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  1. Jeff Buxton can wipe anyone down.
  2. Dake made Cornell. Fell in Koll's lap. Gable has a statue they should erect one of Dake in front of Friedman.
  3. Bader's interviews with Downey are cringeworthy.
  4. MMA teams - men & women. Used cage market is extensive so start up costs would be negligible. Auditions for rings girls + announcers would be made public.
  5. Want to see him get out from a 3 minute leg ride/stall.
  6. Development sociology is a versatile major. You can be an assistant wrestling coach or a sociologist.
  7. Mike Gray is responsible for Kyle Dake. Taught him everything he knows.
  8. Downey is a winner in life. Happy to hear he's considering a career in politics.
  9. Well no clue who Ward Cleaver is but I know this young man personally - brilliant student, loyal patriotic son of America as opposed to those who hate freedom.
  10. Pretty outstanding young man to be critical of wouldn't you say? Princeton graduate school, world team rep and holds down a full time job in a test lab on campus. Most of us would be proud to have our daughters bring him home.
  11. This is just a test from God to help Kyle prepare for life.
  12. Hope he's prepared for winter. How old is he?
  13. Trump has nominated Downey for the medal of freedom and well deserved I might add.
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