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  1. How would heflin give him trouble but not downey?
  2. There is obviously a huge difference in the two styles, and the results that come with the two
  3. Lujan, kutler, labriola, skatska, lydy, joe smith if he wrestles that weight. Mehki lewis if he goes up. Maybe valencia
  4. Brooks isnt beating amine, kemerer, or mcfadden
  5. Getting blanked by christenson at 174 doesnt exactly show that he has the talent to beat either dean or geer. He will most likely redshirt
  6. Itll be awesome watching him take 7th-rd12
  7. I just saw that on wrestlestat lol. But beating two nqs doesnt put him in "contender" status. Lets see if he can actually beat warner first.
  8. Beating 2 guys who never all americaned is not a reason to consider him a contender. I doubt he could even take on warner, and warner is definately not a contender. You must be delusional if you think since he beat weiler he is comparable to moore, brucki, hokit, darmstadt, sloan or warner
  9. Until beard actually faces NQ competition, i dont see how anyone can actually predict him to beat hoffman, or even all american.
  10. How is everyone assuming brooks would beat out rasheed, brooks has great results in freestyle, but he hasnt accomplished anything so far that says hes going to beat out rasheed or even all american
  11. Thats if nick lee can beat demas
  12. Oh yeah, right i forgot about that lol
  13. Nevills isnt going to compare to any of those 4 lol. To be fair not many people do though
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