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    Tokyo City Olympic champino Tokyo City Olympic Champion (2021)
  2. I challenge Otoguro.
  3. Taylor needs more speed to win the Olympic gold medal.
  4. I'm the kind of wrestler who loved Dan GAble as a kid, but honestly this looks like a PSU "decade" and then who knows what can happen to upset them in the 2020's. Its very similar to Dan Gable.. Some would like Pac 12 and Big 12 team titles....
  5. It does look appropriate to ask how CA, NY, FL, & TX have never won the NCAA team title. A college from these major states has never won the NCAA D1 team championship. That's strange. Does anyone have an opinion? Big Ten is powerful, but that is really strange.
  6. 65kg is interesting in many ways. And the longevity at even lower weights is difficult to understand sometimes, also (Hazewinkel.) If I were ever involved in wrestling again I would certainly focus on the health we're building. But on that note, the nutritional component for Burroughs, Dake, Taylor is different that the nutritional component Metcalf needed at 65 kg. That makes 65 kg really interesting.
  7. Nothing. Cejudo won even younger. Great! Are their legs that fresh? Zadick won 65(66) worlds later in his career and Frayer won trials late in his career. Stieber, Ramos and Metcalf done? 2020?! Ramos is probably past his prime in the lower weight. That is a tough country right there looking at Tony Ramos. Metcalf is slightly different. 2020 at that weight is slightly different. The weight thing is different for that amount of time with what is out there nutrition wise. He could hit the right formula for 2020 at that weight....Guess its over. Certainly its over if we look at nutrition and Burroughs and Metcalf and wins and losses. lol.
  8. Metcalf, Ramos, Stieber, etc., etc.,... Metcalf lost to a 32 year old Frayer in 2012. Tough to see these amazing athletes won't try for 2020. Look at 65 kg. We need a few older guys to stay in it. Is it a money problem or something else?
  9. From an informal, unauthorized perspective on wrestling; here are some interesting things: Dresser made some great plays and things look good for the Cyclones for a few years. Kaleidoscope looks like the man at 149, but there is a bigger question about what wrestling needs right now. What does college wrestling need right now? A west coast bias.
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