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  1. Man. You need to learn how to read. Indiana Michigan state Minnesota Rutgers Seems to me it was alphabetical then they needed rutgers to host because they were the last to join the Big Ten.
  2. I can see 5 matches to 5 matches.. bonus is gonna decide this.
  3. Its been alphabetical until now with Rutgers. It should be Nebraska next year
  4. Very unimpressive today. Days like today are why Nebraska usually get ****ty seeding come NCAAs. Venz goes from beat Brooks to that.... Robb let one go.. But the whole team overall looked flat. Props the Michigan State.
  5. RiP Kobe and Gianna And the 7 others that have lost their lives...
  6. It's gonna be interesting to see how Manning plans to use the line up. RS Lovett next year and use Davenport at 133, Chad Red then graduates and you have Lovett at 141. Robb bump up to 165 or Hardy at 165 when white leaves. Idk but its a good problem to have. EDIT: I guess Davenport is at 149 so he can step in after Purinton is gone.
  7. Well the last time I did a prediction I was terribly wrong and Nebraska was upset by Wisconsin. I did see improvement against Iowa even though the score didn't show it, the dual was decided by 3rd period TDs that mostly when Iowa's way. Nebraska has the guys to win this dual but a few things need to happen. Thomsen needs to get a win, Its really hard to compete in a dual with you keep losing the first match by bonus. If your gonna lose you need to keep it to a DEC. Lovett needs to get to his offense, if he can get a take down, then he is in his world on top and can control the match. The Red that made Murin look average needs to show up. Not the Red that made Moran look above average. Purinton still need to earn his rank. Tonight maybe he can show if he belongs in the TOP 25. Robb could very well be a AA this year. Hes gonna need to get Bonus here to show hes a force to be reckoned with. ( I dont this Berge is going?) White needs to get over the hump. He has been so close at getting the upset, and I really hope it happens tonight. Labs can wrestle with anyone and Hall is no different. Labs can also get majored by Hall pretty easily. Good measuring stick to see where he is and where he needs to be. I dont know whats going on with Venz this year but he hasn't looked like the promising AA he did his freshman year. Hopefully he can get back on track against a really good wrestler. Schulz can wrestle with anyone. If he gets on his offense he can compete with anyone. I hope he does here. Lance hasnt really beat anyone worth mentioning. Who knows. He needs to turn it around. Nebraska can win. Its gonna be tough, Keep losing matches to decisions, make a few upsets, win the matches your suppose to. Nebraska can win.
  8. I ain't gonna go fixed it outtta dat spite for da ppl TaHt W. Ann t me to Fix ...it
  9. Thats not how you spell Long. lol
  10. I mean is it really that big of a deal? 90 % of the people on this post knew what i meant and when on to have a constructive conversation. But NO you two have to be the dicks and point out that i had a few typing errors. WHOOPs my bad guys... Forgot most the people on here were English majors.
  11. Im not saying he deserved to win. DeSanto won the match BUT rules are rules and called need to be made when they should be. Shouldnt matter that the call wouldnt have made a difference. .... The criticism does hold because I never saw Zain or Bo or Nolf or Zahid...Just chill on bottom for a whole period because they were up..
  12. Then he should have been hit for stalling.
  13. I do. Lovett is no sap... kinda amusing you think so And considering he started to get leverage to turn him yea the PD was a difference maker
  14. You stating he wasn't in the match.. im stating he was.
  15. Im stating this is a trend happening when he faces guys that can ride. If DeSanto isnt gonna make the finals its because of this most likely. Guys are gonna see this and take advantage of it. (Those who can that is.). ...........Lovett was in that match.. one turn for 4 and he wins. But he had to fight DeSantos stalling so....lol
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