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  1. Nathan


    As a coach I pride myself about knowing the landscape of college wrestling pretty well for my high school athletes. One area I’m not sure familiar is Junior college. Obviously there’s certain standouts with Downey, Richie Lewis, Jacobe Smith and so on, but Junior college a legitimate option for collegiate wrestlers who may have the potential for D1 but just aren’t there yet right after college( academics included)?
  2. Is AU wrestling this season? They have no schedule nor any recent program updates. They have a few highly ranked individuals in Harvey, Clarke, and Curry. Any insight?
  3. Anyone see Rutgers lineup for the dual this weekend vs michigan? Beyond the suriano talk, no Aragona at 149? I would have figured he could be the starter there vs Angelo. Angelo had some solid wins last year but higher pedigree probably goes to Jojo. Finally former number 2 at 152 Vulakh is off the roster, anyone have insight into where his future might be?
  4. Classes are still being finalized, that being said which classes seem under the radar good for next season?
  5. I would guess without much knowledge of the kid, that his brother not being on the roster/ no longer wrestling has something to do with him looking for a change of scenery.
  6. Look for Austin Stith to make big jumps at George Mason. Beazley and company have a track record of developing upper-weight talent. Austin is an athletic, extremely hard-working kid. Unfortunately he hasn't much in the way of practice partners at Presbyterian.
  7. Thank you for this. Frankly I would love to see more recruiting classes even though it’s still early to finalize. There’s no more sites dedicated to classes and recruiting as far as I can see.
  8. Vt pulled Andonian’s redshirt? Anyone know what’s going on with Brent Moore? Rumors are he’s done wrestling for good.
  9. American needs a change in leadership. That program had a ton of success under Cody and now it is in rather an rough state comparitvely. Wrestlers seem to have a tough time developing under Teague and getting much better. 3 AAs under Moore now and none were his recruits?
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