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  1. Tulsa?? Is that even a City? Hope it's better then Oklahoma City...The city had no idea there was a big wrestling tournament that weekend ...Most places were closed near Arena.
  2. you should list all the elite recruits Cornell signs every year...Cancel that the site would probably crash!
  3. Hofstra coach has just buried their program...Just look at their schedule in past 10 years...They use to wrestle a top schedule and now they schedule the bottom of D1 and pray for Wins...They are a EIWA team but don't schedule Cornell, Lehigh or Princeton....Hire someone who can take this Program out of this Debacle!
  4. Hofstra needs a Big Time coaching change. The school is in a great area for wrestling and Hofstra spends good money on program but their results in the past years with current coach are just pathetic.
  5. This Regional center is going to explode with the additions of JB and Mark Hall...UPenn and Drexel are going to get better quick...These guys are such an upgrade from Brandon Slay running a Pa. training center.
  6. Rutgers in that group? Have you been following them lately...They average more paid fans in one match that those other schools have all season!
  7. Pretty sure Rutgers broke dead even on Wrestling. And their future looks brighter..Before they hired Goodale the Program was a train wreck and never would have survived these times
  8. https://www.nj.com/rutgers/2020/08/rutgers-national-champion-nick-suriano-re-enrolls-at-university.html?fbclid=IwAR3IS9irO1LASzC4yqqXVTAb_T0eXMqdgUUNDHf7FYuEUnUE6KNNy0X8XR8 Also Griffith to The State University picking up steam!!
  9. their probably going to have each match start on the hour...Dake and the Italian guy going off at midnight on East coast
  10. It's pretty funny there is such a big Cornell thread on here because they can't even have their own forum anymore..Their Wrestling report forum is closed down so the few Cornell fans have to come on here now...Also funny that the Cornell Wrestling faithful think they are elite academic wise but Everyone knows Cornell Wrestling brings in recruits that couldn't get accepted to Drexel!
  11. Big Rutgers fan but I don't see Alvarez winning here...Tough watching the Vito video on FLO probably because Ithaca just got internet like 3 months ago
  12. Heard PD was just the worst training partner and just pissed off everybody with his non stop talking...You get run out of Jersey for your mouth you have serious issues but being a horrible training partner will send you packing also
  13. Plain and simple..He was booted because hearing many people were done with his act.
  14. Darrin Caldwell Mugshot out of Florida...Never seen him Wrestle
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