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  1. You just are learning how to read and process information, right? What he did before college is totally irrelevant to my point. Did he compete well as a freshman? No, and although it was a waste of your valuable time that could have been better spent telling people on message boards what losers they are, it was the opposite of a waste for him, specifically: Did you, from your omniscient perch, happen to notice the change in Steveson's physique and approach to wrestling for 6 or 7 complete minutes (none of which was present when he was outclassing kids for his age group medals, though congrats for your encyclopedic knowledge and regurgitation of irrelevant facts), which came after after he lost twice as a freshman to a guy with zero credentials comparable to his, but a grown man laborer's work ethic and a not-too-cool-for-school attitude -- in front of a combined 30,000 paying customers who somehow managed not to fall asleep during these stall fests? If he hadn't been exposed by Cassar as a freshman in two complete third period collapses (and the way he was gasping for air after those stall fests, I guess they would have needed paramedics for him after a real wrestling match), he never would have tightened up his body and game, gone all in, and unleashed all of his skill at the senior level after that.
  2. I see this as about Steveson, not "we/us." We have a bushel of world and Olympic champions who are still wrestling and give every appearance that they will continue until the choice to stop is made for them. Snyder, Burroughs, Taylor, Cox, Dake. All guys who are driven by competition. Steveson doesn't appear to want to compete anymore and isn't particularly interested in a career in wrestling. He competed poorly as a freshman, got fit and focused, went all in with terrific commitment, reached his potential in stunning fashion, and decided, unsurprisingly given his past statements and approach, that he'd done all he wanted to do in wrestling and in the process set himself up for what his career goal has always been. That works for him. Some of us have voiced opinions and disappointment about that, based on our preference to see this great wrestler keep wrestling and our belief that his career may not be very successful and/or might cause him physical harm, but I don't see this as any sort of indictment of "we are doing something wrong." Instead this is a person who is not driven by a competitive nature in the same way that Burroughs and Snyder are, and who after having achieved his goal prefers to trade competition for entertainment.
  3. I didn't think that's what he was saying. I think he as a participant on a wrestling board was expressing his personal views that (1) he finds that to be the best in the world in the venerable and dignified competitive sport of wrestling, as established by getting your hand raised after a championship match, to be a higher calling than being an employee of an entertainment organization that scripts your participation in an acrobatic dramatic show; and (2) he believes that the short term financial benefits of entertainment may not prove to be satisfying in the long run due to, among other things, the types of health concerns raised by participants such as those who have sued dramatic wrestling over safety issues, and such as Chris Nowinski, the Harvard grad who now collects brains for the BU lab because of his concussion history and concerns about CTE. That is a different thing than denying the obvious -- that dramatic choreographed entertainment that calls itself wrestling is immensely popular and that it generates more revenue in a free market than competitive wrestling. One can both accept this, and not begrudge people's ability to spend their time watching whatever competitons or scripted dramas they want, while also at the same time, on a wrestling board, voice wrestling-slanted opinions about the choices that public figures in wrestling make. Why someone expressing those views would be treated with disgust and vitriol is surprising to me.
  4. Correct. A person's life is not a for profit company with a fiduciary obligation to maximize financial return to its owners. A person can have all the money in the world and not enjoy it if they have an illness resulting from the making of that money, which is the for instance in a couple of posts above. And my point is that a person who has been in competitive sports might prefer the rewards of competition over the financial rewards of entertainment, particularly when the latter means giving up so much autonomy at 21. And when they can make real money in real competition more so than at any point in the past.
  5. Couldn't Eggum have put Bobby in charge of the RTC or something? :)
  6. It's a bummer to me that he's leaving. He's the best in the world at something that is incredibly real and challenging and rewarding and important, and he is giving it up at 21 with the hope of being pretty good at entertainment (yeah I know he thinks he can be a huge star but I think that's a very long shot). And he could have made a good living without risking CTE, etc. As I've said before though it's his life and this is not an impulse, he's been pretty clear this is his preference. So God's speed. I am probably reaching because of my preference that he stays. Do you think there is any chance he might have stayed if he had won his NCAA or Olympic championships in front of huge loud crowds instead of empty or almost empty arenas? He is more the crowd showman than any other wrestler, could that have made him want to stay?
  7. Literally laughed out loud reading this because I was there too. I sometimes flash back to that when he looks like a world beater and that's not a pleasant flashback, it was brutal.
  8. Very fair points. The year he lost twice to Young he had bad leg defense which got exploited, seems like he's improved that a lot. I'm hoping that working with Howe he will put together the right program to peak at NCAAs because I think he's the best and other things being equal should win.
  9. Not one vote for Deakin? I rate him a slight favorite, with no disrespect to Carr. Deakin was still recovering in March. If he's healthy, I think he's the best guy in the weight.
  10. Think it's a reasonable line but that I agree on the under if I had to bet. Injuries. Can have a bad weekend. Competition is so tough, particularly with each class seeming like it has more college ready guys every year. Some percentage of guys just wear down at the end, and now you're adding another year of wear. Now I'm arguing the other way from my prior post, but we might lose a few of the 15 based on $, either because of the extra expense of tuition for an extra year on a partial scholarship (aren't most guys not on full rides?), or because want to take a paying job. Life is unpredictable! All kinds of stuff can throw you off. Like another pandemic. Or THIS pandemic, it's possible that the delta variant could knock out next spring's tournament. God forbid.
  11. Your cautions are well stated and put the perils of a college career in thoughtful perspective, particularly in combination with treep2000's point about the extraordinary talent that is coming up every year,, but I'm definitely taking the over between the two champs and the deep group of the other AAs. Part of that is due to me thinking that a very high number will compete all five years due to how abbreviated their first year was.
  12. https://www.espn.com/boxing/story/_/id/32076462/jake-paul-loss-just-distant-memory-groundhog-hater-buckthorn-slayer-ben-askren Wasn't sure which section to post in. Decided on college because the most relevant wrestling part of the story was the discussion of how his go-for-it attitude affects his coaching and how the kids who have gone through his academy are now hitting college. Interesting piece about a truly original person who you have got to take the whole package with.
  13. I think that what explains what you describe is that she us an extrovert and he is more introverted. Which will make WWE more tricky for him to succeed at; they'd have to create a different kind of character for him, maybe kind of a cousin of Lesnar who doesn't talk much.
  14. Correct. Because they were competing in a pure and difficult sport, where the results are earned, not scripted. That's the beauty of staying in this special sport. He can, and I hope he does, live a great and affluent life in entertainment; it just won't have those rewards that Gable and Cael and the others discussed have had. Naive idealist, signing off.
  15. Which probably makes it my error not yours.
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