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  1. Geez...Pat Pop would be a Home Run for Minnesota.
  2. Eggum is the new Ski Mask coach following Goldman...Has no right being paid so much and should wear the Ski Mask when cashing those nice checks!
  3. Ohio State lost to a very good Virginia tech team that was around top 10 last year..Minnesota lost to a Rider team at Home that finished around 40th last year with 7 points. Minnesota staff is nowhere up to the task!
  4. Bring back Minnesota 2x National Champ Damion Hahn to spark a fire in this Program...He would run circles around Eggum.
  5. 1- Just gets outworked by Little ol Rider at Home 2- Rest of Minnesota staff Minnesota is a great wrestling state with great facilities/fans and all the bells and whistles. They need to move on from Eggum!
  6. Dual meets are pretty weak... Let's see Individual line ups for Sunday!
  7. Not really a bad viewing seat in the house. This pic is from the last row in the corner..300 level is steep though and there are no backs on seats. You'll get a workout during a 2 day Tournament!
  8. 2nd year in a row. When Goodale and Leonardis took over they had about 50 fans/parents/darlings and it was free. https://scarletknights.com/news/2019/11/7/wrestling-surpasses-3-000-season-tickets-sold-for-second-consecutive-year.aspx
  9. https://www.thescarletspotlight.com/podcast/2019/9/12/episode-38-scott-goodale
  10. The Jersey Shore King of The Beach is a solid tournament..Watched a couple of D1 All-Americans compete there.
  11. Lost 2 matches by the rules and couldn't put up a single point in 2nd match. Cried and Wouldn't shake hands. What a Weak outing by him!
  12. I wish Damion waited another year. He would have been the top candidate for Maryland and that would of been a good fit..A much better job in the Mid Atlantic Region. Bono is a great coach and got it done in the middle of nowhere..It will be a long time before South Dakota has a good Wrestling team again.
  13. Heflin acted like a baby...You just lost 2 matches in a row and didn't score a point in match 2...You should shake hands!
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