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  1. I heard Edmond Ruth transfered to Illinois to join his brother ed. Does the team plan on starting him this year? Could be dangerous dark horse at 174 come March if he does get the go. He's already beaten some ranked guys this year and won 2 opens. Even if he's half the wrestler his brother was, he should be fun to watch at a wight where there's a handful of guys who could sneak onto the podium between 6-8.
  2. Any word on his injury last night? Looked like it might be serious based on the video, but there’s been word that the ACL is still in tact. Hopefully he can get back on the mat soon given his injury history. You hate to see it happen back to back years.
  3. Matt Kolodzik should be someone who make a go at it 2nd semester with 149 being so open this year. Especially in the wake of the AOC injury. That could also put them in the podium Conversation as Well.
  4. 125 - Lee over Rivera 133 - Desanto over Micic 141 - Yani over Mckenna 149 - Ashnault over Oconnor 157 - Nolf over Berger 165 - Cenzo over Shields 174 - Zahid over Hall 184 - Martin over Preisch 197 - Bo over Honis Hwt - Stevenson over Deshi
  5. Crazy year of injuries with a handful of guys officially done. Since there isn’t an official injury report on wrestlers I figured we keep track of key known injuries that will affect the team race come March. Hopefully these guys can make it back for the show. 1. Weigel...Geer is tough but a long shot to AA 2. Boo Lewallan...does it matter? Gfeller is rockin. 3. Jon Jay Chavez or is he just fat right now? 4. Ryan Preisch...is he just kinda hurt? 5. How bad is Stolls gunshot wound? 6. Deshi isn’t hurt but is he in shape yet? 7. Is Yani hurt again? 8. Didn’t see Rasheed wrestle last dual. Assuming he’s also hurt? 9. Anyone see any Reenan activity? 10. Scotty Parker...must be something serious as he hasn’t wrestled all year. Feel free to add anyone else I may have missed.
  6. Did Ryan Milholf all of a sudden disappear? I have not seen him start in any dual since he mff out of Midlands? What’s his status?
  7. Clearly it was a legitamate question given the response. Seems like others wondered the same. Obviously you’re friends with the guy so you’re coming to his defense. But let’s not stretch the truth and pretend people aren’t paying attention...
  8. So I guess to summarize. He may or may not have attended the school for a brief period of time. He definitely rolled around in the room with the team, but wasn’t actually on the roster. He’s good with the kids and is a nice guy. Split opinions on whether or not he’s good at technique or at commentating. I will say that he is becoming one of the more recognizable characters in wrestling with the amount of content that flo puts out him on. He might just be as polarizing as someone like Desanto.
  9. I think this is deviating from the original question a tad bit. I wasn’t asking whether or not people thought Mike was a good announcer — but simply did we wrestle at Okie State? And by wrestle there, I mean did he actually attend the school? And by attend I mean take classes, was on the roster, and owned a Okie State singlet? Shoot even an okie state ID? (I mean these are student athletes right?). If we’re going to put that down on a resume, run a wrestling club, charge for camps, use certain rhetoric while commentating matches, I sure hope so. But it sounds like based on what the response has been so far is that he maybe attended open rooms? Owned a T-Shirt? Watched a few John Smith DVDs? Sure, I’ve visited the Harvard campus before. Read the Harvard Business Reciew. Shoot, I’ve even sat in on some classes and went to a few parties. BUT at no point and I saying I was a student at Harvard in my job interviews or even saying I was a “Harvard Drop Out”. That simply just wouldn’t be factually true. Thats all. I just was curious to know the FACTS.
  10. You’re telling me he’s making up US states now too???? and sorry yes Mike Mal is the “dude” I’m refering to.
  11. Don’t mean to put anyone’s reputation in questions, but... I’ve heard now a few times on a few Flo streams and videos of him referring to his time wrestling at Okie State. I’ve tried my best to siff through the records to see if this is true and NOTHING. Then maybe I thought to myself, “hey maybe I heard wrong or misinterpreted”. But then I was able to find this. The other giveaway is the technique breakdown but I’ll save that for another thread. Did this dude actually wrestle there? Just want to make sure that there’s no fire when I’m smelling smoke!
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