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  1. https://rutgers.forums.rivals.com/threads/give-goodale-credit-no-coach-speak-here.187848/
  2. Also nice that the ACC Network is showing the North Carolina at Virginia Tech match tonight!
  3. Just a Clown Show at Hofstra...Watch Head Coaches video. https://gohofstra.com/sports/wrestling Says he thought they would be 7-0 going into match against NC State?? Says Hofstra would of won 99 out of of 100 times if they wrestled opponents again??? Hofstra is 3-5 and lost to West Virginia 38-0 When will Hofstra hire a solid coach and get back to being a solid Program
  4. I think you also have to add Michigan State and Indiana to this list. They were just dead when Minkel and Ski mask Goldman were there. They change coaches and Chandler and Escobeda are starting to get things going. I thought it was an awful hire when Michigan State hired Chandler who was part of Minkel staff but I was wrong.
  5. Princeton was just Pathetic not long ago. They were an absolute joke in NJ and wrestled in a small gym in front of 20 people. They were so bad their fans only cheered when one of their wrestlers even got close to a takedown. they would never be able to finish but that was their highlight. There were better atmospheres at Middle Schools in NJ..They hire Ayres and Dubuque and boy have things changed. They now wrestle at Jadwin and they just keep getting better every year.
  6. Just got done listening to his call on ESPN for the PSU/Rutgers dual. He's outstanding and has a great future calling matches and Tournaments.
  7. NAIA School or JC..Only D1 team that would accept you is probably Cornell
  8. So don't ever discuss Coaches that are just not getting it done? Hofstra is in a Wrestling hotbed and at one time not long ago filled their arena with paying fans for Home duals and wrestled a good schedule. They now don't charge and they probably have 50 people show up and have made their schedule filled with teams outside the top 50. They do wrestle NC State today who is their only opponent in top 25 but dont schedule the top teams in their conference (EIWA)?. In 2013 Hofstra dualed 11 Teams in the Top 25 including #1 Minnesota, #4 Iowa and #5 Ohio State..When Hofstra had the right leadership there were PRIDE fans all over the Northeast cheering them on. They are in the media capital of the world and when they were doing well you always read about their Wrestling team. Now you never hear anything about them. I think theres a better chance of them dropping the program because they dont have the right leadership and they keep under performing then someone calling them out on a forum. If you get the right leader on Long Island Hofstra will again be filling their arena and will have plenty of Buzz.
  9. Is he looking to try and represent Italy at 2020 Olympics? Goes to tournament and doesn't enter?? He was being honored at the RAC tonight and they are raising the 1st wrestling banners in RU history..Just seems strange he would miss that because he wants to check out scene!
  10. Just a matter of time Before Hahn takes over the Minnesota Program...Damion would run circles around Egghead!
  11. why would I..Thats what I'm talking about...Zero fans in a free to attend Arena..Citadel is not good at all. They should be wrestling the top teams in EIWA and trying to set up their guys up with a decent seed in EIWA Tournament (they dont dual top 3 in EIWA..Cornell/Prineton/Lehigh). That was a nice win over 2-4 Binghampton and Hofstra wrestled well.
  12. After signing with Penn State he lost in NJ Final and this season was beat by a sophomore in Beast of East semi. I would say the once #3 P4P wrestler in class of 2020 has lost some luster!
  13. He's The King of that..It's been going on since he took over...Never gives the teams that beat him any credit and just excuses about why they lost...There is not a Program in America that has under performed more then the Dennis led Pride of Hofstra.
  14. Lost to 1-4 Bloomsburg today...Hofstra Coaching Staff is by far the Worst in Country...They are Never ready to go..Dennis chirped about when he took over they were going to relive the The Tom Ryan years...Worst D1 HC in America! The excuses from Dennis never ends but he stills talks about being around the top 25..Just clueless! https://gohofstra.com/news/2020/1/2/wrestling-wrest-w-b-mason-coaches-report-with-hofstra-coach-dennis-papadatos.aspx
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