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  1. Went back and confirmed I did remember correctly -- Nebraska did the combined gymnastics match against Michigan State. And to be as helpful as possible, I tried to figure out where the MD announcers were. Sounded to me like they were there and at the end they signed off by saying their names and so long from the Xfinity Center, so they'd be lying if they weren't. I don't think the problem in wrestling is with them not being on site. Instead some of the schools for the Big Ten Student broadcasts haven't found former wrestlers or people otherwise knowledgeable so you get college kids who literally know nothing trying to fill the broadcast. I actually remember that the Nebraska guys were like that, just as bad, a few years ago, but the guys that did the MSU match were good, so I guess Manning or someone made it a priority to try to straighten it out. One more thing about the MD match. When I was checking the end to try to figure out the announcer location, I saw in the handshake line that Clemson and Howe looked like they were really getting into it over something, either that or they were telling each other how great they are. Wonder if anyone who saw the full match knows what that was about.
  2. The MD broadcast was definitely like being a stranger in a strange land. The announcers kept talking about "players" and "games"; the Maryland guys were wrestling in baggy shorts and tight tshirts, no singlets; and there was a gymnastics meet going on right next to the mat. Another weird thing was at the end at 125 deAugustino stopped wrestling with about 5 seconds left and got almost literally put on his head, lucky he didn't get hurt. p.s. someone else, I think Nebraska, had gymnastics with wrestling the other week.
  3. Disagree all around with this one. With respect to my post above, which was the only one criticizing Steveson in this thread, I tied my questioning of how he handled the end of today's match with what I saw as a lack of focus in his two big matches from last year. So I criticized him for inconsistent engagement in both years and wondered if that was indicative of a general ambivalence about college. I said nothing about bad conduct in either year, but since you've raised it, his actions in this season's South Dakota State match belie the idea that he's taken it down a notch; his behavior in that match was far more animated, cocky, and problematic than anything I remember last year. And if he's distracted about a lot of things, good luck avoiding injury when a big boy with an attitude and the game to back it up like Parris comes after him.
  4. Agree. Watching both their matches on line this weekend, I view Parris as the favorite. Steveson is a beautiful wrestler, and I won't be surprised if he wins the Olympic Trials. But I feel like there has been something missing in his college wrestling, it's almost like there's a disconnect between him and his coaches. Poor focus and/or strategic choices in both Cassar matches last year. In today's match, it took him a good ten seconds after the coaches shouted at him and continued to direct him to release Nevills before he chose to do so. He even made eye contact with them and then looked like he was thinking about it for a few seconds. I don't know why he was resistant; could have been fatigue, could have been feelings for Nevills and not wanting to run up the score (their interactions before and after were very familiar and respectful), could have been something else. Parris shows no such ambivalence when he wrestles. He is one hard-nosed guy, he just kept pouring it on today like a machine against a really tough opponent. Steveson will need to show a different level of commitment to beat him.
  5. Didn't catch the match last night, so first of all, let me thank you for subjecting me to having to listen to the expert Tim Johnson on youtube open the broadcast saying that "Spencer Lee...never has been beaten in the Big Ten." (Later in the 3rd period it sounded like he tried to walk it back by mumbling something about duals, as if for a guy like Spencer Lee, being undefeated in 2.5 years of Big Ten dual meets, many of which he skipped, was even remotely an accomplishment, particularly in light of the fact that this extraordinarily dominant wrestler is still without a Big Ten title.) I don't see yesterday's match as meaning very much in the Hodge race. It's the first match he hasn't bonused, the second that's gone the distance. And he won 8-1 and never came close to giving up an offensive point. In contrast, Valencia had the slimmest of victory margins vs Nebraska in a match he was very fortunate to end with his hand raised. Furthermore, since we're talking about a dominant wrestler award, I'll continue to hold against him his failure to get the TF and the needed team point against Ohio State in a match that he could have won by 25+ points without the TF rule. The Hodge will be decided based on the matches to come, not Lee's 8-1 win over Medley. And who knows, maybe Nick Lee could sneak in there. [EDIT: I hadn't even seen Nick Lee's first period pin of McKee today when I wrote this. Man, he has raised it up a level (two?) this year! Can't wait for the Pletcher dual.] Also want to say that Medley is one of the scrappiest gamers I've seen all year. See his win vs DeAugustino to win the dual meet vs Northwestern as a great example. He's exactly the kind of guy to not do what a lot of people due vs Lee -- surrender the TF in their mind before the match starts. So I don't see an 8-1 win over him as some kind of Hodge demerit. I was more interested in watching Lee and the gas tank issues. He wasn't nearly as toast at the end as he often was his first two years during the dual season, but he still looked pretty tired. Hasn't caught up to him at all in March his first two years, and, again, he looks in better shape than those two years when he won, but if someone can be within 2-3 points of him going into the third, maybe they'd have a shot. To me Rivera is probably the only one who fits that bill, so for a lot of reasons, Rivera's ultimate weight class choice (assuming he's healthy enough to wrestle when we get to Big Tens) is one of the more interesting subplots of the season.
  6. Injured. As someone pointed out in another thread, ADS broke his grip on RBY's leg before the cradle was locked up. Why would he make up an injury before he was even cradled? How severely injured and whether he exacerbated the effect of his injury by overreacting/panicking (as Brands wondered about aloud) is unclear. But he was injured.
  7. I'm an extreme non-Greco enthusiast/quite Greco ignorant, so maybe not the best person to comment back on this, but I thought the Greco comparison/criticism might be apples and oranges because both of these guys heavily rely on their lower bodies when they work those ties. I thought most of what the action was about after they locked up was each guy probing for an inside or outside angle with his feet in order to execute the move. Footwork, hip position, and attempts to set up a trip or sweep were their focus in those positions (Joseph's famous title winning move is an inside trip, which is based on a below-the-waist touch); I thought it looked like good folkstyle wrestling.
  8. BTW and sorry if this is a dumb question. Is there a rule against taping an injury during an injury time out? If not, why wouldn't Iowa have tried a quick taping of his knee during the timeout? If he's hurt as bad as he seemed to think, then shouldn't you try to give the knee some support before letting him wrestle? And if you think he's panicking/overreacting, which Brands seemed to be saying he was concerned about during the press conference, then wouldn't it still be a good idea to tape -- if he's hurt at all, then you're helping protect your athlete, and if he's overreacting, then it probably would help his peace of mind to slow him down and hopefully give him more confidence that he's protected. A trainer can at a minimum wrap an ace bandage tight with a few wraps of athletic tape on top pretty quickly.
  9. Yep. But no bloody faces in that one. Blood trumps future Olympic golds any day. :)
  10. Wanted to give some separate-thread props to these two guys. That was fabulous. The first half of the dual had a close score but no competitive matches and with the injury at 133 everything seemed a little off (watching by TV anyway). Then the top marquee match of the top dual of the year if not years leads off the second half and the 2x nat'l champ and the guy who was undefeated against him put on a show. Great ties all match, particularly multiple extended stretches with the best double unders guy and the best double overs guy getting their holds in and ending up in a titanic throw that went the other way from prior matches. Marinelli battling back and hitting his own throw which with more time in the period might have made it a nail biter to the end. Blood all over both wrestlers faces for half the match. Boom! Great stuff.
  11. I watched the replay and don't think it's possible to confidently say what happened, particularly before a legit injury report is issued. My best guess, though, is that both sides are partially correct. It looked like the knee torqued when Young pulled on his foot, so I think there was definitely a physical component to what happened next. Based on what I saw in his reactions today, and the fact that DeSanto is an unusual guy whose emotions have gotten away from him at times in the past , my guess is that there was an emotional component to his reaction as well. I suspect that the weight of this dual and the ESPN article coming out at the same time probably didn't help him find and keep his zen this week. What % physical vs emotional I don't know. But both can be true, no? Hard for me to believe that a guy that competitive and with a history of not backing down from challenges (not giving effort hasn't been the issue in his prior bad conduct) would 100% bail on a match because a very good opponent he's familiar with came out and wrestled very well for a minute against him.
  12. If there weren't a tech fall rule, and he had the last 4 minutes of the match to try for a pin, he would probably have many more traditional falls. Maybe not as much his first two years with the knee and then mono (or whatever the issue was) when he sometimes noticeably slowed down in later periods, but this year I think that most of his matches without a tech fall mercy rule would have ended and would end with pins.
  13. Absent a major scandal (conduct-related, not winning or losing), definitely not. Has contract for several more years. Very expensive to fire him. Also, they extended when he was years into a streak of not winning, so why would they fire him for coming in second years before the end of the extension). They've retooled recruiting and are very much on the upswing (just look at attendance). He has shown great capacity for growth, suggesting if they don't win this year, he has the ability to adjust to get over the top. Next year looks terrific. Fire the guy who put that together and you risk transfers, dissension, whatever, and will take that great opportunity and screw it up. Fire Tom, probably lose Terry (best lightweight coach in country), too. Not winning this year means losing to PSU again, which means 9 PSU titles in 10 years. What are you going to do -- move Cael and his guys and the PA advantages to Iowa?
  14. If I remember correctly, he did it at a recent match right there on the mat as he was exiting and ADS was walking toward the center. I think it was Purdue, and I also think that ended up being one of his few incidents this year with some jawing with his opponent after the final whistle blew. As others have pointed out, he's a full package. The intensity and courage that it took to go down a weight class to put an undefeated season on the line in order to challenge the best wrestler in the country who had tech'd you in no time flat the year before is highly, highly unusual -- fictional, almost. It's got to be expected that a personality of such extreme intensity will carry with it the potential to do some extreme undesirable things as well. If anyone could understand walking that tightrope, it would be those twins guys (both of them -- the more coldly ruthless head coach and the more emotional lightweight coach) he is wrestling for now -- and it's to his credit that he sought out that place to challenge him to be better not just at wrestling but as a person. So far his development under them has been a net significant positive and continues to improve.
  15. I saw some of the match, didn't see the actual team point deductions, though snarkily I might wonder if they were based on general principles, particularly with respect to Iowa State; man, they are not building the way they were supposed to in year three of the new regime. Really flat performance at home against a down Ok State team. It's pretty bad when one of your higher ranked wrestlers completely gasses out against a visibly out of shape guy who himself was the subject the day before of his own thread on this forum that singled him out as a classic burnout case! I did catch the Dresser press conference where he said the team on the whole had the habits of juniors in high school or worse. It's his third year which is kind of a middle ground. He doesn't have a roster full of his own recruits yet, but by now I think if you're the school and its fans you would have hoped that the turnaround was beyond a performance like this. Their ability to compete long term with the other two strong in state programs seems currently in doubt. Maybe tomorrow's 6:30 am weigh ins will be the turning point.
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