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  1. moveurfeet32

    Heflin was a Punk

    Lost 2 matches by the rules and couldn't put up a single point in 2nd match. Cried and Wouldn't shake hands. What a Weak outing by him!
  2. moveurfeet32

    Gross transferring & SDSU Issues

    I wish Damion waited another year. He would have been the top candidate for Maryland and that would of been a good fit..A much better job in the Mid Atlantic Region. Bono is a great coach and got it done in the middle of nowhere..It will be a long time before South Dakota has a good Wrestling team again.
  3. moveurfeet32

    Pat Downey is still Pat Downey!

    Heflin acted like a baby...You just lost 2 matches in a row and didn't score a point in match 2...You should shake hands!
  4. moveurfeet32

    Pan Am's

    Ashnault just destroys his opponents. Lat round teched 10-0 in 24 seconds. Finished 4-0 with 3 techs and a pin.
  5. receive an Olympic Redshirt for next season if they want it?
  6. South Dakota State 14-2 last season with 7 Qualifiers, 3 All-Americans and a National Champ Next season 3-10 with 1 Qualifier who went 0-2
  7. moveurfeet32

    All Americans By State

    Absolutely not. NJ has never counted Blair kids who were from another state. Those are all NJ kids that AA.
  8. moveurfeet32

    Good Morning America with a Wrestling shout out

    Great way to finish weekend! https://247sports.com/college/rutgers/LongFormArticle/Rutgers-Wrestling-returns-home-after-NCAA-Championship-victories-130479133/
  9. great to see this for our sport!
  10. moveurfeet32

    What a night for Goodale

    Your just wrong..Donny got bonuses also it just wasn't in the article.
  11. moveurfeet32

    What a night for Goodale

    Your struggling sourpuss..You have bashed Goodale and Rutgers for a long time..Your just miserable Rutgers is pretty good!
  12. moveurfeet32

    What a night for Goodale

    Lets start with National prep Champ Jackson Turley from Virginia, he beat Devin Winston this season who was #1 at the time.
  13. moveurfeet32

    What a night for Goodale

    HAHA..Lemon. must be so sour after Rutgers having a good night!
  14. moveurfeet32

    What a night for Goodale

    Named Coach of Tournament...2 Champs and top 10 finish and a bunch of cash...Great to see Wrestling coaches getting paid! https://www.nj.com/rutgers/2019/03/heres-how-rutgers-wrestling-coach-scott-goodale-will-be-rewarded-for-epic-national-title-night.html
  15. moveurfeet32

    USA 19 New Jersey 13

    The Athletic Director is so in on RU Wrestling!