
  13. They started out slow due to injuries but when fully healthy they had one of the best records in the league. They are a very complete team and them winning was not a fluke.
  14. I would much rather spend money on a subscription to HBO, Netflix, Amazon prime, or any other source that I can use all year around as opposed to a wrestling season that just a few months out of the year. I'll probably just continue to catch whatever matches espn covers and big ten network
  15. You just quoted him and wasted even more space
  16. That saying isnt an exact sCIEnce... https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/Category:English_words_not_following_the_I_before_E_except_after_C_rule
  17. Are we still talking about this?
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