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  1. Apologies. I live in Missouri. Should be the greatest Elam fan in the world. I'll also get confusing over Tirapelle. Who did he beat with a locked hands call in the semifinal? Do you rememebr that happening or did I make it up? I'm talking about his freshman finals appearance for the Illini.
  2. If true, I hope Otoguro can stay competing into the 2028 cycle that has already been announced for LA. He can bring quite a legacy into Los Angeles. In fact, I'll order my tickets tonight. ;)
  3. Criss crossing the two coaches this year. Borelli coached a national champion last season but this season none of his wrestlers are ranked yet. Koll is at Stanford now. Coming from Cornell, he has two defending AA's to coach. Griffith is a defending champion and Abas wrestled above his seed last year. Stanford looks pretty good, Mizzous also had wrestles compete and win above their seeds last season during COVID. Coming into the season with 2 Junior world titles. Will need a few wrestlers to win above their seeds to win but the rankers appeared to like that idea early.
  4. Dan Gable. Notice Gable in the background of the Stieber-Otoguro match. Otoguron wins. Stieber retires. Let's ask Dan about the weight. He looks good on film. Wish Stieber was still in it. man he was good.
  5. If a Missourri organizer needs a volunteer, please just email me a schedule and I'll do my best for you. Thanks. Andy Hurla B.A., Philosophy, UMKC Email: hurlaandy@gmail.com
  6. Medaled in TOkyo, sat in October. Now, what's their status? Otoguro is young. Like him wrestling into LA '28. Good legacy. He's 29 in 28, basically.
  7. NextGen solution. He can be beat by a younger wrestler in our country.
  8. https://www.goforbroke.org/learn/history/timeline/1945.php
  9. Great news. https://www.hawkcentral.com/story/sports/college/iowa/wrestling/2021/10/12/iowa-wrestling-oklahoma-state-compete-globe-life-field-texas-rangers-2022-bout-at-the-ballpark/6091663001/ Missed the Battle at the Midway over online restrictions. Saw the CBU-Navy dual next day in Riverside, though. That was 2019.
  10. 1. Rob GRonkowski 2. Jaden Abas 3. Jordan Olliver 4. Brent Metcalf 5. Travis Kelce 6. Lance Palmer 7. Antonio Gates 8. Logan Stieber 9. Jared Frayer 10. Tony Gonzalez
  11. Have you ever seen this bout?
  12. 2032 is set for Brisbane. Here's Frayer in 2012:
  13. Post Oslo, there were several Tokyo Olympians who didn't compete at Oslo. At 65 Kg's, Tobier (Cuba), Otoguro (Japan), Rashidov (Russia), Destribats (Argentina), Aliev (Azerbajain) to name a few. Shakiev won 65 kg's for Russia. Yianni didn't medal. Not fun in 2021. What year does the story change?
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