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  1. Hwkfan4life

    Iowa returns 7 All Americans next year

    So youre saying kem wont put up more points than the 0 the hawks put up this year?
  2. Hwkfan4life

    Bye Bye Marinelli

    Youre an idiot
  3. Hwkfan4life

    Bye Bye Marinelli

    Imagine being so lame that you make fun of a dude who is infinately better than anyone on this board ever was, for getting "upset" by a dude who was a world silver medalist
  4. Hwkfan4life

    NCAA Session 1 Thread

    Is this your first college match? Big heavies push
  5. Hwkfan4life

    Gabe Dean - all time?

    Up until he won it, he wasnt looking very dean like his freshman year
  6. Hwkfan4life

    PSU vs Iowa (if they wrestled in 2019)

    If you think lugo is 25/75 against berge than you are absolutely insane.
  7. Hwkfan4life


    Wow its like arguing with a 8 year old!
  8. Hwkfan4life

    Nick Suriano

    Who would you say is his worse loss
  9. Hwkfan4life


    Not even close
  10. Hwkfan4life


    His antics are good for a growing sport, there are plenty of other people in wrestling who taunt the other teams
  11. Hwkfan4life


    What do you just want a boring coach with no personality who just sits there bored when his guy wins a big match?
  12. Hwkfan4life

    Oldest Wrestler in NCAAs

    Funny cause he has people win titles pretty consistantly
  13. Hwkfan4life

    Iowa 2020 National Champs?

    Kemerer is proven to be very good at the collegiate level, but he hasnt factually proven anything at 174 yet. Hr is just always posting overly optimistic stiff like that
  14. Hwkfan4life

    Iowa 2020 National Champs?

    Except for the fact that beard and brooks are unproven, but you are pegging them as title contenders already
  15. Hwkfan4life

    Iowa 2020 National Champs?

    Sweet arguement