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  1. 2020 BTN Wrestling Schedule http://www.jerseywrestling.com/news.php?story=2020 BTN Wrestling Schedule The television schedule for the upcoming B10 wrestling season has been announced! BTN+ will carry nearly 100 matches, also a new record-high. A portion of those streamed events will be televised on delay on BTN as part of the Student U initiative. All televised matches and The B1G Story can be streamed exclusively on the FOX Sports app. Source https://www.teamusa.org/USA-Wrestling/Features/2019/October/17/BTN-announces-wrestling-schedule?fbclid=IwAR3A6y7sdR1WD8bBG09mbP8mD429tovkDi9Hdsh7XgUGblX7lTAUcG8N66o Check out all NCAA medalists from last season! http://www.jerseywrestling.com/ncaa_medalists.php?year=2019 === Like and follow us on Facebook! https://www.facebook.com/jerseywrestling/ Get your Jersey Wrestling gear today! http://www.jerseywrestling.com/shop.php Support Jersey Wrestling by donating and becoming a sponsor! http://www.jerseywrestling.com/sponsors.php
  2. The 1992 US men's freestyle team was legendary! Team Members Tim Vanni Zeke Jones Kendall Cross John Smith Townsend Sanders Kenny Monday Kevin Jackson Chris Campbell Mark Coleman Bruce Baumgartner Check out all the medalists from that year! http://www.jerseywrestling.com/world_medalists.php?year=1992
  3. Flash back to 1981! NCAA Champions 118 - Gene Mills, Syracuse 126 - Dan Cuestas, Cal State-Bakersfield 134 - Jim Gibbons, Iowa State 142 - Andre Metzger, Oklahoma 150 - Nate Carr, Iowa State 158 - Ricky Stewart, Oklahoma State 167 - Mark Schultz, Oklahoma 177 - Ed Banach, Iowa 190 - Tom Martucci, College of New Jersey UNL - Lou Banach, Iowa Check out all the medalists! http://www.jerseywrestling.com/ncaa_medalists.php?year=1981
  4. There have been 152 wrestlers who have medaled for the USA in men's freestyle. Here are the top ten by world and olympic medals! #1 Bruce Baumgartner 168 3,1,3,1,3,2,2,2,1,1,2,1,3 #2 Jordan Burroughs 110 1,1,1,3,1,1,3,3 #3 John Smith 96 1,1,1,1,1,1 #4 Dave Schultz 88 3,1,1,2,3,2,2 #5 Kyle Snyder 70 1,1,1,2,3 #6 Leroy Kemp 58 1,1,3,1 #7 Kenny Monday 56 1,1,2,2 #7 Larry Kristoff 56 3,2,3,2,2 #9 J'den Cox 52 3,3,1,1 #10 Bill Scherr 50 1,2,3,2 #10 John Peterson 50 2,1,3,2 Check out the full list at Jersey Wrestling! http://www.jerseywrestling.com/world_team_profile.php?team=USA
  5. Here are the top ten active wrestlers by NCAA DI medals (using B10 scoring) Rank Wrestler Team Score Finishes #1 Vincenzo Joseph Penn State 44 1,1,2 #2 Zahid Valencia Arizona State 42 3,1,1 #3 Mark Hall Penn State 40 1,2,2 #4 Spencer Lee Iowa 32 1,1 #5 Kollin Moore Ohio State 31 3,4,2 #6 Seth Gross South Dakota State 28 2,1 #7 Hayden Hidlay N.C. State 21 2,4 #8 David McFadden Virginia Tech 20 6,5,5 #9 Evan Wick Wisconsin 19 3,4 #9 Michael Kemerer Iowa 19 3,4 Check out the full list! http://www.jerseywrestling.com/ncaa_pound_for_pound.php
  6. Taking it back 20 years ago this Tuesday! Here are the NCAA champions from 1999: 125: Stephen Abas – Fresno State 133: Eric Guerrero – Oklahoma State 141: Doug Schwab – Iowa 149: T.J. Williams – Iowa 157: Casey Cunningham – Central Michigan 165: Kirk White – Boise State 174: Glenn Pritzlaff – Penn State 184: Cael Sanderson – Iowa State 197: Tim Hartung – Minnesota 285: Stephen Neal – Cal State-Bakersfield Check out the full list of All-Americans from that year! http://www.jerseywrestling.com/ncaa_medalists.php?year=1999
  7. Rutgers' Head Coach Scott Goodale is under contract through the 2023-24 season with his new five-year, $1.25 million deal. Full Story https://www.nj.com/rutgers/2019/09/rutgers-signs-wrestling-coach-scott-goodale-to-extension-after-best-season-in-program-history.html?fbclid=IwAR1v-KU3_7utoxqTy15yr_zsX_KfGd8lIYOjIjrLdnTKS6S74n6hS2zeFMA Scott Goodale's Profile http://www.jerseywrestling.com/profile.php?name=Scott Goodale&team=Jackson Memorial Rutgers' Profile http://www.jerseywrestling.com/ncaa_team_profile.php?team=Rutgers
  8. Radio interview with 3x World Team member and Head Coach of the New Jersey Regional Training Center, Reece "Highlight" Humphrey https://www.mymetmedia.com/airey-bros-radio-episode-20-reece-highlight-humphrey/ He talks the NJRTC program and it’s unique set up using both the Princeton University and Rutgers University wrestling facilities, growing up in a wrestling family but finding wrestling on his own, cutting weight, building your brand, the benefits of wrestling year round, and having fun while still working hard as Tyler Graff, Pat Downey, Anthony Ashnault, Nate Jackson, CJ Brucki, Bryce Meredith, prepare for the qualifying selection process for the 2020 Olympic Team. Humphrey's Profile http://www.jerseywrestling.com/ncaa_profile.php?name=Reece Humphrey&team=Ohio State 2010 NCAA All-Americans @ 141 Pounds http://www.jerseywrestling.com/ncaa_medalists.php?year=2010&weight=141 2009 NCAA All-Americans @ 133 Pounds http://www.jerseywrestling.com/ncaa_medalists.php?year=2009&weight=133 Princeton's Profile http://www.jerseywrestling.com/ncaa_team_profile.php?team=Princeton Rutgers' Profile http://www.jerseywrestling.com/ncaa_team_profile.php?team=Rutgers
  9. 118 - Ricky Bonomo, Bloomsburg 126 - Barry Davis, Iowa 134 - Jim Jordan, Wisconsin 142 - Joe Gibbons, Iowa State 150 - Eddie Urbano, Arizona State 158 - Marty Kistler, Iowa 167 - Chris Edmond, Tennessee 177 - Melvin Douglas, Oklahoma 190 - Dan Chaid, Oklahoma UNL - Bill Hyman, Temple Check out the full list of medalists! http://www.jerseywrestling.com/ncaa_medalists.php?year=1985
  10. Gerry Abas finished 6th/2nd/2nd/2nd for Fresno State in the 1990s. http://www.jerseywrestling.com/ncaa_profile.php?name=Gerry Abas&team=Fresno State Who do you think is the best NCAA DI wrestler to never win a title?
  11. Top NCAA DI Teams of the 2010s http://www.jerseywrestling.com/top_teams_by_ncaa_medals.php?start_year=2010&end_year=2019 Penn State was the best team this past decade with 58 NCAA medals. Check out how other teams ranked from 2010 to 2019!
  12. Top NCAA DI Wrestlers of the 2000s The three-time national champion – Jake Rosholt – leads the pack, but you might be surprised who rounds out the top NCAA DI wrestlers from 2000 to 2009. Check out the full list with profiles! http://www.jerseywrestling.com/top_wrestlers_by_ncaa_medals.php?end_year=2009&start_year=2000
  13. Top NCAA DI Wrestlers of the 1990s The three four time finalists – Pat Smith, Lincoln McIlravy, and Mark Branch – lead the pack, but you might be surprised who rounds out the top NCAA DI wrestlers of the 1990s. Check out the full list with profiles! http://www.jerseywrestling.com/top_wrestlers_by_ncaa_medals.php?end_year=1999&start_year=1990
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