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  1. dtry222

    Suriano screwed up

    Suriano lost in the finals last year after beating the defending champion while having a significant injury. He lost to a guy that made Final X on a technicality a week ago. His wrestling ability is fine. He’s certainly still improved since being at Rutgers as he has developed more high level offense off of his hand fights, as we’ve seen him go high double quite a bit this year. Family, environment, and morale matters. He seems to be happy at Rutgers. Who knows what happens at PSU, but you don’t just need to be in that to improve and we’ve still seen the kid improve.
  2. dtry222

    Calling out Jason Bryant...

    JB is the GOAT of wrestling media. The sport of wrestling worldwide is very lucky he’s here to help teach its history and share its stories
  3. dtry222

    GFeller is gonna win NCAAs

    Bit off more than he could chew yesterday. Kolodzik clogged up any openings and stitched up a very solid performance
  4. dtry222


    Considering the match is Sunday with a live stream on Flo, you may want to criticize them for something else. I'm not a flo fanboy by any stretch, but this one isn't fair