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  1. Was expecting 9 to qualify but AT really had one hell of a tourny. Nebraska has got a real shot to podium this year.. Here is to hoping they keep it rolling into nationals
  2. More than likely that keeps Silva from nationals
  3. At least it was only 4 GBR!!!
  4. The Nebraska let down... was waiting for it... 5 semi finalist... 4 have lost so far..
  5. I dont think I've ever seen that...
  6. Is Maryland not going to win a match at BIGs?
  7. Also DeSanto will finish 4th... book it
  8. I wonder how Wick defaulting affects seeding come NCAAs.
  9. That's a bold move cotton..
  10. I could see Nebraska having 3 or 4 in the finals ( White, Labs, Venz, Schultz).... I could see what you stated as well. Id like to say Red as well but Im not blind and can see that Lee and Pletcher are clearly on different levels. Either way, Nebraska has a lot of legit guys and some young guys that I really think are going to make some noise. ( Lovett and Robb). Its gonna be a fun time
  11. Man. You need to learn how to read. Indiana Michigan state Minnesota Rutgers Seems to me it was alphabetical then they needed rutgers to host because they were the last to join the Big Ten.
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