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  1. https://www.thescarletspotlight.com/podcast/2019/9/12/episode-38-scott-goodale
  2. The Jersey Shore King of The Beach is a solid tournament..Watched a couple of D1 All-Americans compete there.
  3. Lost 2 matches by the rules and couldn't put up a single point in 2nd match. Cried and Wouldn't shake hands. What a Weak outing by him!
  4. I wish Damion waited another year. He would have been the top candidate for Maryland and that would of been a good fit..A much better job in the Mid Atlantic Region. Bono is a great coach and got it done in the middle of nowhere..It will be a long time before South Dakota has a good Wrestling team again.
  5. Heflin acted like a baby...You just lost 2 matches in a row and didn't score a point in match 2...You should shake hands!
  6. Ashnault just destroys his opponents. Lat round teched 10-0 in 24 seconds. Finished 4-0 with 3 techs and a pin.
  7. receive an Olympic Redshirt for next season if they want it?
  8. South Dakota State 14-2 last season with 7 Qualifiers, 3 All-Americans and a National Champ Next season 3-10 with 1 Qualifier who went 0-2
  9. Absolutely not. NJ has never counted Blair kids who were from another state. Those are all NJ kids that AA.
  10. Great way to finish weekend! https://247sports.com/college/rutgers/LongFormArticle/Rutgers-Wrestling-returns-home-after-NCAA-Championship-victories-130479133/
  11. Your just wrong..Donny got bonuses also it just wasn't in the article.
  12. Your struggling sourpuss..You have bashed Goodale and Rutgers for a long time..Your just miserable Rutgers is pretty good!
  13. Lets start with National prep Champ Jackson Turley from Virginia, he beat Devin Winston this season who was #1 at the time.
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