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  1. HuskerMac


    Forgot he had another year. Could be a really good match up. M Lewis is a stud as well.
  2. HuskerMac


    I dont know how many people use Intermat for the rankings but anyone notice how 12 of the 14 top ranked guys are seniors. It is me or is Labriola gonna run this weight class for the next few years?
  3. HuskerMac


    Well like I said before I dont have a problem with the price if that is what they want to charge go ahead. Its the bait and switch tactic that i find fishy. Why not just be more open about the pricing rather than showing it cheaper than what it actually is.
  4. HuskerMac


    I biggest problem with it isnt the pricing its the advertisement. They show it as if you have the ability of paying only 12.50 a month. Not that rate for 150 a year only. No where does it say 29.99 a month.. Thats my biggest problem
  5. HuskerMac


    Can anyone explain to me why Flo does their pricing the way the do? Or why they advertise the way they do? 12.50/ MO 150 Annually But if you actually wanna pay monthly its 29.99 a month? Seems kinda weird. And Overpriced honestly. I dont see why someone hasnt came in an undercut them...
  6. Nebraska does need a 149. I don't agree that they don't develop anyone. iF he came to Nebraska They would be STACKED.
  7. Whats your thoughts on the starting line up?
  8. Thought that was on the 7th
  9. Ok so we all know that Penn State ran away with the championship and rightfully so. I mean for them not to win something terribly wrong had to happen. But looking at differential from seeding to placement which team had the best tournament ? Right now I have Nebraska Seed Place Diff Zeke Moisey 18 DNP 0 Chad Red 16 8th +8 Tyler Berger 2 2nd +8 Isaiah White 7 5th +10 Mikey Labriola 10 6th +14 Taylor Venz 9 DNP (RD12) +14 Eric Shultz 14 DNP +14 David Jensen 17 DNP +14
  10. Lol He wrestled him and beat him this year... Just saying they met this year Better recored against lesser opponents... All im saying is his seeding is off.. Being ranked ahead of guys all year. then seeded lower at NCAAs? especially behind guys he has beaten.. Drew Foster!?!
  11. He beat max dean this year at the all-star meet
  12. Ok maybe Im missing something but Taylor Venz is a 9 seed. After beating 6 seed Drew Foster 5 seed Max Dean 4 seed Emery Parker by pin ( technically they split Parker won by decision at BIGs) 3 seed Zachary Zavatsky ( Last year in the NCAA's) I know who cares about last year but its the last head to head they had Lost by 1 to Rasheed. He was ranked in the top 6 all year. Placed 4th at Nationals last year. And now they say he wont even AA this year? Whats going on here? I figured a 5 seed but a 9? Martin in the quarters?
  13. Yea. I wanna go as far as putting Red in the Finals.... depends on which Red shows up.
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