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  1. Don't Vermont High schools only have like 100 students total for all 4 grades?
  2. Looks like he's already made a splash to the Navy Program...Beats #18 Lehigh for their 1st win in 10 years over them 21-9...He has 55 guys on roster and great facilities...I think Navy in the near future will start having some great results.
  3. The Maryland vs Indiana match should be a doozy..Both are train wrecks right now
  4. The College Programs will benefit because JB was hired...Not because of Slay
  5. what was that a year ago..Well before he started training freestyle...After his rolling through this tournament NS should probably be #1 right now...He dominated the guy who beat Gilman in Semi
  6. Agree its going to be a mess seeding..Just think last results will carry the most weight..I guess we'll see pretty soon
  7. Nicky Freestyle..Let's Go! Can't see where he doesnt end up #1 seed at trials
  8. Thats was what was wondering how the seeds will go in trials..thanks..Thats a great jump for Nick but probably not good for a return to NCAA Rutgers this season
  9. How does this affect the ladder at 57...Does Suriano jump from #7 to #1?
  10. He's going to Penn (Philly) to take over for Meatball Slay who has done absolutely nothing there (just a joke of a hire to Penn/horrible hire) ...JB will build this Program immediately
  11. Penn States All Time biggest Wrestling supporter/Staff member is not Happy with this
  12. The money started to come in before RU Wrestling joined the B1G because Goodale and his staff broke their humps to change the culture of The State University of New Jersey...He was all over the State and promoting Rutgers...Sacchi never did that...When the administration started seeing the buzz that Goodale created they started supporting the Program...A big crowd during the Sacchi days was 75 non paying fans at the College Avenue gym...Now they are top 5 in attendance every year with thousands of paid fans...Goodale started with 4 scholarships because the previous staff had them on academic probation and he cleaned that up immediately
  13. Agree with your statement but a lot of that was Sacchi's fault...He wasn't able to sell the program in a crazy popular wrestling state
  14. Just sucks Rutgers was so bad back then..These guys are Big Time Division 1 Wrestlers...Sacchi (before Goodale) was just a Debacle for New Jersey
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