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  1. Mineo directly communicates with Bob, so I wouldn't at all be surprised if this is accurate
  2. Part of the issue as well is that people generally don’t understand the concept of being vaccinated isn’t purely about the individual. As you’ve said, we’re incredibly lucky to have such ease of access to something that has been a rather effective and simple intervention and it’s sad people are dying rather than get a simple vaccination
  3. Dumber for having watched a four minute clip of guys getting tossed? You've watched a movie correct? Trying hard enough
  4. It's rumored wrestling at Cornell has preferred sport status. They also have used grey shirt transferring to their advantage. Stanford, as currently constructed, has more stringent admissions when it comes to wrestling
  5. Dake knows enough to get himself into trouble when discussing these topics
  6. If you wanna hear things that are more outlandish then check out his "Wrestling Changed my Life" episode where he goes into eugenics mode
  7. Not really sure now hard they actually pursued Max Dean. They’re not gonna say no if he wants to go there though
  8. He has been that bad at striking for pretty much his entire career. Lotta folks tried to tell people that. He was picked for this thing for that reason
  9. Marinelli's regular seasons have to carry a lot of weight. I'll take the 3 B1G titles and his numerous wins
  10. There are things to be proud of, and being Italian is definitely one of those things. Cannot be having anti-Italian discrimination permeating this sport
  11. AJ Ferrari has also won the Italian Hodge Trophy after the all Italian final
  12. I honestly believe he has a chance to win the entire thing at 197
  13. Entire thing has weird timing that raises a lot of questions. Tough scenario to say the least for the athletes on the team
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