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  1. So two of the most successful wrestlers in US history just happened to coincidentally have a special talent for recruiting too? I’m not arguing. Maybe it’s true but I think their popularity as wrestlers helps, too. Flattering to becrecruited by them. And Penn State has always been in a great location being a hotbed of great high school wrestling, but the perennial national success they enjoy now didn’t start until Cael arrived. So I don’t think location enters into the equation as much as other factors. Can’t argue with the success he’s had no matter what the reason for it is.
  2. His success happened pretty quick compared to so many other coaches who have been coaching forever. Why? Because of his past as a competitor, do you think it’s just an honor for recruits to be recruited by the legend? So most choose him if he wants them? And that’s why they’re so good? Or do you think he’s just a great coach? I just think it’s weird that the USA legends when they were still wrestling, Dan Gable and Cael...just coincidentally have pretty fast success when they started coaching. They must be great coaches, but are they THAT MUCH better than the other coaches? Or is it just flattering to be recruited by them and that’s why they get the great wrestlers.
  3. I haven’t read a better story in wrestling in a long time.This article is perfect. Tom Ryan changed this kid’s life and probably didn’t even know it. More people should read this and it’s not because it’s a wrestling article because it’s not this is life. This is real life. https://www.trackwrestling.com/tw/PortalPost.jsp?postId=984292132
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