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  1. Agree, it's hard to argue with this basic point. Different issue and not directly on point but another thing I find frustrating is tournament scheduling when it's very hard to get a read on when certain main draw rounds are going to start because of wrestlebacks. Again for drive-by fans you're making it hard for them to engage when they don't know when to tune in for a match that interests them.
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    "You're killing the sport of wrestling"

    Definitely and respectfully agree to disagree. At Midlands I thought Marinelli was stalling but the more I've seen them since, I've started to see it as more of a style issue. And I thought that qc8823's breakdown was helpful. Marinelli is making effort to get to his base and clear the leg. He just is being careful not to push his leg up to the cradle. Maybe someone who is more of a rules expert can say if that's textbook stalling. I thought the third period was called correctly. Marinelli had the lead, and was more cautious. Wick didn't do a heck of a lot. Marinelli did get called and I agree with the analysis above that it was a reasonable but pretty quick stall call for that match situation. And I do think that it's relevant that Marinelli is a guy who has demonstrated a gas tank and a willingness to wrestle against all the other top guys.
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    "You're killing the sport of wrestling"

    I found this a really helpful way to look at a complicated situation. Also the earlier point that Wick has a lot of these matches helps out this in perspective. In addition to that, except for Wick, do you ever watch Marinelli and think he is a habitual staller? Doubt it; there's a reason everyone calls him The Bull.
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    Flo quality for big 10 semis

    I had to reset several times. And my feed on one of the mats (mat 2 I think) froze a lot. It wasn't as bad as it has been in years past but that's still not a very good result. I would say the announcing was not great for the semis. Bader has strengths (documentaries) but live announcing is not one of them. Think better to let Pyles do it himself. In that score, one person in booth is usually better. I listened to PSU radio broadcast in the afternoon and it was very good. Although known for emotional homerism at times he is actually a wekl trained professional who gives clear and complete information. I think that him working alone and not having to play off a partner helps keep the broadcast smooth.
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    Chandler Rogers Odd Man Out....

    And Geer may be stronger coming down from the higher weight where in the few times I saw him, he looked a little small (particularly against Brucki, although Brucki makes a lot of people look small). All points that John Smith took into account I'm sure, and which feed into my main point--that I can't see how you can criticize the coach's motives, and at most you can have a different opinion about how to score more points (and your post is making me reconsider mine).
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    Chandler Rogers Odd Man Out....

    I agree with all the arguments in here, except I'm not sure I'm convinced this is the best lineup given that they're basically swapping Rogers, 2xAA, for Geer, who Coach Smith seems confident in but doesn't have Rogers's credentials yet; I also think Jacobe Smith had a higher ceiling at 184 than 174 due to the relative strength of the weight classes. Regardless, though, it's quite possible that this weekend's lineup is the best one, and it's definitely the case that the coach's decision about how to score the most points wasn't unreasonable. I don't see any evidence that he favored his son (won a wrestle-off convincingly), or that this was sprung at the last minute (the cutting process for the guys who moved down played out over several weeks due to the rules). And I think Perry's points demonstrate that, although a tough result for Rogers, what happened to him was an obviously foreseeable result of the Weigel situation specifically, and of being at such a good and deep program generally. The flip side of being at that good and deep program was that Rogers got to have what turned out to be a hell of a swan song with 14,000 fans.
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    We were at the match and I thought Joseph looked pretty passive while watching the matches; he pretty much stayed in his chair with his own water bottle at his feet. My son saw him in the autograph gaggle afterwards and also thought he looked like he wasn't feeling well. Also speaking of absences, FYI I didn't see Cody Sanderson there, Casey Cunningham was the one doing most of the coaching of the lighter weights (you can hear him pretty clearly all across the arena). Wonder if this bad virus season has hit the team. Also, off topic and stating the obvious, that clinic that Nolf put on was pretty stunning.