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  1. 141 kinner 149 sasso 157 mattox 165 kharchla could be a solid option too
  2. Finesilver sounds like a wealthy name
  3. We should probably turn cinnaboning into a verb for this board
  4. There are a whole list of 3/4 timers that have won more championships than him. Also, one of the two titles he won was over an 11 seed in the finals. So hes luck he didnt have to face tougher competition. Just trying my luck at a cinnabon question.
  5. What the hell is on cassars chest
  6. Is nolf about to get a major without taking a shot
  7. Hes definitely good, but I also think kerkvliet and schultz will give him trouble in the next few years. Also hes lucky he wasn't a year older and missed out on snyder
  8. Oh because of the dual? That was a bad matchup for Ohio State but I still think they will score more in a tournament setting. Michigan definitely has a strong team though.
  9. I was thinking younger and he is just up past his bed time
  10. Calm down, everyone thought pantaleo would win that match regardless of ranking
  11. So I guess that means that hes not planning on beating him at the big10's right?
  12. well if its only champions and no other points then it would probably be 3 to 4 depending on the year and bonus points.
  13. Probably because it's missing a wrestler that will scream in the face of his opponent after the match
  14. Im not even an Iowa fan, but I dont think they are on life support. With how well Desanto and Young are doing so far this year, they are a healthy Kemerer away from making things really interesting at nationals.
  15. Fair enough, maybe hes getting better then.
  16. I dont think anything Ashnault did was a big deal. But I also think its really funny when guys try to act tough when theres like 7 people in between him and the other guy.
  17. I agree with you on the rest of the people, it makes matches exciting. The reason I dont like desanto is because hes such a cry baby when he loses I.E. the Micic match.
  18. If he likes people thinking hes a dbag, I dont think that its an act.
  19. Does anybody actually like this guy?
  20. I like desantos temper tantrums when he loses a lot better than when he wins
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