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  1. And what do you add value to this site? You are full of yourself!
  2. ok Clemsen who is so over his head ...Talk to me when he wins 1 B1G Dual or is even competitive!!
  3. What time do you think Maryland knew about positive test on a back up? The only Trash is Maryland and their crummy Program! Coach Clemsen is horrible and would struggle leading a HS Program in Northeast Pa!
  4. There was a positive test at 9am with a RU backup and Maryland let RU know then...RU sent guy home..Theres not any question about that...Clemson is over his head in the B1G and theres a reason they are not competitive...Be shocked if he ever wins a B1G dual before they can him!
  5. Thats a Lie..Not even a question..Not surprised the guy was ready to take another beating and go 0-8..Worst Coach in B1G History...Guys a CLOWN!
  6. Maryland let every other Rutgers wrestler in their building at 3 pm to train with no issue...They go to scale and The Worst Program in The B1G at 5pm says they don't want to wrestle..Coach Clemson is a CLOWN
  7. At weigh ins Maryland says they won't wrestle...Theres a reason Maryland is Horrible and Coach Clemson sucks!..Rutgers had a back up guy test positive at 9am and sent him back to NJ...The whole team trained all day at Maryland...And then at weigh ins they pulled out...Coach Clemson is a Loser and will Never be able to lead a B1G Program!
  8. MSU is such a breath of fresh air from the Minkel days...They are very competitive
  9. If this was football or basketball the media and coaches would be going bonkers and The NCAA would have to address the mistake on their format and it would be changed.
  10. Disagree...They wouldn't beat Blairs top guys in 10 weights or Wyoming Seminary and I'm sure there are more!
  11. B1G approved the extra matches just waiting on Carl https://rutgers.forums.rivals.com/threads/scott-goodale-match-week-press-conference-maryland.211968/
  12. Obviously the NCAA made some really big mistakes with their numbers...Why won't they just come out and say we made some mistakes and are re-doing the Allocations that are fair this season? I just don't get it
  13. Trying to help out their Conference neighbor to get them with enough bouts to have the guys that deserve to Qualify actually Qualify and Im sure Rutgers looking to pull some upsets and help their squad...Theres not a coach in America that doesn't want his guys to compete more then Goodale and RU no matter what the projections Rutgers, Penn State wrestling trying to schedule extra bouts with each other. h ttps://app.com/.../rutgers-penn-state.../6770783002/ via @asburyparkpress
  14. Never really heard much about him but I think he has a Great career for PSU...Good length...Lost a tough one against #6 for Michigan but this freshman is very good
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