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  1. dtry222

    2019/2020 NCAA Rule Proposals

    And this is part of my point too. Negatively impacting the balance of the bracket too greatly has negative consequences for both the fan, and especially the athlete. I've seen the idea floated that someone should only be able to be seeded as high as their conference placement, which also seems too rigid. Consider the possibility of a top 3-4 guy needing to default due to a concussion at something like the Big 10 Tournament and then forcing yourself to seed that person 9 or below due to a concussion. Would be silly. Forcing everything into a rigid box can create more problems than the current perceived problem
  2. dtry222

    2019/2020 NCAA Rule Proposals

    Hate the idea that all MFF's should be treated as contested bouts that add losses to people's records. It's an unjust way to treat legitimate injuries (concussion, shoulder dislocations, etc.) that force someone out of a tournament. Most people's problem seems to be with ducking in duals and MFF's in conference tournaments. It feels of more value to weight conference placement more in the matrix in dealing with how to react to those scenarios. Guys sitting out of duals isn't going to be corrected by some rule. I don't see why someone like Nolf should have been given 3 losses to sixth for defaulting with a real injury at the Big 10's. Bouts weren't contested, he was actually injured, and his seeding was still impacted (so was Kemerer's) via defaulting out of the tournament. We all also want the best possible national tournament, so trying to force people into wrestling injured, not just hurt, but injured, because the online wrestling community is mad, seems to create more problems than just weighing these placements more. I just don't see the value in saying someone who say, gets a concussion in a semi final match of CKLV, must now take 2 real losses on the backside when they cannot actually, by rule, compete. Forcing everything into a rigid box when they aren't so black and white creates a system that may be slightly more simple, but more problematic than the current way we regard MFF's, because not all of these are ducks. Policing who is injured and who isn't injured isn't the easiest thing to do
  3. dtry222

    U.S. Bank Stadium 2020 NCAA Championships

    The area near Nationwide Arena is really easy to walk around with plenty to do, as you mentioned. Many parking garages along the route to park before getting to that area. It's really an under appreciated city to visit. Really enjoyed getting to spend a couple days there this past year
  4. dtry222

    UMD - Coach Announced - CLEMSEN

    He's a coach who has surely paid his dues and has shown the ability to develop talent. He's deserving of an opportunity. Maryland is a really tough job right now. There's certainly the resources there to succeed, but it's certainly an uphill battle with what's going on within the athletic department and the public perception of the program
  5. dtry222

    Wrestling Legend's Kids in College

    Joe Smith was 7th and 4th. Should probably edit that above
  6. dtry222

    you be the ref...

    He also clearly lost control of a match where he had a reason to be biased. He has been known to make very controversial calls in New England, and specifically RI. The large majority of New England wrestling’s community found the call to be ridiculous, and found his temperament from the start of the match to be out of line
  7. dtry222

    you be the ref...

    Not sure one can say it definitely happened. A lot of people don't seem to understand that a butt drag is good position here. People aren't just going there to "oil check". Going over the hip opens up rolls and puts one in danger. Scooting with the butt drag always one to run a leg down and stay in good position. There's also no camera angle showing the position, and Soares (the official), is in position looking right at it as the butt drag starts and doesn't stop the action. Soares has made a history of controversial calls in Rhode Island and the large majority of the New England wrestling community felt this was a terrible call. There's no history of any cheap behavior from Brown and he has never been DQ'd in his life. The true benefactor of the DQ was a wrestler Soares coaches in RI who had never beaten Brown, who then made the New England final. This all happened months ago, so I am not sure why it's coming up again. All butt drags aren't oil checks folks, and just because someone goes to that region does not mean they're checking oil or purposefully doing so. There are people that have done that, but I think everyone thinks it happens way more than it actually does
  8. dtry222

    Who will Maryland hire?

    Seems like Hudson has a lot more going on in his life with his work with Athlete Ally. Great guy who I would think I has different goals and priorities right now
  9. dtry222

    Doing the most with the least

    One AA overall. Konrad Dudziak, who was runner up and 4th place. The program was founded in 1929 to add context. What Lanham has accomplished with this run is quite unprecedented, especially considering the resources given to the program
  10. dtry222

    Doing the most with the least

    Who went on to become an All American coincidentally enough
  11. dtry222

    Doing the most with the least

    Duke has had six straight years with an All American without one top 100 recruit, no scholarships, and one of the smallest budgets in Division One
  12. dtry222

    We need a bigger slide...

    I don't think there's any need to further complicate the bracket by adding a round that really doesn't make sense with how brackets work for every other round
  13. A lot of people struggling to get to the arena after Friday night, though it is a round full of great matches
  14. dtry222

    On Bo, helping opponents up

    It's no unusual, though the pseudo hug to try to put up Hokit was unusual and I wouldn't have wanted someone to do that if I were Hokit either. It looked so forced and awkward
  15. 1. Finals, but the Friday Night Bloodround is probably the loudest, most anticipated round 2. Nickal pinning Myles Martin. Kyle Conel pinning Moore also stands out compared to other pre finals roars 3. Rarely buy anything in the arena. Prefer to eat beforehand to avoid the concession prices 4. None 5. Mark Hall this year. Stieber in 2013 because I wanted to see Ramos win the title. 6. No problems with the music. Not at all overbearing 7. You'll find lulls, especially if emotionally invested in a team. There's always something to watch though and some moment is always right around the corner 8. Have always been able to see every mat. Jumbotron typically has the TV coverage of one of the mats playing 9. Have typically been around people there with tickets from the team allotment, but sitting behind Rutgers this year was actually a lot of fun. No issues with any of them and enjoyed their passion 10. Kasper falling to Snyder in the 2018 semifinals. Was in his home region and after losing over ten pounds due to an inflammatory bowel flare up, watching that loss when the match was quite close for a period was heartbreaking