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  1. A terrible tournament from Nebraska... completely underperforming in every weight
  2. Nebraska is have a terrible tourny....worst case right now.....
  3. Wow Nebraska Goes 1 for 7 today.
  4. Oh I did. For sure. Still think he can..Venz is just Venz...
  5. God Venz is soo frustrating
  6. Well i mean it gave him the lead in the 3rd after he stalled all match lol. Robb trying to make up for it giving up a cheap TD.
  7. Was was the point for him in the First. Illegal move?
  8. Note. Nebraska was in this position last year with about this many in the semis. All but one lost sooo. LETS IMPROVE!!
  9. 125: Lee FALL Foley; Schroder DEC Heinselman 133: Bravo-Young DEC Cannon; Desanto MDEC Byrd 141: Red DEC Eierman ; Rivera DEC Lee 149: Sasso MDEC Storr; Lovett DEC Blouckhus 157: Deakin DEC Coleman; Young DEC Lee 165: Marinelli MDEC C. Amine; Robb DEC Smith 174: Kemerer DEC Massa; Labriola DEC Starocci 184: Brooks MDEC Poznanski; Venz DEC Weiler 197: Schultz DEC Caffey; Warner DEC Amine HW: Steveson FALL Lance; Parris DEC Cassioppi There Fixed some of it for ya Vak.
  10. First round of wrestle backs .....also known as the Maryland round
  11. Your right Iowa is no joke.... Lets see how the semis go!
  12. LMAO or learn how to wrestle against a good opponent that's desperate lol Was he stalling YES... because he COULD and be ok.. Also was still taking shots soo idk what your mad about lol
  13. Nebraska with 4 upsets in the quarters. NBD lol. hope the semis go well
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