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  1. Just amazing Cornell doesn't win a National title every year...Nobody even sniffs the amount of talent they bring in every year and have been doing forever under Koll...Most top schools bring in around 4 studs every year...Cornell brings in 10 a year and have their Finger Lakes Farm team...Koll is the Master of how to load up on National recruits and laugh at the 9.9 Scholarships everyone else plays by.
  2. Attending most ACC Duals is like an average HS match in top HS Wrestling States...Attending the ACC Tournament is equal to a county/district tournament in top HS Wrestling states.
  3. Great? His best year they were 8-8 and finished 6th at Pac 10 Championships
  4. McCoy is a class act and seems like a great guy but it shouldn't be forgotten he was probably one of the worst Head Coaches at a Major D1 program in a long time. His Maryland teams were a train wreck and if you watched his last couple of years at Maryland he wouldn't even get up off bench and coach. He did a horrible job at recruiting and developing guys. I wouldn't expect too many great results, kind of like when Penn RTC made a big deal about Brandon Slay running it...How has that gone? Penn and Drexel have declined since hiring Slay and have been to probably 50 Clinics over the years and Slay is at the bottom
  5. HAHAHA...Outside of Philadelphia??? Your a clown...were do you go in the summer ?? Everyone in that area with any cash goes to the Jersey Shore...You Know that...As for the Virginia guy you want to talk about a ****hole State!! Where HS Wrestling is not good!
  6. Better pro sports too. Not even close.. .WHAT??? So you have 3 teams you can attend as close distance...New Jersey has probably 15 including Pittsburgh and Baltimore ..Some people in NJ are a 1.5 hour ride hour ride to Baltimore...Once again this is a Wrestling site...Lets compare Massachusetts to New Jersey in Wrestling...HAHA
  7. You say were not close but were #2 and I have read other studies who have said were #1 ....You are on a National Wrestling board and NOBODY has ever even heard of Wrestling in Massachusetts...You think they have wrestling in Massachusetts??? haha... Pipe Down!
  8. Ok were 2nd...but this is a Wrestling board...Do they even have Wrestling in Massachusetts? Get Lost Massachusetts is the top state for education. It’s followed by New Jersey, Florida, Washington and New Hampshire to round out the top five. Seven of the 10 states with the best education systems also rank among the top 10 Best States overall. Explore more about the best state for education below.
  9. What a Clown...Where are you from?...You just can't afford to live here...Theres a reason we have the BEST SCHOOL SYSTEM in America and it costs so much to live here...Have you ever visited a good town in NJ? I don't expect a response from you!! We border great cities in NYC (Best city in World)....basically North Jersey... and Philadelphia ..South Jersey with so many great attractions...Broadway shows, Best Museums in USA and best restaurants in America If you are a Sports fan you have so many options very close...NFL..MLB..NBA..NHL...Most Jersey people are within an hour or train ride of The Giants and Jets who play in NJ and right over bridge of Eagles in NFL...Sixers. Nets and Knicks in NBA..The Mets, Phillies and Yankees in MLB..The Islanders, Devils and Flyers in NHL The Jersey Shore is just a beautiful place and some of the best beaches in USA...if you own a Home there its probably a Million dollar property The food options are just amazing...If your food is not great you will not survive...Try eating a Pizza in the midwest or South We have Ski Mountains in State and border The Pocono Mountains We have real fishing right here on The Atlantic Ocean and some great lakes, Not some freshwater pond you get all worked up when you catch a 1.5lb fish We have some of the best produce in USA grown here...Tomatoes, Corn, Blueberries etc.are all the best in USA We have some great hunting spots We are The Garden State for a reason We have The best Casinos in America along with Vegas...Have you ever been to a Casino in the Midwest or outside Atlantic City NJ or Vegas...What Dumps AND MOST IMPORTANT WE LOVE WRESTLING AND HAVE A REAL STATE HS TOURNAMENT ...1 CHAMP ..1 CLASS ...AND HAVE A GREAT TRACK RECORD! Again Where are You From?? So funny when people bad mouth New Jersey but won't dare mention where their from...What a Clown Ogaldummy and ionelidiot are ...WHERE ARE YOU FROM?? I Don't want to ever badmouth other states but but when people attack NJ They have No clue! CRICKETS!!!!
  10. What a difference in comparing Riveras dad and Surianos dad....Riveras dad is a former New Jersey State Champ, NCAA D3 National Champ and has been in the corner and coaches former UFC Champ Frankie Edgar since day 1 and runs one of the top and most respected clubs in NJ. Just a Great and nice guy and Wrestling supporter even with guys that don't belong to his club. Surianos dad has done nothing ever on the mat or ever for the sport and just is nasty and causes problems wherever he goes...Hes probably going to regret being such a tool one day..jmo
  11. His Ole Man is known as one of the biggest douchbags in NJ Wrestling History...Anybody at Penn State or Rutgers knows that...Just not a good Person!..Never heard anything negative about Nick.
  12. These 2006 NJ State Champs are just awesome! 4 Future NCAA Champs and 2 Olympic Team members. What States can beat that? I'm sure Pennsylvania must have some that are right there. I don't think any State can match the 4 in the middle. Can you name these guys?
  13. Some Asst. Coaching jobs out there are better then being the head guy at some schools.
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