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  1. There are multiple ways to do so. It's often used for severe C. Diff refractory to antibiotics. One of the methods is tablets with the donor feces inside or through an NG tube. In saying that, Dake has put out pseudoscientific ideas fairly often recently and his insistence on avoiding things like sunscreen is a slap in the face of actual research. He has a right to spread his medical BS, but people should also go to more valid sources for that type of information
  2. Joe Flo was a massive loss for Flo. A wonderful person
  3. Had informed some people about this today when thinking about the current climate. Went back to listen to make sure I indeed heard him correctly because it’s that baffling. Still as uncomfortable and wrong
  4. Yes he did. Didn’t last too long unfortunately
  5. Redshirting both remaining Finesilvers and Russell. Have had some attrition with some previous recruits. Not an easy roster situation to manage for various reasons
  6. Good for wrestling in general. Provides video and technique libraries that kids can use to get better and stay interested, and I'd hypothesize has allowed more people to continue to follow wrestling. As someone else said, there isn't evidence that it's actually "growing the sport" though in getting new viewership. Good to see ESPN getting more involved in broadcasting duals or bigger matches because that's a platform that has the ability to catch more eyes. It's good that we all have multiple avenues to take in wrestling related content now, whether that be with a flo subscription or sticking to cable packages and youtube.
  7. 57 Suriano 65 Yianni 74 Dake 86 Cox 97 Snyder 125 Gwiz
  8. Can tell you from experience that testing is predictable and pretty much just allows the NCAA to say they are doing it for publicity purposes. It would be incredibly expensive to do it in ways that would really catch people who do use prohibited substances.
  9. Ed Ruth crashed at a Taco Bell at 2 AM on a weeknight and blew 0.281. I don't think the recruiting party animals thing is a differentiator
  10. And this is part of my point too. Negatively impacting the balance of the bracket too greatly has negative consequences for both the fan, and especially the athlete. I've seen the idea floated that someone should only be able to be seeded as high as their conference placement, which also seems too rigid. Consider the possibility of a top 3-4 guy needing to default due to a concussion at something like the Big 10 Tournament and then forcing yourself to seed that person 9 or below due to a concussion. Would be silly. Forcing everything into a rigid box can create more problems than the current perceived problem
  11. Hate the idea that all MFF's should be treated as contested bouts that add losses to people's records. It's an unjust way to treat legitimate injuries (concussion, shoulder dislocations, etc.) that force someone out of a tournament. Most people's problem seems to be with ducking in duals and MFF's in conference tournaments. It feels of more value to weight conference placement more in the matrix in dealing with how to react to those scenarios. Guys sitting out of duals isn't going to be corrected by some rule. I don't see why someone like Nolf should have been given 3 losses to sixth for defaulting with a real injury at the Big 10's. Bouts weren't contested, he was actually injured, and his seeding was still impacted (so was Kemerer's) via defaulting out of the tournament. We all also want the best possible national tournament, so trying to force people into wrestling injured, not just hurt, but injured, because the online wrestling community is mad, seems to create more problems than just weighing these placements more. I just don't see the value in saying someone who say, gets a concussion in a semi final match of CKLV, must now take 2 real losses on the backside when they cannot actually, by rule, compete. Forcing everything into a rigid box when they aren't so black and white creates a system that may be slightly more simple, but more problematic than the current way we regard MFF's, because not all of these are ducks. Policing who is injured and who isn't injured isn't the easiest thing to do
  12. The area near Nationwide Arena is really easy to walk around with plenty to do, as you mentioned. Many parking garages along the route to park before getting to that area. It's really an under appreciated city to visit. Really enjoyed getting to spend a couple days there this past year
  13. He's a coach who has surely paid his dues and has shown the ability to develop talent. He's deserving of an opportunity. Maryland is a really tough job right now. There's certainly the resources there to succeed, but it's certainly an uphill battle with what's going on within the athletic department and the public perception of the program
  14. Joe Smith was 7th and 4th. Should probably edit that above
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