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  1. Compelling stuff, well crafted piece. Listening to Metcalf talk, the line from Gable to Tom Brands to Metcalf is striking, lots of similarities in their manner of speaking and expressing themselves. And in each of their cases, when you get past the superficial simple plain speaking, you can see that each guy is highly intelligent and surprisingly introspective and complex in the way they analyze their relationships with other people.
  2. Couple things. 1. The announcers on the podcast said that they thought they shouldn't have brought it up because it was private. 2. Regardless, if that was how Mineo learned of the news, it would have been much better if he had sourced his information to the podcast, which is a traditional news practice for a lot of reasons; in this case,if he had done so, it would have drastically reduced the bases for the consternation filling this thread.
  3. I guess, assuming that this news was broken on some form of media before, which I'm not sure has been established. If that were the case there would still be substantial differences in that Bryant was a much bigger public figure and that the result -- a crash near a residential area that killed 9 people -- was far more newsworthy. On the related question of whether it's OK for media (using the term broadly) to report on info gotten illegally, I doubt the M* info was obtained illegally from a covered entity violating privacy laws; more likely from the patient himself talking to friends and then being passed along by people not subject to privacy laws. Furthermore, media can report info obtained illegally, as they regularly do with national security and grand jury leaks. Whether they should is the question. With leaks like the Pentagon Papers and Snowden, the thinking is that you publish it because the public may have been deceived and the national interest affected. In this case, I'm struggling to see a compelling public interest in making this highly personal information public, particularly when we have no reason to believe that it has caused any major disruption to the admittedly high profile Iowa program at this early stage. The lack of info from the university would appear to have been about privacy, not a cover up.
  4. This is an interesting take. I think the conventional wisdom is that Lee sometimes wears down (legit point but I think it's not because he's out of shape but rather because unlike most guys who spar most of the first period he goes all out), so try to hang in there and then score late. This strategy hasn't worked when it matters. Your point about taking it to the aggressor might be the better approach. Kind of like the inspired Herb Brooks beat the Russians at their own game idea.
  5. I see Lee getting his hand raised and then standing at the top of the podium, which I think is what most people see, which is why I'd be surprised to see Suriano wrestling at Lee's weight.
  6. No, it's my point, which is that this is shaping up as a fascinating clash of opposing approaches, personalities, and ways of expressing themselves. The part where I prefaced my post by saying "not being snarky" was designed to make clear that I wasn't, for purposes of this post, taking a position as to whether Dake has a point or not (my guess is that he doesn't, although my substantial uncertainty about that is what makes it interesting), but rather that I was making an observation about the matchup.
  7. (Not being snarky) I am really looking forward to OTT 74kg. VERSUS Kyle Dake on Twitter: "Make sure you go outside and get dirt on your hands and feet. You need to help recolonize your microbiome asap" / Twitter
  8. He's an impressive man. Here's wishing him well.
  9. Thanks for posting, very helpful since it allows us to declare this the undisputed world champion pathetic excuse for sportsmanship, and to move on to the next topic since this performance cannot be topped.
  10. I thought that was a short list "worst loser" but did not have the same reaction to the Kendall Cross OTT loss mentioned in other responses. Kelber was bad. Brands wrestled a bad match, got smoked by a guy he probably should have beat (and had before), then pouted and wouldn't shake hands while storming off. Cross seemed different to me. You had two amazing wrestlers going at it for the very highest of stakes (in reality an Olympic gold vs nothing) in a thrilling battle beginning to end. Terry clawed his way back in the match after the big early throw but ran out of time and then, just emotionally spent, literally crawled off. I thought it was sad and poignant, but not a "worst loser" or even really a "bad loser" moment. Terry actually tapped Cross on the last couple of breaks in what looked like respect. And after time ran out, Cross, out of pure respect to Brands's heart and sympathy for his devastation, tried to touch Terry's face, which Terry brushed away lightly but didn't freak out on him.
  11. He was phenomenal, so explosive and aggressive, as a freshman, just kept attacking and attacking with so many different ways to score. Then every year after that he got more conservative. It reminded me of Delgado, these California Perry recruits who won their first championship attacking relentlessly, then got much more tactical and less aggressive when they won their second championship, then lost their edge. Delgado was brutally criticized for his cautious style in his second championship (junior) year which was really bizarre because as a sophomore his stated strategy was to shoot and shoot and shoot and shoot some more. The contrast was best illustrated by his two Big Ten titles: 2013, endless attacks vs McDonough, takedowns all the way to the end, with his home crowd going nuts; 2014, a truly dreadful snooze fest, 11 minutes of wrestling without a takedown with Megaludis taking all the committed shots, Cael in the corner wondering what had happened to wrestling, the crowd booing, and Megaludis shouting and threatening him during and after the handshake. Martinez wasn't as extreme but the conservative transformation was pretty similar.
  12. I predict Va. Tech -- wrestling considerations trumping geographical preferences. Real bummer for NU if he goes through with it. Storniolo and his assistants have done a great job rebuilding from the program implosion a few years back and as of March 9th were set up for two years of Rivera and Deakin being NCAA top seeds, but now between the virus and the transfer the team won't get a shot at all those points either year.
  13. This is a thoughtful post and a very well constructed ladder. My only disagreement is with the period. I think that if the weight works for Nickal, he could have an outside shot at beating Taylor. I'm not a Nickal fan,, but he is uber talented, knows no limits, has a knack for rising to the occasion, and knows Taylor well. Plus I think the one year delay is very fortuitous for him as he can use it to his advantage as a wrestler who has consistently demonstrated a great capacity for growth.
  14. Fair enough. Totally understand why you posted, and agree that everything about the du Pont cluster#%@! was astonishing. I just think it's better to let this aspect of du Pont go and focus on more recent events and/or situations where the alleged discrimination is not inextricably linked with an overriding insanity.
  15. I'll help what you see as your argument by reporting that it looks to me like the case was settled. The docket references settlement discussions and then eight days later recites that the case was dismissed. To me, however, this doesn't make any of this any more relevant or helpful to the discussion, for all the reasons discussed by many above, which goes to your other point which I'll agree with -- I do fervently wish I had never opened and subjected myself to this thread.
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