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  1. Agree he's always compelling to listen to. Tough break for Murin. Tough sport. The injury thing is interesting. Makes sense not to talk about Murin publicly while he's wrestling, don't want opponents to know. Makes sense that McDonough would never say a peep about his shoulder, he's so tough he couldn't have it believed he was making an excuse. Both those guys wrestled and lost. But not saying what was wrong with Marinelli before now strikes me as misplaced. He stopped wrestling. There was a real team race going. He had no obvious injury (like Lewis's incredible match before he MFF'd, for instance). Brands that night made a ludicrously opaque statement that could easily have been interpreted (and I think was by some) as meaning that he just didn't want to wrestle (something about him being a good person with good priorities). Why not just say, Marinelli hurt his rib at the end of his match and can't go, he'll heal and pursue his dream next year.
  2. Just don't start a new thread with that info and analysis. It's an implied condition of my post that any additional posts on this topic have to be posted here to count towards the total on this thread.
  3. According to Google, there are at least 196 countries that participate in the Olympics. And it looks like it's about 25 entries per page here on the board. So if someone takes on the responsibility to do a post for each country, that could get us another 8 pages. And if we show the proper level of commitment, that could be subject to a multiplier. Each post naming a new country could be replied to several times: One explaining what and where it is. One analyzing whether the country is eligible to try to qualify a wrestling weight. One -- very important!!-- spelling out the weigh-in rules for any applicable qualifying tournaments. One translating "American Pie" into that country's official language. Just like that we're up to 100 pages, surpassing the Iran thread. I am just the idea guy. If anyone out there really has the will to win, they will have to take charge of implementing the dream. Excuses are for wussies.
  4. No Chevy, no levy, can't go there in this thread.
  5. You got me. I have to concede -- your argument is too strong.
  6. He actually isn't unlucky. First, he wasn't an innocent bystander; wrestlers are supposed to know when they weigh in, such as through the info packets they receive and acknowledge when they enter. Second, he has two fortunate competition things going for him -- he gets a shot at Worlds this year, and the Olympics are up again in only three years.
  7. Terrible, terrible, terrible news, but important to know so thanks for sharing.
  8. Because top wrestling programs always are fully transparent about stuff like that. It's clearly an assumed fact as is that Tom Brands hates the American Olympic team (you know, the one he represented and got the anthem played for).
  9. For starters, you are factually incorrect. As I pointed out in my earlier post, the next Olympics are three years away, and that may have factored into his complex decision. It's very hard to respond to the rest of your post since I'm not sure of your timeline. When was he quoted as saying as as he was going for the Olympics? Obviously he's always said that, and intervening events have created some very complicated and challenging obstacles for him. Are you referring more specifically to when he said after coming off the mat at NCAAs that he wanted to give it a go in Texas, and then accusing Brands of talking him out of it for the purpose of elevating Iowa's 2022 team race chances over Spencer's 2021 Olympic dreams? if so, I think you're probably wrong for the reasons I stated above about Lee being a mature young man who makes his own decisions and your absolute lack of proof to the contrary. (Spencer saying after he walked off the mat in St. Louis that he wanted to give it a go and then changing his mind after consulting with doctors and thinking it through -- including analyzing his chances to win an Olympic medal in the shape he's in, and balancing the risks that came with that against the rewards of getting healthy, winning a 4th individual and 2nd team title, then turning to upcoming worlds and 2024 Olympics -- is proof of nothing.) Not only that, I further think that your suppositions about what the Iowa coaching staff wants are questionable. We're talking about head coach Tom Brands, Olympic gold medalist, and head assistant (and Spencer's real coach) Terry Brands, who can't sleep at night because he didn't win such a gold. I think it's just as likely that those guys would want Spencer to break the Hawkeye drought in winning gold at the Olympics than they would want him to win a second NCAA after breaking their NCAA drought.
  10. No, sir, I don't know that. My belief is that Spencer Lee is a smart, thoughtful young man, with very engaged, loving, and intelligent parents, who makes decisions about his priorities based on his priorities, not message board posters'. I am aware of zero evidence that what you said happened happened. It's quite possible that two things can be true: (1) Spencer Lee has made decisions around a very complicated issue with a higher priority on college (both individual and team) than on the 2021 Olympics (for a myriad of reasons including but not limited to how he feels about college wrestling and his teammates, and balancing the likelihoods of winning in college vs the Olympics given his health). (2) A recent such decision helped Iowa, coached by Tom Brands, to win the national championship. Those can both be true without Tom Brands having done anything wrong. Regardless, though, I'm happy to have amused you and will chalk it up as my good deed for the day since I hadn't achieved one before now with only a few hours left.
  11. The fact that you would even consider, let alone offer as your preferred solution, Cox wrestling Snyder for the spot demonstrates, yet again, the disconnect here. You are putting Cox in a better position for having missed weight than he would have been if he followed the rules -- an astonishing idea. Everyone else played by the rules. The rules were: (1) Make weight at the appointed time. (2) Wrestle the opponent that the bracket tells you to. Cox was given preferential treatment with a bye while others were wrestling two rounds. Under your proposal, Cox gets to skip the two matches that he would have had to wrestle and win before Snyder. So now he gets the two match advantage he had under the rules that were agreed on for the Trials, plus another two match advantage under the new rules which break the agreed rules and destroy the integrity of the event if not the institution, but are instituted as a reward to one competitor for having violated the most basic rule that every other competitor followed, and that every competitor who has been allowed to wrestle in any real tournament has always followed. The rules here are that the U.S. rep is decided in a tournament for which the rules were painfully set out in advance. Perhaps one or more of those rules should be changed going forward. I don't support that position, but it is not unreasonable. Absent heretofore absent evidence that KJ had authority over the weigh-in part of USAW, however, arguing for Cox to be able to wrestle Snyder after Snyder won the tournament is unreasonable, and makes a mockery of the most basic premises that underlie our common understandings of competition.
  12. I tried to address that (i.e., by leaving wiggle room with weasel language) in my point number 2. :) In seriousness, I don't think the fact that he hasn't had surgery (if he hasn't, I'd hardly expect in the always transparent world of big time college wrestling that we'd necessarily know) means that he shouldn't have sat out. The issue wasn't just the Trials (which I think he would have been as much a favorite as anyone, even hurt), it was also the Olympics. If he wins the Trials, is he really up for preparing for and competing in the Olympics? He very well may have gotten the advice to take it easy for a month or two, see how the rehab is, and think about the surgery option during that time, which it would be better to have in May or June than after the Olympics. If he was already the rep, and the Olympics were in April, I'm guessing he would have competed. There were a lot more moving parts than that, including the Olympics being at a time when if he qualified and competed there, and was all torn and beat up, he'd be giving up 2022 college. Which is important to this thoughtful, adult person, whether or not others think that his priority should be the Olympics. He may be making a cost/benefit calculation in which he understands that his injuries badly compromise his chance at an Olympic medal, which of course he wants, but if he takes that risk, he might fail at that goal and then also compromise the other important goal -- 4th NCAA title and second team title. Also factoring in the point that the next Olympics chance is 3 years, not 4 years, off.
  13. Both UWW and USAW rules said that isn't allowed to happen until 100 pages of posts, but I just started a new thread protesting and demanding the rule not be enforced because the rule does not affect mat.com competition, everyone has been looking forward to it ever since page 46 or whatever, and KJ has agreed that he will paint "7:30-8:00" on his chest in the color of Burroughs' singlet.
  14. I think there might have been something about Cael and an undergarment and a slush fund and LJB's post totals and IMar saying that Snyder wore the wrong singlet when he somehow won three golds and two other medals the last five worlds even though he clearly sucks, but these all run together in one's mind, don't they?
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